Money. It can be an all-consuming topic, whether you have a lot of it or just a little. Often we are immersed in negative or fearful thoughts about money. It seems that there is a whole branch of news media dedicated to whipping up our fears about money. Like we need any help!

Abundance, true abundance, is a state of mind.

No matter what your financial situation, if you are stressed out about money, you are lacking abundance. Since abundance is a state of mind, you can change it, just as easily as changing your mind. When we leave behind old, worn out beliefs about how much we are worth, we open up to our creative, problem-solving abilities. We see solutions and opportunities where we once saw only limitations and defeat.

If we can calm down the fear and stress response, if only for a minute, we can create an entirely new life. The Buddha said, “With our thoughts, we create the world.” By changing our perspective, we actually change the circumstances of our lives through the Law of Attraction.

“With our thoughts, we create the world.” ~ Buddha

It can be difficult to change long-standing beliefs, especially in a culture where we are told to be afraid and helpless. Changing our thoughts is a skill, and a skill can be learned. There is incredible power in taking responsibility for our lives, including the thoughts we think.  Even a small shift can have a big impact in our lives.

Just picture trying to untangle a pair of earphones, if you are stressed out and feel you have no time, yanking and pulling at the knots just create a bigger problem and soon you feel helpless and lost. Try approaching the same tangle with a calm mind and you find that only a few tugs in the right places in the right order solve the problem quickly and easily.

In fact, with a certain mindset, you don’t even see this as a problem, it is just something you have to do if you want to use your earphones. Solving money problems can work this way too. When we are calm, we are creative, we see solutions and we take careful action.

Abundance Meditation

Listen here on our website. Or, if you love the Insight Timer App, this meditation is there!


I created this meditation that will allow you to access the mindset of abundance. The meditation is around 13 minutes long and is designed to activate your unlimited, creative mind. I recorded it at home, so please forgive the sound quality. It is best listened to with headphones in a quiet settled atmosphere.