In this episode, learn how to access your intuition and wise guidance. Rita Reddy and Geneva Robins share their top tips to connect to your inner wisdom.


Come to Stillness

Taking time to centre yourself with a few breaths can help you tune in. Being in stillness, preferably in nature, can calm the sensory overload that can block your awareness of your inner space. Even a few slow breaths can calm the tension in the body.

Meditation to Calm and Connect to Inner Wisdom

Turn down the inner static with a few moments of meditation. Meditation is intentional. You’re deliberately turning the noise down on the parts that don’t know. And it turns up the volume on the wisdom inside.

The ego mind can only access what is right in front of you. That part of you has no ability to know what’s coming next or what is aligned with your inner wisdom. Your wise-self has access to all the information of your soul. 

Try this Grounding Meditation to create a space to hear your inner wise-self.

How do you know what is ego and what is inner wisdom?

Inner being messages are relaxing and calming. The sensations in the body are felt in very internal core places. You might feel your deep wisdom in your heart or your gut. You can question this information and it will continue to give calming and wise answers.

Ego messages are tense and demanding. The places you might feel these messages are up in the head. The ego doesn’t like change and will discourage your questions. It often speaks in an always-never language. Thinking about following the ego message usually creates more tension in the body.

Be Kind to Your Ego-mind

The ego is also a part of you and protects you. And for this reason alone, being kind and compassionate to this protective part of you is useful. Imagine the ego as a scared child that is just trying to keep you from harm.

When you’re connected to your inner wisdom, that part of you knows the path forward and also is aware of what the ego needs to feel safe in the changes. Once that connection has been made, you can explore how to navigate forward on the things your soul longs to do. 

Listen to the Wisdom in the Body

Your body instantly responds to the energy in the choices on your path. Listen to Rita’s discussion at 31:36 of how to tune into the knowing of the body, a process she learned from career coach Julia James. It’s amazing how much the physicality of your body can act out what your inner wisdom is saying.




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