This Illumination meditation is a way to integrate spiritual knowledge into physical reality. It will leave you feeling refreshed and filled with Divine Light.

Illumination Meditation


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Meditation Transcript

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Allow your awareness to settle gently on the center of your chest. Feel the warmth that lives here. Allow the light, warmth and energy that is held in your heart to gently expand with each breath.

Just gently flowing and expanding, warming your whole chest. This feeling of light, warmth and comfort is a signal from your own core essence. Your own divine spirit, your highest light and self.

Take a moment now. To direct your conscious awareness to the cells of your heart. Become aware of the matter that forms your physical body. Now, switch your awareness to the non-local field that is centered in your core.

Feel the warmth and light flowing in and around you. Around your heart center, the spinning wheel of your heart chakra.

Now hold the awareness of your physical heart, your matter and your energy field, your essence at the same time. In this Now moment. Hold the awareness of your essence and your matter in this now.

Right now, become aware of your matter and your essence, energy and light, form and substance. Rest in the knowledge of the total agreement between these two phases of your life.

Feel the complementary awareness. Allow the distinction between form and energy to blur. Soften. Allow these subtle fields to resonate in unison. Feel the alignment of your whole being.

You now have unity and wholeness of your heart. With the gentle power of your breath. Allow this warmth, Light, unity, and wholeness, to flow and expand, to fill your chest and flow upward, outward, downward, and to all sides.

In this Now moment, know that you are safe. Feel for a moment, what it would be like to be extensive and safe, protected and aware, whole and secure.

Right now, Feel for a moment what that would be like if that was true for you. Relax in the knowing that in this moment, this now you are safe, protected, expansive, aware, whole and secure.

Feel the unity in your heart, flow and feel your belly and every cell that encompasses your cauldron of awareness, the source of your vital force, your core, your mingmen, your dantian, your solar plexus chakra, your sacral chakra, your root chakra.

This is your sacred flame, the seat of your power and wisdom. All your vital organs and your vital energy working in harmony for the benefit of all. Sense the power of your cells, the string of your metabolism, and the expansive non-local energy of your source merge together in one harmonious flow.

Sense the stability, the sacred balance, the divine, intertwined realities of physical and spiritual in complete unison. Relax into the knowing that you are unlimited spiritual potential.

Expanding in all directions of space and time. Notice the energy that naturally rests in your feet and hands. Notice the substance of your bones and your muscles.

Feel the subtle energy imprint of your matter on the field of Universal Intelligence. Sense the ripple you create in non-local awareness. Hold the awareness of your physical arms and legs overlapping with your spiritual arms and legs.

Sense the zero point view of energy, which focuses your body into this Now moment. Notice the harmony between physical effects and focused attention. It is all right here for you right now.

In this Now, balanced effortlessly between time and space. Allow your voice to expand. Allow your song to be heard. The true call of your heart and body and spirit singing in unison with unity in one uplifting vibration.

Expand your awareness to include your head and neck. Feel the solidity of your jaw, and the strength of your teeth. Notice the subtle energy alive within your tongue.

Sense the clarity of your eyes. Expand your vision of who you are, and who you may become. Breathe in certainty of your own brilliant light, your divine spark of creation. All possibility, all awareness resides in you.

Notice your brain and your mind. Allow your neurons to ride the peaceful wave of your heart’s intelligence. Notice your physical mind and your spiritual mind residing in one space, one time now,

Sense your awareness of the Divine mind, the Universal Intelligence which resides in all phenomena, in the spirit, behind all matter, in the thinker and the thought, in unison, one song. One.

Rest in the awareness of all that is and all that you are, are one unified creation and expansion of possibility and harmony. There is no physical world problem that is beyond your comprehension here. All solutions, all knowledge, all creativity is available to you now.

Access your infinite you. Let your Divine Wisdom unravel all of your problems. Let your wise body integrate this new knowledge into practical awareness.

Find the clear path. Know that in your ongoing and future now moments. The answers, solutions, tools, and resources will appear at the perfect now moment to assist your ongoing expansion in physical and spiritual reality.

Your essence calls forth your greatness into perfect manifestation for the benefit of all. Rest here in this Now moment

Integrate your awareness back into physical reality. As you begin to slowly move your body stretch, breathe deeply. Wiggle your fingers and your toes. Rub the palms of your hands together and give your face, head, neck, and body a gentle massage.

You are now alert and aware of your three-dimensional body. And the sounds, sights and smells of the room you are now in. Right now. Open your eyes. Go forward in life with this blessing; ‘May all that you are, bless all that you do for the upliftment of all.’ Namaste.