Experience the power of mindful meditation for pain relief. Learn to create a gentle, accepting space to decrease tension and alleviate emotional or physical pain.

This meditation is from the Patience Chapter of the book The Secret Art of Happiness. Being patient is easy when everything is going well, but it is nearly impossible when you’re in pain, either emotionally or physically. In this mindful meditation for pain relief, you get an opportunity to drop into the witness mode. You’ll simply observe the levels of sensation in your body and emotions without judgment.

Creating a gently accepting space can often decrease the tension you are feeling, which can decrease the actual pain level you’re experiencing.

Of course, pain is also a helper. Its purpose is to keep us safe. If your mental, emotional, or physical pain level remains high or increases, you need to get support from your doctor or therapist right away.

Mindful Meditation for Pain Relief

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Mindful Meditation for Pain Relief Transcript

This meditation will help you relieve pain. The pain could be in your body, mind, heart, or soul.
When we have trouble being patient, there is some underlying discomfort. That discomfort is pain, plain and simple. You cannot run from the moment that is uncomfortable. You cannot run from the pain. Instead, choose the opposite. Run toward the pain and see what happens.

Take a deep breath now.

Close your eyes and gently scan your body, mind, and emotions.
Fully acknowledge your pain levels now.

Stop running and be still. Acknowledge it. Name it. Invite your pain to sit with you.
Stop fighting.
Stop hiding.
Just for a moment, be still.

Breathe deeply.

Now, go further. Follow the pain. Go deeper. Travel towards the centre of the pain. Go right to the heart of it. Go to where it hurts the most.
Not provoking it. Not to fight it. Just to see where it is. Just to see where it lives. Just to listen.

Where is it?

In your body? In your mind? In your soul? In your emotions?

Wherever it is the most acute, go there now with your focus and attention.
Travel there.
Dive in deeper.

If it moves, follow it to where it is the most prominent. Follow it to where it moves. Don’t let it get away from you.

Be present with the pain. As it shifts, moves, intensifies, or decreases, follow it. Stay with it. Dance with it.
All the while, acknowledging it.
Notice that the pain is not constant.
It ebbs and flows.
It moves.
It shifts.

Pain moves through your experience, just as clouds move across the sky.
The sky is not the clouds. It is something more.
The sky is there, always observing.
Be like the sky now. Be here. Observe. Be present.

Scan your body, mind, emotions, and soul. How has the pain changed?
Maybe it is gone. If it is gone, let it go. Let it be gone.
If it is still there, that is okay too. All in good time. The pain will ease, and things will change.
Observe the shifting, changing, flickering nature of pain. Change is in its nature. It is in its nature to diminish once the signal has been heard and acknowledged. Allow the pain space to be, just as it is.
Observe whatever is happening within your body-mind and spirit. Right now.
No need to run anymore. You can take a deep breath.
No need to hide anymore. Breathe deeply.
No need to fight anymore. Soften.

These clouds will shift and move on, too. It is the nature of clouds to change, to be impermanent. So, too, is your pain. It is impermanent.
Acknowledge this new reality.
Let it ease. Let pain do what it is supposed to do: alert you to a problem. Acknowledge it and let it move on.

Let it go.
Let it be.

You are free.

Spend a few moments now, breathing deeply into the center of the pain. Acknowledging it. Observing it. Letting it change. Letting it go. Letting it be.

Gently wiggle your fingers and toes. Take another deep breath, and when you are ready, you can open your eyes.