What is your life purpose? How do you find it, and then once you find it, how do you balance the mountain of work with the need for rest? Originally recorded on July 7, 2020, this episode will help you connect to your greater purpose and give you some insightful ways to begin figuring out your purpose.

Drop into a moment of meditation and inspiration to access the reservoir of strength and resilience inside you. Bring your best self to the world and hone in on your work ahead.

On this call:

Your purpose is anchored in your heart and soul. Deep inside, you always know who you are and what you’re meant to do to contribute to earth. When you tune into your spirit, your joy, and what lights you up inside and then follow that, you are led to your path.

Sometimes you don’t know what the way ahead is. Sometimes you can only know your purpose by looking back over your life. Where do you always get drawn back to? Is there a pattern in the way you help others?

What would you start doing if you needed to immediately be of service?

The more you make decisions from your centre, from that still place inside, the more you become a magnet for the work and creations you are meant to make.

Everything you do when you are connected to your heart space leads you to the right time and place. Following your joyful inspirations can also lead you to your purpose.

Remember: You cannot be late for your fate!

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Get to work, lightworker!

When you are engaged in compassionate, soul-guided action, the fear melts away, and only good will spring forth.

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