In this video, learn the top tips for learning how to connect with your guides, guardian angels, spiritual advisors, and ascended masters – Your Divine Team! This connection can give you access to loving and wise information that can help you on your spiritual path.

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Self-Healing Meditation

Creative Manifesting Workshop Meditation

Ascended Masters and Master Usui Meditation



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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Geneva Robins, and I’m a Reiki Master here at LunaHolistic. 

Today I’m going to talk to you about “how do you find your divine team?” Or how do you connect to the spiritual beings that work with you as part of your spiritual growth and transformation? Like many of you, I connect to many different Ascended Masters and angels and guides and animal spirits. And I really love the diversity of different faiths and different backgrounds. The way I approach spirituality is one of constant study and learning as much as I can about different beings and ascended masters who can help us, and I believe that we can connect to these divine beings, and that we can, in that connection, get information, wisdom and guidance that we wouldn’t normally have access to. 

And working with my divine team is something that I do all of the time in Reiki, I really rely on that source of information that’s coming from this place of wisdom, grace and compassion. When I connect to my divine team, I find that I get sources of information that I didn’t have before I did these meditations, or, for me, I connect often with journaling, and that connection gives me information from little day-to-day tasks to major decisions in my life. 

So how do you connect to your divine team? There’s many ways to do this, to create that connection, I’ll run you through a few that I use on a fairly regular basis. and I’ve found have worked fairly well for helping people get to that connected space, and then begin to receive messages and guidance. 

The first part is just completing some of your spiritual study and researching or understanding who’s part of your spiritual team, you can start with who’s already part of your spiritual faith and background. 

Look for beings that you already have a strong affinity for, that you’re curious about them, that you have an innate sense inside you that you can trust these beings as a source of light and grace, that they are safe, that you feel comfortable, and if they were to be in your presence, you would feel nothing but inspired and uplifted.

 that they have a source of wisdom and that they are not only wise but also very compassionate and kind beings. 

So if you can talk to anybody, go to the top, talk to the source, because that’s the primary key that I use all of the time, is, go talk to whoever you think the best is. 

Another key step in connecting with your spiritual team is to, just suspend your doubt for a moment and really believe that this connection is real. 

Trust your impressions as you do these meditations. You’ll always be running your intuitive information past your intellect. Especially if you are new to this process, you aren’t making big decisions yet with this information. The first step is to just become curious about this connection and believe that it is possible for you.

Who is on your Divine Team? You can either assign people to your team, or you can go into a meditation with curiosity and just see who’s there. And I do a combination of the two. So you can set out to pick a person that you want to connect with and go into a guided meditation. And then imagine they are sitting there.

 you’re really using and leaning into your imagination in this process. 

What if you’re making it up? It doesn’t matter. If you’re making it up, and it makes you feel good, then there’s no problem. If this connection provides you guidance, reassurance, and then a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling that you’ve got these big spiritual mentors or angels or divine beings that are looking out for you, that is worth it. 

My belief and knowing is that we are all sparks of light in the world and that we are connected infinitely, to the all that is and through that connection. That’s how we gain information, insight and energy directly from our divine team. 

So one of the ways that I connect is by getting into a meditative state. I feel like if you want to get clear messages, get clear. I use Reiki quite a bit to get into that clear space because it grounds you and it brings energy into all of your chakras. It balances and clears your aura. And sometimes, just doing that, you will find that you might hear a voice, or you can ask a question, and you get a response.  

Reiki helps you basically boost up your signal strength of connecting to your guides and your angels by just getting in harmony with the frequency where they live, which is just that pure essence and love. We’ve got a Reiki self-healing meditation that might help you, I’ll put the links to resources in the show notes. Do the meditation, and then just spend a few minutes journaling, asking a few questions to your team, and just writing down whatever the response pops in. 

We’ve also got this creative manifesting workshop meditation where you basically go to a creative workshop space where you and your divine team can meet. In it, you’re in a very clear high-vibration space, and so the beings there can give you really clear guidance.

And there’s another meditation, the Ascended Masters and Master Usui meditation, where you’re basically walking to Master Usui’s Reiki garden. Master Usui was the founder of Reiki. And if you practice Reiki, you might find this meditation to be very delightful. You can meet Master Usui, or you can meet another Ascended Master or a guide or a spirit animal that you have a strong resonance with, maybe even an angel. So you can really pick whoever you want to meet. 

At first, your meditation experiences might be just this feeling of presence, where you don’t really see the person very clearly, or a feeling that someone has joined, but you don’t see their face or cant hear their reply. Don’t worry, if you get to these meditations and nobody shows up, it’s just you there. That’s all right.It’s all part of the process, and part of the practice is getting used to picking up on this fairly subtle information. 

When you are connecting and receiving messages from your divine team, it’s a frequency exchange. So it’s an energy that your mind is then turning into words and pictures that make sense for you. Because it’s a lot like translating a language, it’s the same idea of taking the message as pure energy and then turning it into English. And this process, just like translating the language, takes time. 

So be consistent and just keep practicing. Go a few times, plan to go back five times. And, just be curious and open to what you might be experiencing, and who might be showing up.

 Know that you do, in fact, have guides, angels, a divine team, Ascended Masters, all of it, especially if you are doing helping and healing work for other people. Maybe you are a teacher, maybe you’re a massage therapist, maybe a nurse or doctor or lawyer, if your job is helping people. If you’re a parent, you know, if you help people at all. 

Or if you’ve had a difficult and challenging life, if you’ve had any form of struggle, I guarantee you, you have a very big, diverse team. We absolutely have guidance, help and, and support as we go through this earth school. 

So know that they’re there for you. And what you’re really doing in these meditation experiences is deepening your connection. So your ability to directly hear, sense and perceive what your guidance team is offering you. 

So just go in with curiosity, know that they’re there, and know that they want to talk to you as much as you want to talk to them. And just know that if I can do it, you can do it. The only reason that I can talk to guides, angels, spirits, loved ones, and all of that is because I believed that I could. And I stuck with it. And I was persistent. 

I showed up year after year in my meditation and Reiki practice until I started to get information that felt relevant. It resonated with me, and it provided reassurance and guidance. So just stick with it. You’ll get there. And please tell us in the comments how this works for you. I’m really, really fascinated how these meditations are working for people. Subscribe to this channel as we add new content all the time to help you connect to your spiritual side. See how it all goes. Love to hear from you. Thank you so much. See you next time. Bye bye