Earth energy is solid and supportive, providing far more power than you could generate on your own. It’s stabilizing and grounding, helping you to stay level-headed in the midst of massive change. It helps you anchor enormous creative potential so you can deliver your best to the world.

Just like the powerful creative rumble of a volcano, we have massive energy inside.

I’ve been listening to volcanoes recently. I’m amazed by the rumble and low hum of this powerful earth-shaping force. Watching the lava flow like a river is mesmerizing, like watching a fire flicker in a campsite. It’s humbling to watch this massive power at work, creating land where none existed.

We are the same as these volcanoes. We anchor in tremendous power and energy, sometimes even sitting dormant for years, waiting. Waiting for our opportunity to transform, grow and change.

And when we do boy! lookout. Things start moving and changing in a hurry. It can be a huge shake-up in our lives.

But remember that all disruption is a force that also brings creation. It brings the best inside you to the surface where remarkable and powerful changes can occur – ultimately for the benefit of everyone.

This powerful life-changing blend of presence and transcendence can be accessed by tapping into the power of your roots. Below your feet is a magnificent energy that has the potential to transform your life and bring your gifts to the world.

When you anchor yourself in this power, it becomes possible to not only move mountains (like Dr. Seuss always promised) but to create them, too.

When the mountain speaks, the earth listens!

You can tap into this resource by simply turning your focus to the power below your feet. Just a gentle shift in awareness can resonate with the massive change-making occurring inside you. Try this grounding meditation to connect to the earth in minutes.

It gives you a stable and nurturing energy that can move you through stagnation to abundant flow and ease.

The power within you gets ignited and slowly but surely, the creative dreams become visible to everyone as you steadily work on what makes you feel alive and vital.

You easily devote more time and energy to what lights you up and it radiates through you until you manifest your vision.

The root chakra and grounding earth energy help us to make things real.

Having an open flow of earth energy puts change in the palm of your hand and makes your dreams tangible. This kind of energy is at the heart of empowered and joyful life-changing and world-changing work.

When you embrace and harness this energy, you can direct it to create powerful momentum in your creative projects, in your work, and even wake up social movements, empowering people to put the feelings in their hearts into positive and unstoppable action.

Guiding this energy-awakening and making space for it is a big part of our work here. Reiki is so wonderful for creating and clearing the grounding channel so this life force energy can awaken the power within you.

Reiki helps this powerful process be gentle and flowing. It helps you to understand your next steps and put into motion your inspired ideas that make your life and your world a more loving and creative space.

Trust the power within you to guide you to your powerful next steps.

When you ground and open up the flow of earth energy, there’s nothing that can stop you. Your rise is inevitable, just like lava flowing down the mountainside. You carve your own path, creating change and new landscapes where you and others can thrive.

Let the obstacles in your path and your energy field gently dissolve. What used to be hindrances are no longer blocking you when you open this pathway to the earth.

If you need help or support stabilizing this energy of change, or to get that flow going, book a Reiki session with us. We’re experts at guiding the BIG energy, smoothing it all out, and creating a stable and positive flow of energy that will not only awaken your light and potential but will also balance and clear the pathway so everything can flow with joy, prosperity and fun.

You’ve got this!


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