Reiki has been a strong support for us through this and so many other things. It’s a beautiful system of flowing universal life force energy through the system to balance mind, body, and spirit. In this episode, originally recorded on June 1, 2020, we wax poetic about Reiki and why it has totally changed our lives.

You will be amazed at some of the stories of growth and transformation that happen because of Reiki.

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Reiki is universal life force energy. It’s everywhere, all around us and within us all the time. Reiki is also the system of how we move that energy and direct it to a positive intention.

It flows through the practitioner’s hands to harmonize the person’s energy with the energy of their intention. It works so beautifully in distance sessions as well as in person. Reiki isn’t limited by time or space; it flows right through both.

LunaHolistic Reiki courses are 8 weeks long. It’s simply stunning how the tools of Reiki help people change. There’s enormous power in the consistency of meeting every week to change your life habits.

Reiki is a practice that anchors us through uncertainty.

It’s so consistent. It helps us get into our heart space, and things always work out when we follow our hearts.

Reiki is the energy of the Divine.

It’s energy and information. It opens up your intuition, which is a skill you can improve. Reiki really helps boost your natural abilities and expand your dialogue with the Divine.

Many people take Reiki courses for their own spiritual practice, and we’ve really experienced that for ourselves.

Spiritual work calms the chatty mind.

The more I do Reiki, the more it turns down the volume of the inner critic. I started out not feeling intuitive at all, but Reiki helped me create a strong connection with all beings of light.

Reiki develops tools inside yourself. By doing the daily work and practices of Reiki, we went from feeling lost to being connected and guided.

The Universe thinks of you with pure love and complete unconditional acceptance. Reiki puts you in harmony with that love and acceptance.

Most of us don’t realize how energetically sensitive we are.

Reiki gives you safety in your empathy and allows you to use it as a tool.

You get skills to stay in that intuitive sensing place and also be clear and grounded. You get a way to discern your feelings from the feelings of others.

Reiki has created a profound shift in our own lives, and from there, we can help others. It’s an honour to help people with their own self-healing journey.

Reiki opens people up and softens things. We love seeing sparkles come back to people’s eyes; it’s like watching a flower bloom—it’s that beautiful.

Reiki lets the strength and courage within shine.

The amount of courage bring to their own healing is phenomenal. As a Reiki practitioner, we’re merely facilitating that change.

The power and light were inside them all along. Reiki helps people connect to that inner strength.

Get to work, lightworker!

When you are engaged in compassionate, soul-guided action, the fear melts away, and only good will spring forth.

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