No matter where you are on your gratitude journey, meditation on gratitude will bring immediate benefits. Whether you are new to the concept of gratitude or you are experienced as an appreciator, you will receive tremendous benefit from the following gratitude meditation.

The purpose of this meditation is to get into the same feeling and energy of gratitude. When you are feeling gratitude, you are vibrating at the same frequency as the Universe. And the Universe is supremely grateful for YOU!

Gratitude Meditation


This meditation is part of my book, The Secret Art of Happiness: Change Your Life with the Reiki Ideals. It was recorded and produced with the helpful help of Troo Knot and the creative genius of Braden Lyster. Check out more of his work here:

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Meditation Transcript

Start by sitting up straight.

Take a very deep breath.

Let it all the way out.

Take another deep breath, and let it, gently, out.

Once more, breathe in and all the way out.

Very Good.

Now bring your awareness to the tip of your nose. Just gently focus on this part of your body.

Breathe easily.

Breathe gently.

As you focus on the tip of your nose, become aware of the purpose of this part of your body.

Feel the air, softly flowing around it as you breathe gently.

Easy and relaxed, your nose and its precious tip are an important part of your biology.

The tip of your nose is an important part of your identity.

Large or small, your nose rests easily on the center of your face.

Your nose makes you recognizable to others. The tip of your nose is a precious place, a meeting point of the outer world and your inner world.

It is the point where ‘they’ stop and ‘you’ begin.

This is an important place on your body, where you can begin to redefine what it means to be YOU.

This is the place where you decide what is right for you or wrong for you. This is the place where you are able to distinguish where you choose to be and how you choose to behave.

This is a very important part of your body.

Spend a few moments now, thanking your nose tip for its valuable service and contribution to your life.

Thank you, nose tip, for being part of my experience!

Feel your gratitude and appreciation reflected back to you as your nose tip thanks you for your unique expression in this physical life.

Now, bring your awareness to your bones. Think about the 206 bones that are part of your skeleton.

Recognize the contribution your bones make to your life.

Feel the solidity of your bones.

Recognize their ability to flow and shift, depending on the demands of your life.

Your bones are strong and provide shape and support to your physical body. And they are also dynamic living tissues that house your bone marrow, the source of your immune cells.

Bones protect what is most precious, your heart, your lungs, your brain. And they also protect each and every cell in your wonderful body.

Your bones support you, without question. Through all of the decisions and experiences of your life, your bones are always there for you, lending their structure and wisdom to every step and every choice you make.

Spend a few moments in deep reverence to the wisdom that lives in your bones. Honour that part of you that honours YOU.

Thank you bones, for your wisdom. Thank you for always being there.

Feel your gratitude and appreciation reflected back to you as your bones thank you for your wise presence and graceful support in this physical life.

Now, turn your attention to the strongest muscle in your body, your heart.

For as long as you have lived, as long as you live, your heart beats.

Become aware of this powerful and steady part of your body.

Notice your heart’s gentle beat, now.

Just gently observe its rhythm.

Notice its gentle wave, pulsing right in the centre of your chest.

Notice its devotion to you.

Notice your heart’s natural ability to respond with ease to whatever experience your life has offered you.

Your heart can keep pace with you as you run and jump and swim and sprint.

Your heart can alert you to love as it skips merrily when you meet your partner.

Your heart lets you know when you have found safety and support, with softness and ease.

Your heart glows with courage and compassion with its every devoted beat.

If you listen, gently, to your heart now, it will offer you the perfect advice on how to live a joyful and free life. Listen now.

Spend a few moments thanking your heart for all its love, courage, and strength.

Thank you, heart, for each and every beat.

Feel your gratitude and appreciation reflected back to you as your heart thanks you for your courageous journey in this physical life.

Rest here for a moment.

Bask in the joy of it all.

Take a deep breath.

Say thank you.

Wiggle your fingers and your toes in gratitude.

Give yourself a hug and a stretch. Your meditation is done.

Sharing Circle

Spend the next 5 minutes writing about your experience in the meditation.

Did the meditation change the affection you feel for your body?

What other, overlooked things in your life do you feel grateful for?

Write a fast list of every tiny thing that you feel grateful for.


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