Each season brings opportunities to access the energy of nature. Summertime energy helps you surrender to a greater power. You can access the deep harmony of the cycle of the seasons. You awaken to a deeper spiritual essence when you connect to the flow of nature.

Recorded on July 21st, 2020, during the slow-growing summer months, you’ll learn how to access the sweetness within every season in this episode.

Work in harmony with the earth

Each place where we are walking carries a unique energy. We carry the energetic signature of each place our ancestors walked.

We are part of the natural world and not separate from it.

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Compared to the forces of nature, we are quite tiny. Use those natural events and disruptions as opportunities to go inward – to cultivate your spiritual self.

Rooted in the land

Look to ancestors and descendants of the land for a rich tapestry of information. Stories from indigenous peoples are captivating and are a wonderful way of honouring not only a diverse and beautiful culture but also as a way of connecting with the land below your feet.

Learn more about the land’s healing energy with this phenomenal book ‘Calling my Spirit Back,’ by Elaine Alec. Highly recommended! Ms. Alec shares inspiring stories of the strength to overcome and persevere as well as the wisdom her Tema (grandmother) shared with her.

Everything comes from the natural world.

Compassionate, highly-sensitive, and empathetic people often feel the shifts that weather creates. You can use that flow of energy to call yourself deeper into your spiritual development.

Reiki has helped me enormously to anchor into a very stable core and bubble of light in the aura. Stay in that highly intuitive state and also insulated from the ups and downs of the wider world.

Vital energy flows through your chakras and your aura. It helps you remain steady even if everything else is changing and in a state of disruption. It connects you to the energy within everything.

The Energy of Summertime

There’s a flow within the ‘growing days’ of summer. It offers you a restful pause in the middle of summer. There’s an opportunity to reflect and witness the unfolding of the season.

The summer is often associated with busy activities, but there’s also a calm witnessing that happens in summer. You get a chance to witness the growth and beauty of nature.

Flowers bloom, and you have a chance to access the same energy of opening and receptivity. It’s an energy of letting the pollinators come to you. To sit very still in your seat and let things come to you.

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished” ~ Lao Tsu

Summer months are about dropping into that beingness. Bring presence and witness the generosity of spirit. This reflection time is very important to create long-term change.

In the simplest moments of summertime, you can tap into that joy even on the darkest day.

Surrender to Nature’s Mysteries

There’s a phase when you can’t push things to go faster. It’s like an eddy in a river; the more effort you put in, the more you get pushed to slow down.

Sometimes, the more you try, the slower things go. You get led on diversions and side trips, and there is a need to surrender to the greater flow and harmony within the world.

Let go and let that happen. We sometimes get overheated when we get caught in the illusion that we have control. We’re now in a phase of surrender.

Earth Energy can help you Let Go

I like to control things. I like to plan and have them work out according to plan. What helps me is coming back to grounding. When I’m anchored in something ancient like the earth energy below my feet, I can use that energy to guide the pace of things. I surrender my plan to the greater plan.

The earth is offering you opportunities to do your spiritual work.

 It’s useful to reflect, “Is the moment asking you to be still?” 

Be settled, calm and let things become serene. Watch the flowers grow and let life flow by you for a moment. Witness the energy in nature and within your inner self.

You have an opportunity to nurture and nourish the things you want to grow within your life. Just the gentle act of witnessing what you’d like to expand within your life creates space for more good to take root.

The summertime asks us to look inside and see what’s good in our lives and nurture that. Give yourself time to cultivate those things that bring you contentment and joy.

Notice the ‘summertimes’ throughout the year

You can do this any time of year. Every day has its own summer. Every week has its own summer. Be the witness to life. Still space to cultivate the fruit of growth and joyful aspects of life. To expand and uplift you.

It’s important to let things ripen and not try to pick things too soon. Letting yourself have time to process all the things that happened and letting it all evolve in their own time.

Self-care in Nature

We all live within one planet. I see us all as one collective human family. It takes time to let what is good in people to rise to the surface; to create an equitable world and returning strength and power to groups that have been separated from that.

It’s very normal to feel worn out and overwhelmed about the state of the world. When we are provided these few moments of rest and recovery, we can take in the earth’s loving energy.

We need to create these restful moments often if we are to continue to help others and create a more compassionate and just world.

Give yourself time to connect to the ancient and healing energy of the earth. Soften into the greater web of nature. As you do, allow the struggle to be released to something greater, a higher power.

0:12:08 – Grounding meditation (plus crow calls <3 )

Get to work, lightworker!

When you are engaged in compassionate, soul-guided action, the fear melts away, and only good will spring forth.

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