Angel Spacesuit Planner

Create More ENERGY with the Angel Spacesuit Planner.

Have you ever wished there were more hours in the day? Who hasn’t, right!?

About a year ago, I was stuck and swirling in the chaos of endless notifications. Bing! Bing! Bing! It NEVER stops. Not that I want it to! I’m running a business, keeping in touch with friends, and hanging out with my family. Those are all important things.

But as I sat down one day, I realized that *I* wasn’t in my OWN schedule. You know the SCHEDULE, the calendar that drives everything in your life.

I wasn’t in mine.

I looked at my calendar, and I didn’t see ME. I saw everyone else, but not me. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE what I do. I’m so very grateful, every day, that I get to help people activate their soul’s light. I take a lot of time for self-care (or I thought I was).

The Angel Spacesuit Planner was created from that deep desire to get OUT of my head and all the pressures and deadlines. So I could really FOCUS on what was important to me.


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The things that mattered the MOST to me, my family, they are not on any to-do list. They are not tasks to complete or chores to get done. They mean the most to me, beyond anything else I do.

Making YOUR life a priority

I couldn’t see them in my schedule either. I mean, they were there, of course, they were. But I wasn’t making them or me a PRIORITY.

To put what is most important first has SHIFTED everything. And that is the FIRST step of the weekly planning process in the Angel Spacesuit Planner. After setting your weekly intention, you SCHEDULE self-care — in INK — in the calendar. You put YOU in your life. Before you do anything else, for anyone else. You take care of you.

Because if you go down, what happens to everyone else?

Not good, right?

No. If you CARE about your people (or fur-persons), you HAVE to take care of yourself. That means saying YES to the things that are yeses and saying NO to the things that are no’s.

But guess what!? It totally friggen WORKS. A tiny bit of time at the start of your week to plan your recharging self-care GIVES you more ENERGY than you could ever IMAGINE.

Seriously, it has completely changed things for me. Now, when I am resting, meditating, doing self-healing with Reiki, I’m completely there — receiving, relaxing, recharging. Then, when I come back to the work, I know exactly what’s important: I’m creative, focused, and efficient.

I have gotten more DONE and had more TIME off than I could have imagined. It has been sustainable and balanced, and fun.

I cover mine with stickers and use multicoloured pens, and doodle affirmations all over it.

I made it for me. But maybe it will work for you, too.

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Instead of managing time, which is always limited, you focus instead on managing your ENERGY.

You make space in your life and in your schedule for YOU. You get a chance to take a BREATH, zoom out, to the perspective of your SOUL. From there, everything else gets so clear.

It only takes a bit of time. It’s fun, MAGICAL, and oh so important – just like you!