The Root Chakra is an energy centre at the base of your spine. It governs your overall sense of safety and security, family, routines, and your physical vitality. Learn how to balance your root chakra in this video.


Resources to Balance your Root Chakra

Grounding Meditation

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

Self-Healing Meditation

Reiki Level I – Self-Healing Course

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Geneva Robins, and I’m a Reiki Master here at LunaHolistic. One of the questions I get asked fairly often is, “How do you balance your root chakra?”

We’ll be doing a whole series on the chakras and how you can balance them, so stay tuned to this channel and subscribe. And you’ll get all the details as we go.

The root chakra is an energy center, it’s located at the base of your spine, and it governs your physical safety, your sense of being connected and grounded and secure.

It’s connected to routine and your family of origin. So your day-to-day habits and patterns that you get into. It physically governs everything from the base of your spine all the way down to your legs and feet.

When your root chakra needs balancing, sometimes a big indicator is just feeling off. So if you feel a little clumsy, or you’re foggy, or just don’t feel as sharp and clear as you normally do, often, the two places that I start are the root chakra and the aura to balance your energy.

For the Root Chakra, things that help me balance that center are, number one, grounding. So getting a sense of that connection between you and the earth. We’ve got a grounding meditation that you might really like. So I’ll put the link in the description for that.

And beyond grounding, the number one way of balancing your root chakra is being outside in nature as much as possible. Even a few moments, just consciously, deliberately connecting to the natural world in whatever way that you can, even just a few minutes looking outside a window, even.

Even looking at a video of nature on YouTube or a picture. And that will help connect you to that root chakra, and to Mother Earth, which is the primary source of balancing for us.

Also, just paying attention to where your feet are. Often we get very stuck in our heads. And we forget that there’s this whole body below our brain that we need to take care of.

So things as simple as having a foot bath or massaging oil onto the bottoms of your feet. Just something gentle, that will bring that tactile touch to the bottoms of your feet.

Even just bringing your hands down your legs or patting your legs will help ground you into your body because it helps you remind yourself that you’re living in this physical form. And it reorients you to that sort of 3D space.

Another really good one is just gentle movement, just joyful movement of whatever form suits your body the best. Walking is really great, especially if you can get outside even for a few minutes. Dancing is really wonderful. Yoga is fantastic. Tai Chi, even just like regular workouts, are really great because you’re moving your body with intention and flowing that energy through.

Sometimes that really helps, you know, you kind of need to sweat it out sometimes. And not only is that good for your physical body and your heart and everything.

But it really does help balance that root chakra and give you even just things that are going to work on your sense of balance because the hips are all about balance, and your feet having that equal energy going down both legs is going to give you that sense of being connected and steady.

Notice if you stand more on one leg than another or if you’re always crossing your legs to one side or the other. That can be an indication that you’re you’re sort of shifted to one side and just notice and bringing yourself back into physical alignment with your body.

When you’re sitting, when you’re standing, just a few moments of being consciously aware of your feet and your posture. It sounds so simple, but it really does affect your energy quite a bit.

I also really love affirmations. I draw and doodle affirmations all of the time.

All of those affirmations come back to, in some form, feeling safe and secure. Working with affirmations is a really great way to start shifting your perspective. If we’re always saying, “Oh, I’m flighty or clumsy.” We’re affirming the negative.

What we want to do with affirmations is affirm the positive. And it’s amazing how practicing these positive statements actually starts shifting your perspective of the world, and can start shifting your energy as well.

So something as simple as, I am safe and secure. I am grounded, and well, those are great. You can look in a mirror and repeat them, you can colour, doodle, and draw them. You can sing them out. You can think them as you’re going on a walk, just repeating “I am safe and secure. I’m safe and secure in every step.”

That can really help integrate these new belief patterns into your body and into your energy field.

And of course, I am a big fan of Reiki. I use Reiki self-healing to balance my root chakra all of the time. We teach you how to do that. But very simply, you can just imagine that there is energy flowing through your root at your at the base of your spine and that there’s energy flowing up and down your legs.

So even bringing your hands to touch the top of your legs. And just noticing the energy that’s already flowing through your left leg and through your right leg.

And just bringing that awareness to the energy, imagining there’s maybe beams of light flowing down your legs and shining out of the bottoms of your feet, or a beam of light coming from the earth shining up through your legs, supporting your root, supporting your whole body.

With grounding, you want to be nice and gentle with it, just allowing the energy to balance with your whole body. There’s no need to push or pull the energy you can just be really, really gentle with it. And it can clear and balance your root chakra very, very effectively.

We also teach Reiki, so if you’re interested in learning Reiki, we’ve got courses coming up in the fall, and we will be posting courses starting in January and the springtime of 2024. We have them happening all year long. So please do check out our courses page. Again, link in the description.

And you can learn. Anybody who is interested and wants to learn how to do Reiki, you can learn it if you have the interest and the willingness, no special things required. Just bring your wise heart, your open mind, and your willingness to change, and that will create immense and beautiful powerful transformations in your life.

And we also, if you want a full chakra reset, we’ve got retreats happening. We just finished our mountain retreat this summer, but we’ve got another one coming up at the end of August [Staycation Retreat]. August 25th to 27th. That is an in-person one like a day camp at our Calgary location, the LunaHolistic center.

If you live elsewhere in the world, we have a virtual one as well, happening September 8th to 10th. So please do check those out. You can learn more at our website Thanks for watching. Bye everyone!

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