Master Usui is the founder of Reiki, and in this meditation, you can walk to his garden and visit. You may also meet an Ascended Master you love and respect. Choose a being you trust and know deeply that their wisdom and guidance supports you. Just be curious and open as you connect to the wisdom and guidance in this soulful space.

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Ascended Masters and Master Usui Meditation Transcript

Let’s take a walk through Mastery Usui’s Reiki garden.

Take a moment to settle in. Bring your hands together in front of your heart in Gassho. Gently place your feet on the earth and let her vast and powerful presence fill your body just allow open up, settle in.

Become aware of the vast energy of the sky above you. Connect to this infinite and abundant energy source with your breath.

Breathe the energy down through your crown, down your spine, and into your belly. Let the energy fill there, swirling.

Filling until it overflows, gradually moving up your arms and out of your hands.

When you feel the strong presence of energy between your hands, your hands will float up effortlessly to your third eye for Reijiho, our intention setting practice.

Allow this to happen now.

The intention for this meditation is simple: to connect deeply and permanently to the wise guidance of the Ascended Masters, Master Usui, the Divine itself, or your own Higher Self, whenever you need their help.

You can meet any Divine Being you choose, and you can come back here again and again. But for now, set your intention now to connect with just one master in whose guidance and wisdom you trust.

Hold this vision for a moment, and when you are ready to meet your chosen Ascended Master. Bring your hands back to your heart

You are now walking on a beautiful sunlit path. This path is made of very ancient stones. moss grows between the cracks, and the sides of the path are bordered by a low stone wall. It is very old.

The path is surrounded by cherry trees in blossom. Their branches arc gracefully over you. It is a beautiful spring day.

Dappled sunlight shines through the trees as you stroll, Drink this beauty in with all your senses.

As you walk, you see a small stream running alongside the path. The trickle of water over the stone soothes all your nerve endings, and deep relaxation flows over you, and you feel completely safe, at peace, nurtured.

You walk towards a small stone bridge that crosses the creek. It is centuries old and very beautiful.

You pause a moment on the bridge, gazing at the fish in the creek below. Savouring this moment in this beautiful place of the soul.

You continue onward, crossing the bridge, and arriving at a small iron gate that is framed by an arch of greenery.

This is the gate to a Sacred Garden. A holy and safe and peaceful place. You open the gate, and it swings easily open before you.

You walk into the garden and shut the gate gently behind you.

As you walk down the winding path in this beautiful garden, you notice sacred and holy writings are carved into the stones of the path. You can feel their energy as you walk by each one.

You are now in the very center of the garden. There is a fountain and a small pond with fish. It is all framed by a lovely grove of cherry trees.

There’s a low stone bench in front of you. Take a seat and enjoy this moment. Breathe in the soft fragrances. Listen to the fountain.

As you sit, enjoying the wonder of this magical place, your Ascended Master arrives, greets you, and takes the seat next to you.

Now’s your time to ask them any questions you may have.

Stay here a moment and connect to this great mentor

Say thank you for the wisdom and guidance they shared with you. Know that you can access this wisdom and help anytime you like. It is just a thought away.

Now, walk down the path, and out the gate, cross the bridge, and come back into the room. When you’re ready, you can open your eyes.




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