I will always be thankful for the beautiful energy of Reiki and all of the many ways it has touched my life.

Reiki has given me faith in my divine essence, showing me the light I cultivate within.

Being attuned to the energy symbols has allowed me to open back up to my intuitive senses, allowing a conscious stream of energy and love to flow through me.

Learning about Reiki has allowed me to develop a deeper sense of compassion for myself and others.

I have softened into my unique way of being and watched myself and the people in my life Flourish, through holding a space of kindness and acceptance.

It’s allowed me to be more aware of my own mental patterns and the lessons to be learned for Transcending them.

Reiki has allowed me to tap into my creative side finding a love for writing that I didn’t realize I possessed.

It’s heightened my intuition and continues to do so.

Its shown me my connection to the divine love within me allowing me to dream and visualize a beautiful life for myself and humanity.

Reiki has shown me that I have a choice to perceive my life situation as a help or a hindrance.

I can learn and grow and evolve within any challenge.

Reiki has taught me that my body is a temple for the divine that flows through me. When I nourish it through meditation, good food, and physical activity, I thrive.



Learning about Reiki has given me the courage to shine my light even when I’m scared of how I might look to others.

It has enabled me to cultivate the tools needed to heal and forgive myself and others so I may feel at peace.

I’m always learning I am always growing I look forward to the beautiful lessons and big love this life has to offer me.