Kim Star

Reiki Master – Teacher at LunaHolistic

Kim Star - Reiki Master -

Hi, I’m Kim Star, a Reiki Master and Teacher at LunaHolistic.

I am passionate about guiding others towards their highest potential and creating a safe and nurturing space for them to explore and release blockages, trauma, and limiting beliefs.

In-Person & Virtual Sessions

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Empowered Change with Reiki

Healing is more about understanding ourselves than changing ourselves, and I want to empower others to tap into their own inner wisdom and intuition to create positive transformation in their lives.

Witnessing the deep soul-level healing that Reiki and the recipient create is humbling and awe-inspiring.

The power of Reiki combined with the willingness, courage, strength and grace of the recipient is a true miracle, and I am so blessed to be able to facilitate and assist my clients to do their own healing work. Reiki has completely transformed my life in every way, and I want to share its gifts with as many people I can! I love to connect deeply with others, and I am honoured to support my clients and students on their healing journeys.

Reiki is a beautiful practice that restores balance and promotes deep healing on all levels. Kim Star -

About Me

As a mother of two, I am grateful for the lessons of unconditional love and true joy that my children teach me every day. I find solace in nature, I love hiking in the mountains, having campfires and spending as much time by the ocean as I possibly can!

I enjoy practicing yoga, meditation and breathwork, and I love to spend my time learning a variety of spiritual and healing practices. I have a deep connection to the divine and my guides, I am highly intuitive and I also enjoy giving intuitive card readings.

Reiki is a beautiful practice that restores balance and promotes deep healing on all levels. I encourage you to experience its gifts and see how it can help you on your journey home.

My Reiki Journey

Reiki has been a profound spiritual practice that has gifted me with so many blessings in my life. Receiving Reiki, facilitating sessions, and committing to my self-care has created a path to my Spiritual Homecoming, helping me overcome my own trauma and many physical, mental and emotional challenges.

After embarking on my Reiki journey with Geneva Robins at LunaHolistic, I experienced an instant connection with the practice and knew that it would become an integral part of my life. With every step, I felt as though I was moving closer to my soul’s purpose, and the decision to become a Reiki Master was one that I made with my heart. Looking back, I am incredibly grateful for the doors that have opened as a result of this decision and the opportunities that have presented themselves along the way.

Through Reiki, I have reconnected with my inner self and tapped into my innate healing abilities, restoring balance to my mind, body, and spirit.

You have to see Kim Star! Her eyes light right up when she talks about the magic and power of Reiki.

Kim is a genuine, caring soul and a phenomenal healer and teacher. Reiki sessions from Kim are transformative and deeply insightful. You’ll love it.

Geneva, Reiki Master


Courses Taught by Kim Star

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