About Ayla Thomas

Ayla grew up right here in Calgary. She is a Reiki Master, crystal healer, life coach, yoga instructor, meditation teacher, wellness and spiritual retreat facilitator, intuitive card reader, and hairstylist. She's one multi-talented, multi-passionate lady! One of the many reasons she chooses to do this work is because she LOVES working with people. On a deep, spiritual level energy work is her calling. Reiki is such a special experience, and she wants to share that and hold space for others who are seeking this amazing work on their journeys.

All Paths Lead Home

I have pulled this card for so many people lately – myself included.   I feel the rise of powerful healers, I feel the raising of vibrations, frequencies, energy.  The earth feels like it is in constant motion with the most beautiful and cosmic of waves.  I feel the surge under my feet, around me, [...]

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Empowerment in 4 Minutes – Try this Tadasana Meditation

It feels like the only constant these days is change. What feels most natural to me in times where I am afraid, uncertain and oh-so-vulnerable, is yoga. I can always find my way to my mat even when I can barely peel myself up off the floor. In just 4 minutes with this easy guided [...]


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