Start your creative dreams with the 555 Plan. Simply do these three things: five minutes of meditation, five minutes of mindset journaling, and five minutes of forward motion. When you put them all together, you activate a powerful energy and create a series of mindful actions that are aligned with your dreams.

Begin the process of transformation and growth in just 15 minutes a day for the next 55 days.


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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Geneva Robins, and I’m a Reiki Master here at LunaHolistic. Today, I’m going to talk to you about what is the 555 plan for creative change.

This is a process that I use all of the time. I used this process to help me when I was still in my full-time job, my corporate career. And it helped me move in a very short window of time, from a state of feeling stuck with where I was to eventually living my dream and being able to create this beautiful healing space at LunaHolistic.

And work with a bunch of phenomenal and gifted people to help bring Reiki and meditation and all kinds of healing to, to people here in Calgary and also in the world. So it’s been well used and well tested.

So very quickly, what it is, is you will do, in this order: five minutes of meditation, five minutes of adjusting your mindset, and five minutes of forward motion.

So simple, but I will break it down over the next little bit here just to show you how you can access each of these little five-minute segments that you do back to back to back. So, 15 minutes total. Just using the timer on your phone to get you started and to get you moving towards your dream, whatever that happens to be.

So, whatever you want to create in the world, this will work for. Whether it’s getting healthier and getting, you know, more movement into your day, or whether it’s, you know, working on that novel that you’ve had burning in your back pocket for years and years and years.

Or if it’s working on your business or your creative dream, whatever that happens to be. Whatever you want to bring into the world, whatever you want to experience, you can use this 555 plan to create that massive and beautiful change.

So, the first one is five minutes of meditation. And this is really important because this is going to help loosen up your energy. It will help pause any addictive and numbing patterns. It will get you out of any state of resistance that your mind can cook up. And it helps you tap into your heart’s energy and the flow of the universe.

I really love just bringing my hands together, setting a timer, closing my eyes, and just noticing the energy in my body and noticing how, as I breathe and I relax, the energy in my body grounds and settles.

I’ve got a self-healing meditation on our webpage. So, we’ll leave that link for you. And it’s just a five-minute process to help you go through and do a bit of Reiki so you can do five minutes of Reiki.

Even if you don’t know Reiki, that’s okay. It’s just an energy healing technique that you basically place your hands. It’s like a meditation where you are using the power of gentle touch to anchor your focus and move energy through your body.

This helps get you clear. And that’s really important because when you’re clear, it’s much easier to rest in the present moment. It’s much easier to be in that zone where you can then start to leverage some energy and get things moving for you. So, just five minutes of meditation.

When that timer dings, then you’ll go immediately into the next five-minute activity, which is your mindset. So putting yourself in a positive frame of reference.

I know that there is tremendous power in gratitude. And in particular, sometimes we think of our gratitude or what we want to bring into our lives. We think of that manifesting as a future moment.

But in this process, you will write a gratitude letter from your future self to your present-day You or just to the universe is really how I like to do it. Where you just say thank you from that present person in that future moment where you have everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

So my example is when I was in my nine-to-five job, and I wasn’t using my creative gifts, I wasn’t in my best service to the world. And I could feel that friction inside of me.

I would write a thank you letter to the universe about having a healing space where I could do Reiki and teach people Reiki, and I could work with an amazing group of people that would help me with this work. And we would, it would be a collaborative workspace. And I would just say, “Thank you for this beautiful healing center. I’m so happy to be here. Every morning when I come into work it’s just beautiful, and fresh and vibrant. And I just feel so overjoyed to work with all of these amazing people and help people every day.”

So that was my example back then. I did that over and over and over again. And it manifested! Maybe not in the time schedule that that past version of me would have wanted. But I am living that dream every single day. So I know this absolutely works.

So whatever it is that you want, whatever you want to create, whatever you want to bring into your present experience, the most amazing thing is to write it as though it’s already happened. And to be grateful for that moment.

Not only is that going to help you feel like there’s some energy and movement around it. But when you get to that moment of fulfillment, what you’ve already practiced, being present with it, and you’ve already practiced the gratitude for it.

So you won’t miss out and always think about what’s on the next hill and what’s on the next hill, you’ll be like, “I’m living inside of a manifestation! I am so grateful for this moment.”

And it’s, it’s amazing when you get to see how all of these things tie together. So setting a timer, five minutes, adjusting your mindset, writing a gratitude letter from your future self, to the universe for everything that you are experiencing, that you would like, right now. Imagine you already have it.

The next piece. So after that timer dings, the next five minutes is to take an action. So get in motion. So whatever the theme is that you’ve been wanting to move forward on, you take an action that takes only five minutes.

So whether it is opening up your laptop, and opening up that document and writing one sentence, five minutes, come and gone. Whether it’s picking up your pen and jotting down ideas, or sketching out the next painting you want to create, or calling somebody that might have information or doing five minutes of research on something.

You don’t have to do all that much; five minutes is a pretty short period of time. Just something that’s a tiny forward action; just take a little tiny baby step. Just something that’s going to put you in motion.

So with getting healthier and getting more movement into your life, it could actually be actually putting on your shoes, you know, getting outside, going for only a five-minute walk and then coming home.

And then check it as done. You’ve done it. You’ve gone for a walk today. That is plenty and more than enough to get you moving.

The more times you start a thing, the more times you’re likely to keep going.

Maybe once you get into the energy of the meditation, you’ve created this environment of positive expectation with your mindset. Then, when you take that forward action, you’re going to have much more oomph to that tiny little forward step, whatever it happens to be.

You’ll also get this clarity so that you’re taking steps your forward motion is aligned with the energy of your soul and the universe. You’ll get some clarity in that meditation about what the step needs to be. And in that mindset part, you’ll get an inspiration of that. These little tiny actions will all add up.

Everything we do and everything we accomplish is done in these five-minute increments. So, give that a try. See how it works for you.

If you want to really get an amazing benefit from this, see if you can book it and do it for 55 days.

So lots of fives here. In numerology, five is the number of change, massive changes five five five is massive, beautiful, transformative change, which is so exciting and so wonderful.

If you stay consistent with it, and you do just this plan for where you’re just taking 15 minutes of your day, every day for the next 55 days, and just see what happens.

Just run a little experiment and see where your energy goes. See if your creative goals or things start bringing about actual transformation, and growth, and change. See if there’s any difference that happens in the next 55 days.

I’d love to see how that goes for you. Please share in the comments. What has happened for you, and how this all sits with you? I’d love to hear from you. Thanks so much. And we’ll see you next time. Bye bye.

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