Expand into the infinite love of the Universe in this Heart Meditation. The heart chakra is the centre for love, connection, and compassion. The heart circulates joy and peace through our being. This meditation can help you settle into a state of self-love.

Heart Meditation

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Meditation Transcript

Breathe in
And out

Let your mind gently settle into the curve of your smile

Breathe in
Breathe out
Allow your shoulder blades to gently slide down your back
Rest your hands comfortably, palms up, on your knees

Open up to receive
Get gentle
Be still

Let your breath flow
Gently, in and out

As you breathe, visualize emerald green light surrounding you.
Feel the embrace of thousands of angel wings
Holding you in an embrace of infinite love and peace

Settle into the softness within your heart.

Allow the feeling of being held in safety, in love, in comfort, to settle into your body and your mind.
Feel that gentleness extend into every cell in your body.
Breathe in the emerald green light and let it flow to all the scared places in your body-mind.
Hold all your fears, insecurities, and anxieties as you would a newborn baby,
tenderly and with the greatest love and respect.

Allow the love and wisdom of your being flow through you,
comforting all your needs.
Let all the love that you ARE flow to you NOW.
Let the energy flow easily with your breath.

If emotions come up, let them come, let them flow, but breathe only through your nose.
Breathe deeply, regularly, and powerfully, as whatever feeling is present rises to the surface of your mind.
Let it be released with your slow, deep, and steady breath.
Let your breath wash away everything that is unlike love, compassion and kindness.
Let it all go NOW
Let it go in this breath, in and out.
And Let it go in this breath, in and out.
Let it go in every breath.

Let the immense LOVE the Universe has for you flow through you NOW.
Let this Universal LOVE fill your heart.
Feel the love grow.
Feel the warmth.
Allow the warmth to radiate through your chest.
Feel this warmth relax your shoulder muscles even more
Let this compassionate love flow down your upper arms
Fill your elbows
Flow down your lower arms
Fill your wrists
And settle in the soft curve of your open hands.

Let the warmth in your heart expand through your chest and fill your belly
Let it be filled like a pure waterfall filling an infinite cup
Allow the joy to dance with all of your cells
All your organs
All your being

Breathe deeply and let the energy fill your pelvis, your sacred chalice.
Breathe the energy down,
flowing through your upper legs,
filling your knees,
down your lower legs,
filling your ankles
and shining out of the bottoms of your feet

You are now completely filled with love,
With light,
With life

Pure Life Force Energy

Breathe Deeply
Breathe Gently

And when you are ready
You can open your eyes