As a Reiki Teacher, I see firsthand the power of the Reiki Ideals to transform our lives. I get inspired to create more ways of sharing the magic that happens in a Reiki class with more people. One of the biggest questions I get is about the Reiki Ideals, which prompted me to write a whole book!

One of the tremendous gifts I receive in my classes is witnessing people recognize their inner spark of light. The twinkle returns to their eyes, the smiles return to their faces, and their bodies (and lives) open up and become healthier and more relaxed. It is amazing to witness that change in people and an honour to help people access that kind of consistent joy and happiness. Teaching about the Reiki Ideals is a big part of that process.

The Reiki Ideals are five simple principles for leading a happy and fulfilled life.

Just for today:

  • do not anger;
  • do not worry;
  • be grateful for your many blessings;
  • do your meditative and self-care work honestly;
  • be kind to every living thing (including yourself!).


The Reiki Ideals are the Secret Art of Happiness

Living by these five principles has formed the core foundation of my work over the last few years of teaching. Keeping the Reiki Ideals in my mind throughout the day has allowed me to reach a stable and lasting sense of contentment in life. They allow me to better deal with life’s ups and downs and release old thoughts and unhelpful behaviours for good.

I have also witnessed others shift so much just by including the Reiki Ideals in their daily lives. The sweet thing is that these are universal principles! Everyone can use these five ideals to radically change their lives for the better.

How the book works

The book helps you understand the causes of anger and worry and gives you meditation and journalling prompts to begin shifting your energy right away. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of how important a gratitude practice is, and with the Signs of Spring practice, you’ll begin to notice all the brilliant blessings, signs, and synchronicities that surround you in every moment.

You’ll have an opportunity to reflect on the deeper aspects of self-care that you require to feel peaceful and well-grounded. You’ll also cultivate a deeper level of kindness for yourself and others.

Affirmation work will help you along the way. A special process called Affirmation Ladders involves rating how you are feeling for each Reiki Ideal on a scale from zero to ten and then repeating the affirmation for that level. This gives you a way to honour how you are feeling in each moment and also gently move toward peace, faith, gratitude, dedication, and kindness.