As much as we want happiness and joy, sometimes we block or run away from it. Learn how you can shift your perspective on what joy really is, so you can let yourself rise.

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We all want to be happy and feel joy, but sometimes that can be the scariest thing in the entire world. Sometimes when we feel joy rising we push it down and run from the very thing we want most.

It might be easy to simply label this an act of self-sabotage, but what if running is simply a misguided act of self-preservation? That we get scared by something is just part of our little ego, who is just trying to protect us.

What if a simple change in perspective could ease the urge to run and really let you settle into joy?

In this video, I share an analogy the might give you some perspective on what joy might actually be and how you can learn to relax into your happiness. It doesn’t have to be scary anymore. You can slow down and begin deeply enjoying those moments that allow your heart to soar.

When you relax into the joy and happiness that is in your life, so much can open up for your heart, mind, and energy. You become a magnet for more joy because joy is the frequency of the universe.

Connect to the frequency of joy and stay in it with Reiki sessions

I love getting a session when I’ve hit an upper limit with happiness. I find that as soon as I soften in, the universal life force energy that is Reiki helps wash away any fears of losing the joy I’ve found.

Reiki helps me adjust to the new level of happiness and then I find it tends to stay steady within me for far long after the session.

It’s one of the many reasons I’ve completely fallen in love with Reiki. It’s a stable way to open up to more joy.


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