Your Sacral Chakra gives you a sense of vital energy, joy, and zest for living. Learn how to balance this energy centre for more creativity, flow, pleasure, and abundance.


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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Geneva Robins, and I’m a Reiki Master here at LunaHolistic. Today, I’d like to talk to you about how do you balance your sacral chakra.

First, what is your sacral chakra? It is an energy center in your low belly, and it is connected to your sacrum, your reproductive organs, and your low back.

It governs your overall sense of vitality, joy, pleasure, creativity, and your own wealth and abundance. So it works in lots of different areas and is in a pretty crucial part of your anatomy.

One of the keywords that can get that energy moving and give you that sort of zipped, zip and zest for life is this idea of flow or following inspiration. Just simple movement can start bringing balance into the sacral chakra.

And balance is a keyword when it comes to your hips. We need those hips to be equally balanced in order to support our spine and the rest of our energy flow.

So things that can bring balance is just gentle movement, joyful dancing, going for a walk even, is going to get that energy moving.

In addition, you can think about this keyword balance in terms of balancing the masculine and feminine energies within your body. We all have a particular balance of masculine and feminine.

The masculine energy can you can think of it as Yang, in the Yin and Yang balance. And it is the active, driving, doing principle. It’s our forward motion in life and where we accomplish things.

The Yin part is just as important, if not more so. And that’s where we restore our energy; we let things come to us, and we receive.

Think of the power of the ocean. The ocean is strong and mighty. But it’s just the lowest place on the land; it receives all of the water of the world. It doesn’t have to chase after it. There’s an inherent sense of its own worth and value. And that things can roll into your hands.

So practicing receiving and letting things come to you is a big exercise because often we get moved more into the GO GO GO part of our world and our day, and you have less time to sit and sort of let that energy fill your cup.

So sometimes doing restful recharging things that are pure joys will help balance that Sacral Chakra. Visualizing orange. Orange is the colour of this energy center. So visualizing orange in your low belly, like an orb of beautiful orange light, will naturally just gather the energy there.

We’ve got an abundance meditation on our website that can also get that overall sense of energy and value flowing through your system. Knowing that you are a worthy person, worthy of receiving and working on that, is a way that can bring energy into that sacral chakra and give you that sustaining, nourishing energy.

And the other thing is creativity. So, choosing things that are fun and playful, where you can splash around and just make things for the sake of making things.

This can get a lot of that sacral chakra energy moving and flowing. Especially if you choose something that is new for you, where you’re learning, and you go in with the curiosity, fun, and playfulness that a child might have.

So when we’re little kids, we give ourselves lots of chances to try and fail different things. And part of that is just letting yourself have fun. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

In fact, give yourself permission to not make it perfect but just make something. And explore and dabble in areas that are new to you. Use new mediums to express yourself and and really think about anything that you make, or create, or interact with is a form of creativity. Just breathing is a form of creativity.

So, take some time with that. You can also doodle out an affirmation. A really great affirmation is, “I am valuable. I believe in myself. I have fun.” something like that.

Even just coming up with your own affirmation and custom tailoring it to what area of the sacral chakra you want to work on, and then doodling it out with some fancy pens and fancy colours, maybe even in orange, can get that energy flowing and rolling in your sacral chakra.

Try that out. Let me know how it works. We’ve got lots of other creativity, resources and explorations on our website and blog. We can also help you balance the sacral chakra with Reiki. Reiki is wonderful for bringing energy through all of your chakra system. So please check that out, and we’ll catch you next time. Bye.

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