A little while ago I posted a couple of meditation and Reiki quizzes, where you rank your stress and happiness levels before and after meditation or a self-healing Reiki session. So cool!

The results are so neat and clear. Even just five minutes, meditation and Reiki can completely change your state. Your stress levels drop and happiness levels go up. What is so cool is that the results are statistically significant and consistent. That is nerd speak for, this is the real deal!

In the Reiki and Meditation Science Experiment, I have people rank their stress in 30 categories of stressors, everything from losing a spouse to getting a big zit. In the experiment, you rank your stress before and after either a 5-minute meditation or a 5-minute self-healing Reiki session.

Meditation Decreases Stress

Five minutes of meditation creates a 56% drop in stress levels.


Reiki Decreases Stress


Five minutes of a guided self-healing creates a 61% drop in stress.


As you can imagine, when you drop stress, happiness also increases.

I created another quiz where you rank your happiness levels by using the Reiki Ideals. The Reiki Ideals are: do not anger; do not worry; be grateful; do meditation and self-care, and be kind.

Learn more about the Reiki Ideals here: The Secret Art of Happiness: Change your Life with the Reiki Ideals by Geneva Robins

After a 15 minute meditation, happiness levels increased.

Reiki Ideals Meditation Increases Happiness title

Fifteen-minute meditation increases happiness by 25%

What is so cool about all of this is that you don’t need to have a good meditation to get these results. Often when we drag ourselves to our practice, we get huge benefits.

Just sitting still, with your eyes closed, and breathing slowly through your nose is all you need to do.

Even though these monkey-mind, chattering thoughts, restless meditations make you feel like you are terrible at meditating, you’ll see the biggest drop in stress when you just meditate anyway.

So basically, don’t worry about doing meditation well, or the correct way. You just need to do it. Just show up and the results just happen.

What I have found is that not only do stress levels drop after a few minutes of meditating or doing Reiki, the effects are long-lasting and cumulative. The more you meditate, the lower your stress levels.

I am a firm believer in frequency. The more often you meditate or do Reiki and self-healing, the bigger the benefit. It all adds up. In the long run, you become happier and more resilient to stressors.

And you only need a few minutes a day to create these changes. No need to spend hours coiled in a pretzel! Just sit comfortably and breathe slowly for 5 minutes with your eyes closed and you will absolutely transform your life.