Everything flows from acceptance. When you align yourself with the Universe and its love for you, you are challenged to love and accept yourself more than ever before.

Self-acceptance, love, and approval are only difficult because we have been taught its opposite for so long. 

Shame is a habit, but it is not our nature. When you were a tiny little baby, you trusted the Universe, you trusted yourself, you knew that you were loveable, just because.

Just so. You loved yourself once; even if you don’t remember, you truly did. And you can love yourself and accept yourself that sweetly again.

Self Acceptance Meditation

This meditation will help you remember the innate love and approval you have for YOU. As you listen, allow the love that has never left you to rise to the surface.

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Original meditation by Geneva Robins (Copyright 2020). Music Credit: ‘Musing’ by Acedis

I Love and Approve of Myself

Affirming what is true resonates deep in your soul. Because there’s a part of you that never left that pure place of Divine love and acceptance, these words offer real power to heal.

The practice of affirmation work is so aptly written in ‘You Can Heal Your Life‘ by Louise Hay. In her work, you get guided to use the power of your voice to connect deeply to inner love and acceptance. 

It’s a life-changing book. It’s so important to align your mind to thoughts of inner harmony and kindness when you learn Reiki. That’s why ‘You Can Heal Your Life is one of our textbooks in our Reiki Courses.

Reiki is pure Divine Love. So, as more and more of that pours through you in Reiki, your inner beliefs become more and more harmonized with that deep, unconditional love.

Shifting into Love

By working with meditations like this one, you get a moment to hop into a loving state. As you do, it begins to shift your inner dialogue to one of peacefulness and compassion.

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