In this episode, Geneva Robins and Alisia Marie talk about how to stay emotionally centred as an empath and highly-sensitive person. And, of course, we talk about Reiki! Empaths feel other people’s feelings, and at times, that can create anxiety. Alisia’s strategy is to take time every morning to ground and focus and then tune into the heart chakra to help to keep things calm. 

Keep things out of the spin cycle!

Accessing the heart chakra opens you up to a more beautiful version of reality and connects you to the main purpose of why you are here. By taking time to connect to the pure love and light inside, it helps to put things into perspective. Alisia loves it as a strategy to regain focus and stay out of anxiety.

Awareness and Nature, Two powerful tools for sensitive folks.

Noticing the feeling states in the body helps to get Geneva out of swirling thoughts. Bringing the breath to the spaces in the body that are under tension creates ease and flow. Even just noticing the body is helpful for highly-sensitive people to drop out of the mind and ground the energy.

Go for a nature walk! That is Geneva’s favourite way to settle her nervous system. Just go outside and notice nature moving. When you notice the organic movement occurring in real-time, it brings you into the present moment. Just returning to what you are sensing, inside your body and outside your body, helps you reconnect.

Highly sensitive people are superstars at helping others. The gift is that you are a big feeler. You feel everything. It can be challenging, but it is one of your greatest gifts and makes you amazing at helping others.

Aura Up! Energetic care for sensitive people.

The aura is also so important for empaths to keep clear and bright. The aura is the energy container that goes all around your body. The energy of the universe flows through us, through all the chakras and surrounds us. We are basically sitting in bubbles of this energy.

When your aura is in a high-vibe state, you feel settled and in your own container. Other people’s emotions flow around you rather than attaching to you when your energy bubble is clear and vibrant. You still keep all your sensitivity, but that sensitivity is protected. With an intact and powerful aura, you can be a compassionate witness to others without taking on the emotional load. 

The simplest way to balance the aura is to imagine you are sitting in a bubble of light. Pick your favourite colour and just use your imagination to put that protective light all around you.

Geneva loves Reiki for helping her move the energy. Reiki is a wonderful technique to balance the chakras and circulate the energy through the aura. It leaves you feeling safe, contained, and clear. 

In Reiki sessions, we help you maintain the energy in your aura. Reiki lasts a long time, much longer than the session, because it is working beyond time and space. So you can stay clear for quite a while after a session, especially if you have a home practice that moves energy like yoga, meditation, or tai chi.

Sensitive kids need Bright Aura’s too!

Alisia uses visualization and Reiki to put energy and protection all around her home, vehicles, and herself! She helps her kids imagine their own auras, which helps them navigate big days, like the first day of school. She encourages them to find their own special way of connecting to the energy they want for that day, like a sparkly shield or a superhero feeling. 

Just imagining the energy puts it there. Even little kids can do it! You can choose the frequency of light you want around you and let it be different each day to match what you need.

The Rainbow Tree meditation is another tool that helps your sensitive kids (or you) to clear their chakras, get a bit of grounding, and fill up the aura. You pretend you are a tree and imagine the chakra colours in each chakra, all the way down the roots. Then you pull a big bubble of light around you. Kids love it, and it keeps the nightmares and monsters away!

Alisia asks, ‘How did you get through the pandemic lockdowns as a business owner?‘ 

‘Everything starts with your own practice!’ says Geneva. You have to take care of yourself before you can help others. She spent a lot of time on self-care and journalling to connect with her Divine Team. 

Staying true to the intention of the business and connecting to why we are in this work has been huge. For all the big choices, tuning into that core feeling has been a guide. 

Living by the Reiki Ideals is a core foundation of our work here. Staying consistent with our practice and coming back to these ideals was key. The Reiki Ideals are five principles for leading a happy, joyful life. You can learn more from the book Geneva wrote! The Secret Art of Happiness: Change your Life with the Reiki Ideals.   

A lot of gentleness is very important too, especially when you’re dealing with a lot of really harsh things. It has been a challenge but also such a great joy.


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