I have pulled this card for so many people lately – myself included.



I feel the rise of powerful healers, I feel the raising of vibrations, frequencies, energy.  The earth feels like it is in constant motion with the most beautiful and cosmic of waves.  I feel the surge under my feet, around me, everywhere.  I feel like every step I take is guided, divinely, intuitively, with deep inner alignment and knowing.  I am fulfilled.  I am grateful.

Under the outside circumstances lies great possibility, opportunity and expansiveness.  I had a revelation yesterday – I was lonelier BEFORE COVID-19.  It was a problem I could very easily ignore – I was REALLY busy.  It was so much easier to distract myself with empty interactions and meaningless crap swirling around and taking up space in my brain.


The ironic piece is that I didn’t even realize I was lonely at all.  I wasn’t desperately lonely – but lonely in a different way.  The way where you don’t entirely know what your purpose is and what drives you to wake up in the morning.  Lonely where you feel like sometimes people can’t see you.  Because you can’t fully see yourself.

Here there is no distraction.

There is nothing but open space.  Welcome.


Initially, this space felt very, very scary.  Until it didn’t.  Until it felt like home – like being called home.  I feel safe and supported.  I feel the connections are so intentional, so present, so vulnerable and honest.  I am being cracked open so more light can get in.  Don’t get me wrong – I was turning inward before- but this is a new level of it.  To completely unravel ANYTHING that doesn’t feel like light.  ANYTHING.

Initially, it left me crying and feeling weak, defeated. I felt powerless and like I was completely unwinding every single story I’ve ever told myself about how I ended up here.  This, this will change the way I tell my story.  It’s just ignited a powerful force within me, a force that was always there.  I can see it, see me, so clearly now.  There is no need to waver when I am completely certain.

I see the world is levelling up right now, in a big way, and addressing problems that always existed.  Problems like mental health including loneliness, depression, anxiety, a feeling of disconnect from a world that just kept right on turning.  Issues with those who are vulnerable, like the homeless, the elderly, the immunocompromised.  We’re ADDRESSING these with open hearts, open minds, and open pocketbooks.  I see one question, ringing LOUDLY over social media lately –


It is just so beautiful.

We are seeing each other.  TRULY seeing each other.   We aren’t doing the, “Hi how are you?”, “Oh good, good me too!” garbage.  We can’t.  Because we know it’s not real.  It’s NEVER been real.  Were any of us ever always good?  It’s a nicety we say when we don’t want to real-talk.  It’s a polite thing to say.  There’s always so much more to it, so much more to say, but we don’t go there.  We don’t explore and explain.

Now we’re asking it with the intention of understanding where that person is at, so we can meet them at their level and offer whatever support we can.  We reach out for help from those we love and the services people are offering – we grasp it like it’s the only shining light in darkness.

This does feel a little like darkness sometimes, I’m certain.  There are some dark things happening.  We can’t deny this – but I see the light.   I see SO MUCH light.  We are all being called Home, to follow any path to get there.  We are being called to shine our light, to help and to reach out.  To truly see and be seen, and to watch the world transition from a state of smallness, into a state of openness and expansion.

Yes, it’s scary.  Yes, we feel shaken, we feel emotional, we feel tired.  Empaths everywhere are soaking up collective anxiety and shame.  I feel you.  I see you.  I hear your call for help. 

I cry as I write this thinking of you because I am so full of hope and gratitude.  I am so privileged to walk the earth at this particular moment in time and be able to connect with people in such a vulnerable, open, honest way.  This is what the world needs.



We’ve always needed it.  We’ve looked for it everywhere.  In people, in places, in things.  We want to FEEL something.  We’ve felt empty, we’ve felt lonely, sad, lost.  And for the first time in my lifetime, I feel like we are all on the same playing field.  I read everywhere, “We are in this Together.”  Yes.  For the first time, we are.

We’re all in this together.

I am hopeful because of what we are ushering in and creating space for.  Though our homes can feel lonely, confining even, they are not our prison cell.  They are our opportunity to connect with ourselves, with what lights us up when we can’t identify with our job, our partner, our friends, what we wear or what people see of us in public.  We can’t identify with anything that isn’t real anymore.  We have to look deeper.


We have to search deeply for our power.  For our light.  For our guidance, for that feeling of alignment with the universe.  I feel it.  I feel it running through my entire body with every single word I speak or move I make.  I am so much more powerful than I ever imagined.  And not in a false way – not in a control, better-than way.  In a deep, inner-knowing, pillar of light-kind of way.


Each day I am drawn to my yoga mat, to keep expanding, to keep exploring, to discover my strength, my drive and my inspiration.  I keep asking myself the question, over and over, “What do I need in this moment?” and “What do I need today?”

I have the power and the space to explore it. 

You are powerful.  You are strong.  You are brave, intelligent, aligned, guided and full of light.  You are here at this moment, by no accident.  You are here to help shift the universe, into a new way of being, a new way of connecting.  You may feel afraid, but you do not need to be.  There is deep support in this world.  There is deep support beneath you and around you.


TRUST, that if you don’t see the vision, someone else out there is holding it for you.
Someone else is seeing the rise, the power, the love, the connection.
Lean into the support. Let go.


This whole time period of my life feels like one big Trust Fall into the universe.  Every day I wake up and lean into it.  I trust fall and know that the universe will catch me, because it always has.  I have been through so much in life that I thought would break me, and it never did.  The universe helped me then.  I had everything I needed.  This time is no different.  I have everything I need and more.

We can collaborate, and we can connect.
In a time where it feels like we can’t move freely, we are actually more free than we have ever been. 


Move your body, expand your mind, explore your spirit and your soul.  You are the artist of your life, what are you creating today?

Welcome Home


Card is taken from Rebecca Campbell’s “Starseed” deck.



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