You can completely relax your brain and travel into the Divine Earth energy in this Deep Rest Meditation. A completely restful and restorative experience, this meditation will soothe you into sleep or deep calm. Be well, dear ones!

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Deep Rest Meditation Transcript

Take a deep breath and settle yourself into your chair.
Rest your hands gently on your lap and get comfortable.
Close your eyes.
Allow your body to move itself into the best position to restore itself.
Listen to it now …
Listen to your body and move your arms, legs, head, neck, spine, and pelvis to the best position to fully relax.
Take a moment now to shift in response to your body’s needs …

Take another deep, deep breath …
And let it out with a sigh, Ahhh … Good.

Gently turn your attention to your brain, your physical brain.
Breathe deeply and register the physical tension in the brain tissue.
Take another breath and consciously relax the tension in the brain, just as you would open a clenched fist to an open hand.
Give the command to your brain and watch it respond politely and obediently.
Notice the feeling of relief emanating from your brain.

Now turn your attention to your left brain.
Relax the left brain.
Notice the right brain.
Relax the right brain.
Feel the left brain and the right brain together, relax.
Notice the frontal lobes of your brain,
right behind your forehead.
Relax the frontal lobes.
Notice the hindbrain, right at the base of your skull.
Relax the hindbrain.
Feel the frontal lobes and the hindbrain, together, relax.

Notice the parietal lobes on the sides of your brain.
Relax the parietal lobes.
Notice the limbic system, deep in the centre of your brain.
Relax the limbic system.
Feel the parietal lobes and the limbic system together, relax.

Notice the right eye.
Relax the right eye.
Notice the left eye.
Relax the left eye.
Feel the right eye and the left eye together; relax.

Notice the right ear – go right into the right ear. Turn your attention to your inner ear, your inner voice.
Notice your left ear – go right into your left ear. Turn your attention to your inner ear, your inner voice.
Feel the right ear, your intellect, and your left ear, your intuition, speak together in ONE voice.
Relax. Listen …

Turn your ears to the wisdom of your heart.
Listen to the wise guidance …

Turn your ears to the wisdom of your tanden, your energy core, your spark of Divine light, just behind your navel, the essence point of your materialization in physical form.
Listen deeply.

Notice the bones of your pelvic girdle, your hip bones, your sacrum, your sit bones, the deep core of your physicality.
Feel the dual energy. Lifting you up, supporting your structure, and stabilizing your energy, grounding you well upon the Earth.

Follow the Grounding cord deep into the Earth, to the warm heart of the world, to the primary essence of nature herself.
Feel the embrace of the Divine Mother folding you carefully into her arms, like a newborn babe.
Rest here …

Breathe deeply. Thank Mother Earth. Hug her goodbye and rise back up into your body.

Breathe deeply.
Become aware of the sounds in the room, the feel of air on your skin. Remember your fingers and toes. Wiggle them.
Rub the palms of your hands together. Gently move your hands over your face, like you are washing it.
Move your fingers through your hair. Massage your head. Massage your neck and shoulders. Rub your arms and hands. Massage down your body and over your legs. Massage your feet.

Stretch up, and smile! All Done!