Learn a simple visualization tool to instantly clear and heal your aura and energy field. Sensitive souls need to protect their energy! Remember that you are powerful. You are sensitive precisely because you are powerful, not because you are weak. Just run a little experiment, and put a bunch of light and energy around you every morning. Watch the video to learn more!

Meditations to Heal your Energy Field

Meditations and visualizations can be powerful ways of clearing your aura. Try these meditations to boost your aura and clear your chakras:

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Self-Healing Meditation

Waking Meditation

Bedtime Meditation

Tree Meditation


Hi, my name is Geneva Robins. I am a Reiki Master and founder of LunaHolistic in Calgary. Today I’m talking to you about healing your aura or your energy field to protect your sensitivity. Many people who come into the center for Reiki, they are often very, very sensitive souls, you might be one of them, if you pick up on the emotions of other people, maybe get overwhelmed in large groups or malls or in your workplace, and really absorb the energy and emotions of other people. So you can really feel what other people are feeling. And it kind of sticks to you at the end of the day. Well, we use tools in Reiki all the time to clear that energy and put you back into a very clear energetic field.

But first, what is an aura? So basically, an aura is an energy field that surrounds your body. It’s partly physical, so we can, it can be measured, because our nervous system has little electrical signals, we’ve got a bunch of blood with charged particles and salts moving through, we have an A Life signature that can be actually measured. And it’s also a quantum field. So it ripples off from us in energy levels, like ripples in a pond, that really go out from us in many different distances, all the way to infinity.

Most of the time, when we’re talking about the the level of the aura that impacts you the most is your sort of near-body field, which is about a foot away from your body, and sort of that personal space bubble. So basically, as far as your arms can reach, that, you know that energy that is your own that belongs to you, and you are in charge of what happens on that side of your energy field.

We use Reiki all the time and self healing to balance and clear our energy fields. And that’s something we teach people in level one. But you can do that whether you know Reiki or not, with really just a simple visualization of energy filling your bubble, filling the space around your body. It can be whatever colour makes you feel the happiest.

You can experiment with different colours and and energy feelings. You can really pick what energy you want to be in your environment in your sort of personal space. And, and then imagine that light radiating out from your heart, filling your whole field, filling your body and really creating that bubble of light around you.

Sometimes I like to imagine this whole space from me to sort of the edge of my bubble filled completely with light that’s kind of going outwards from me. And then a big rainbow around the the edge of my aura, starting with red close to the body, layering out all the colours right to violet, or that really strong purple colour at the very edge. Violet is the highest frequency that we can see with our eyes. So it’s usually what we use to visualize that incredibly protective healing light that will keep us both safe but also offer us all that freedom to be completely who we are.

That visualization alone is enough to clear your aura. But you’ll notice that I’m always using my hands because you can actually use your hands to smooth and brush that energy around you. It’s actually really amazing how much that can clear and bump up your energy field. Just with imagining you’re sort of brushing off the static and then smoothing off the edges and giving the edges of that bubble a pat to seal in that energy in Divine love, light and wisdom.

It makes an enormous difference. I encourage you to use it as a part of your practice every morning. Just run a little experiment, put a bunch of light and energy around you when you’re getting dressed in the morning. So after you’ve gotten dressed, just as part of really quick part of your self care is just, you know, brush off all that static, and then bring in this big bubble of clear light all around you. Give it a little pat and, and off you go on your day.

One of the primary things I want you to remember when you are spending time self healing your aura. And imagining that vibrant light is to remember that you are powerful.

Sometimes when we’re really sensitive and and we’re really in tune with the energies around us, it can make us feel quite emotional and tender and sometimes small in comparison to all that energy that’s floating around. But I want to remind you that it would not be possible for you to be as sensitive as you are if you were not also incredibly powerful.

By the just the nature of how that sensitivity works of how it works with your strong intuition. And your connection with the Divine. And all that is, is that you couldn’t be that sensitive without that great connection to spirit to source to the universal life force energy that runs through everything, all things and connects to the universe and that deep divine love and wisdom.

You are sensitive precisely because you are powerful, not because you are weak.

So when you remember that you are that powerful, that you are that connected to that infinite source of love and compassion, then you can just beam and radiate that pure light, that pure love and be in that really strong healed whole space. And then you can pick what frequency you want to rest in. So it could be feeling safe, it could be adventurous, it could be creativity, you can walk around in whatever bubble of energy you want to match, kind of what you want for your day.

Then what’s amazing is that because you can pick what frequency you want inside your aura bubble, it’s almost like you’re walking around and a little scuba suit. As you go through your day. You are in a vibrate, strong vibration of energy. You’re remembering that you’re very, very strong. So you can hold that light all day long.

And it’s very respectful of other people. So other people can be in their bad mood, they can have lots of feelings, they can have the worst day, and you can still be sensitive to it. It’s not like we’re armouring up and blocking our sensitivity. You’re still in that beautiful, sensitive self, in tune with what’s happening, but you’re feeling it on the other side of that aura bubble, not on the inside. And when you are in that clear space, you can hold really big space for people, even if it’s incredibly vulnerable.

When your aura is clear, and you are in that sort of bubble of light and your energy field is vibrant and radiating all of that good energy. What’s really amazing is that it gives you this ability to know what’s your energy feeling, to know what’s in your own heart, to get a clear read on your own intuition and to know what other people’s energy.

And so if it’s other people’s energy, you can just hand it back to the universe. You don’t need to know where it came from or why, you can just let it go. And then, if it’s your own feeling, then you can use your own tools to manage what’s happening on your side of the fence.

And there are many many tools that can help you. We can help you with Reiki. Sometimes it’s good to get kind of get an energetic power wash which is a lot like what Reiki can do. It’s just to clear off all that stuff that’s maybe accumulated, get your energy flow going nice and clear and smooth. Sometimes it’s a lot easier to have a bit of a helping hand with that.

We also have a retreat coming up that might be exactly what you need right now. You can check out that and all bunch of resources on our website, lunaholistic.com. We’ve got a lot of meditations on our blog that you might like.

So please check that out. I hope this helps you just create a little bit of space and light around you. It’s amazing how just a simple visualization every day can actually boost up your energy and make you feel clear, vibrant and centered as you go through your day. So thanks so much. We’ll catch you next time




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