Journey to a soulful place where you can manifest your dreams in this Creative Manifesting Workshop Meditation. Get help from your Divine Team, guides, and spiritual counsellors as you dream your vision into reality. Receive wise feedback from your intuitive self on your next steps as you implement your idea into action.


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Creative Manifesting Workshop Meditation Transcript

Let’s begin.

You are walking through a Mountain Meadow.

Notice the sound of your footfalls on the path.

Listen to the crunch of pebbles & small stones as you walk slowly to the top of a small hill, in the middle of this beautiful space.

Wildflowers are in full bloom, and you can smell their fragrance as you pass.

You hear the soft humming of friendly bees, going about their work, gathering nectar & pollinating these welcoming plants.

You feel held by this landscape. And you notice the small creatures and birds flourishing in this healthy and whole meadow.

The Life of the Land energizes you with each step.

You see the wind moving the blossoms gently, and you look up to the beautiful sky.

There are a few scattered clouds, and you know a healthy and enriching rain will be coming later.

But for right now, the weather is fair and fine, with a gentle sunshine illuminating your steps ahead.

You feel like you’re guided in this space and deeply connected to your heart, mind, and soul.

Your path is clear, and you steadily progress to the top of the hill.

When you reach the top, you see an ancient, deep, and peaceful lake of the purest Blue Waters you have ever seen.

The energy of this space flows through you now, and the wisdom and grace of this Divine Landscape heal you immensely.

You have never felt more whole, complete, content & happy as you have in this moment.

In this space, you are in complete unity, body, mind & soul, with your higher purpose and mission on Earth.

Even if you don’t yet consciously know your purpose, it doesn’t matter. In this space, you KNOW; you can feel it.

It is an energy that has always been present, an energy of perfect harmony, complete mastery, and total empowerment

You are perfectly in alignment with this energy and light now.

Take an enormous sigh of Relief now.

All is Well.

In this state of expanded essence & light, look around the edges of the lake now.

There is a building, structure, home, or lodging that is calling you forward.

This building houses your creative workshop. A space where you can gather with your guides, angels, creative mentors or spiritual counsellors.

Ascended Masters, Holy People, and Mystics that you connect with may also join you in this space.

Whomever you need now is already present and arriving inside your creative workspace Now.

This space is full of Love, creative energy, and Divine Direct Guidance.

Anything you create or imagine in this space will provide immediate benefit for you and the entire World.

You have the ability in this space to create and manifest anything that serves your soul and creates positivity for others.

You may also bring your questions, ideas, and curiosities here, as many answers and Divine Solutions are accessible in this Space.

Walk forward and enter your creative workspace now.

At first, all you see is light.

The illumination potential of this space is high, and you sense that you are in a realm of pure Divine Potential.

A place where you can create any solution to any problem. No matter how big or how small.

As your senses adjust to the high vibration of Pure Spirit here, You begin to notice there’s a beautiful space for you to sit.

There is an area to Relax. There’s a space for creativity, a table, workbench, a kitchen a laboratory.

There is an extensive and complete library with full and instantaneous access to all required information, including full copies of the information held in The Field and Akashic Records.

There is a comfortable meeting space for you and your guides and counsellors.

Notice who is present with you here.

Only beings of great Love and Wisdom are here.

Know that you are More than worthy of talking to the best.

They are all here for your growth and expansion.

Now, let’s get to work!

You may have some idea already of what you would like to manifest, experience, or create.

Bring this to your mind now.

This is the idea phase. It is safe to explore this idea here as it has not yet been set in motion.

This phase, the purpose is to explore and seek input from your advisors & guides.

Place your idea onto a small circular crystal tablet.

Immediately the idea is illuminated and projected upwards like a 3D holographic scene that you may step into and preview if you wish.

Or you may observe the scene from the outside.

You are in the observer position with full control of how deeply you experience the full manifestation.

For example, you can limit your experience to sight and sound. Or you may opt for full sensory saturation, experiencing the scents, tactile sensations, and emotional & energetic states caused by your creative idea or manifestation.

You can also play the scene forward and backwards through time, exploring different decision points and branches.

As you preview, you may ask your Team for their input on different perspectives and the larger implications of your idea coming to fruition.

Witness the entirety of the preview now.

I’ll mind the time and prompt you when it is time for the next step.

Do the work now to perfect your vision.

Add as many details as are pleasing to you.

Get a full sense of the ripples of joy in the Universe your idea may create for others.

Now step out of the scene you were experiencing.

Sit for a moment in your comfortable seat.

Notice the energies that are held, shifted & expanded in your body now.

This is how the manifestation will feel if you go forward with it.

Just notice gently how open your heart feels.

Do you feel Joy?




If so, this creative ideas right for you and the World.

If there is any residual tension, fatigue, fear, or holding, then adjustments to the vision may be needed.

Call forward your two primary guides or counsellors.

One will stand to the left and provides insight on energy, emotions, and Grace.

The other stands to the right and provides insight on mechanisms, timing, and details.

Allow these two beings to approach you now.

Listen to the Leftmost guide first.

They have the most Direct access to your Soul’s Path.

Be mindful of their guidance & insight now.

Now allow your Second guide to share their insight.

They have the information connected to your steps, timing, and physical world details that will best lead you forward should you go forward with your idea or manifestation.

Listen to their insight & guidance now.

Bring both sides of insight and guidance from your first and second guides to your heart space now.

Let the whole of the experience integrate deeply now.

Breathe into your Heart chakra.

Let it expand fully.

Breathe into your Throat chakra.

Allow your truth to shine.

Breathe into your Solar Plexus chakra.

Be radiant and empowered.

Breathe into your Third Eye chakra.

Expand your awareness.

Breathe into your Sacral chakra.

Anything is possible.

You are a Divine creator.

Breathe into your Crown chakra.

Illuminated in your oneness.

Breathe into your Root chakra.

Grounded in your essence.

Breathe into your Aura.

Anchored in your Radiance & Grace.

From this connected, whole, enlightened self…

What is the best way forward?

Do you wish to engage this creative vision & manifestation?

Do you desire this dream to become Reality?

Let this wise-self answer now.

If the answer is “No”, or “Not Yet”

Trust this part of you. Trust your wisdom.

You can Return later to this space and continue building the vision, further refining your Dream.

Stay open to the messages & insights & experiences you have over the coming days, as your intuition and your Team are always working with you.

If your wise-self says “Yes” to activating this manifestation, place your idea in The Portal.

The Portal in your creative workshop, maybe a fire, a swirl of energy, a sacred pool, or a Doorway where Pure Spirit resides.

Place your idea in The Portal now and watch as the Universe fully receives the signal you have sent it.

You might notice a shift of light, colour, sound, or feeling tone as you fully activate, release, and surrender this manifestation to Divine Love, Light and Wisdom.

Notice the feeling of fulfillment & contentment now.

Your creative vision is already on the way to your daily experience now.

Relax fully as you integrate this energy as part of your lived daily experience.

Call to mind your guidance and the wisdom surrounding your energy, emotional demeanour, thought processes, and your daily action steps that are needed to support your vision.

Follow up on wise actions taken in alignment and integrity with your vision.

All is Well.

Prepare to leave your workshop now.

Exit the way you came.

Walk back out to the Mountain Valley and Lake.

Notice the nourishing rains have come and gone, leaving your return trip through the meadow filled with the fresh and vital scents of Life.

Walk with grace & Gratitude for this beautiful space of the Soul.

You are well supported here.

Notice the creatures of the forest gently joining you, offering their blessings and love to your path ahead.

Everyone benefits from this Vision of yours. Thank you for bringing it into existence.

All is Well as you return down the path in the Mountain Meadow.

Returning back to the place you are sitting.

Back to your body and your 3D awareness.

Gently wiggle your fingers and your toes.

Integrate fully with your Physical body and open your eyes.

Spend a few moments writing notes about your creative vision, your next steps forward, and anything else you Remember about your creative workshop.

Keep a journal close by for the next 3 days as more information unfolds.

Thank you.

All is well.