The Shortest Shower Game

How do you Play the Shortest Shower Game? Here's the rules: Have a buddy time your shower time using a stopwatch. Pause the stopwatch every time the water is off. Start the timer every time the water is back on. Easy Peasy! Write down your time in minutes:seconds.millseconds under your name. To get your daily [...]

Podcast 18 – How Can Reiki Help Me with Strong Emotions

In this podcast episode, Raven Healey and Geneva Robins chat about how Reiki can help you manage strong emotions. Reiki is naturally grounding and helps to set energetic boundaries and keep your energy field clear. We share the profound shifts this practice has brought into our lives and some of the other tools and books [...]

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Using Reiki to Calm Strong Emotions

Learn how Reiki has helped us settle strong emotions and even some stress-linked illnesses. Raven Healey and Geneva Robins sat down for a chat for the LunaHolistic Podcast coming up on December 15th. Find full podcast episodes on Apple Podcasts or Spotify – LunaHolistic Podcast […]

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[Q&A] How do I remain grounded and mindful when my work environment has an extremely high amount of stress?

Question: I struggle to remain grounded and mindful when my work environment has an extremely high amount of stress and multiple personalities during this pandemic. Things are rapidly changing every hour and I struggle the most especially when I don’t agree with decisions that are being made. I ground myself and [...]

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Music Heals

What's Going On - Marvin Gaye I recently went through our vast music collection. I wanted to put together a few songs that lifted my heart and made my toes tap. Maybe even a few that make me shimmy and shake. I put together an Uplift Mix. What a lovely meandering through my past. Each [...]

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