I fell down the stairs this summer. Actually, it was more like a carpeted ladder, and I more flew than fell. I was just waking up from a powerful dream where I was pulled into the time of Julius Ceasar. I wanted to creep downstairs (downladder) and steal a few morning moments of writing in peace before my son and husband woke up. Before all the bustle and holidaying would sweep me away from the memory of this powerful dream.

Ok. So, I probably wasn’t really awake. And I definitely wasn’t thinking about these steep stairs (ladder) I was walking down. I was already on the balcony breathing in the crisp mountain air with a warm coffee and my favourite pen and journal.

I wasn’t present. My mind was somewhere completely different. Beyond time and space.

But my body was definitely within time and space!

I missed a single step.

That was it. I tried to stop my fall, and I screamed, but I couldn’t slow the momentum. I landed headfirst into the wall and then landed hard on both knees.

I’m so lucky.

It could have been so much worse.

I was fortunate to have hit the wall with the hardest part of my skull — where soccer players take headers with the ball.

As I fell, part of me called out for help, to be protected. On the bottom of my chin, I had a mark that could not be explained. Like a thumbprint turning my head to the right angle.

Banged and bruised, but still conscious, I took my time getting up. My poor husband and son startled awake and scared to death.  (Sorry guys!)

I recovered fairly quickly and even enjoyed the rest of our holiday, but I definitely had some time to reflect as I iced my knees and head.

This is what I learned at the bottom of the stairs:

1 – Asking for Divine Help Works.

I have no doubt that this fall could have had multiple possibilities. In the middle of it, I knew there was no way to stop myself. I was falling down the stairs. “Please help me.” was my thought. I could feel the rush of support immediately the moment before impact. Had I landed any other way I would have ended my holiday in the hospital. But I didn’t. I asked, and I received. Simple as that.

2 – Being in a Body is a HUGE Gift.

Even with the pain, I was grateful for my body. There are spiritual lessons and creative potential that just doesn’t happen on the other side. I was happy to experience the pain of living because I can clearly see what a huge opportunity it is. I was reminded, yet again, that loving my body, exactly as it is, is the only option. I do not fit the beauty ideal of the western culture, but my body is still a miracle. And miracles deserve to be loved.

3 – Your Choices DO Matter.

Even though I fell, and I will definitely make different choices in the future (can I get an amen?), I made several clear choices that greatly affected the outcome for me. — I chose not to die. I chose to have minimal injuries. I chose to receive help, both physical and energetic. I chose to recover quickly. I chose to heal and be whole. — Those choices determined the outcome. They set in motion many events that allowed my body to heal itself. Choices are powerful.

4 – Being Present is not Optional.

I know that had I spent a few moments arriving fully in my body — I would not have fallen; I would have had those moments writing on the balcony; I would not have injured myself. I was trying to retain the dream state AND negotiate steep stairs (ladder). These are two separate states of consciousness.

The more complex the task, the more present you have to be. To become present, all I would have needed to do was breathe deeply; stretch a bit; and rub my head, face, shoulders, arms, legs, feet and hands.

There is something about touching the borders of the body, the furthest most extension of you in space, that brings you back into the body. Instantly. Even wiggling fingers and toes would have done it. Being present-minded is life-saving.

5 – Reiki Works.

Not that I needed to throw myself down the stairs to find this out! But, yes. Reiki works. Always.

I immediately started giving myself Reiki, before I even got up off the floor. I wanted to start healing right away. My intention was: To have my slow human feet keep up with my Divine Spiritual mission. I am still integrating that one. As I get closer to finishing my book, I can feel the Divine rush of it, moving me forward.

I’m moving towards a new way of being in the world and part of me wants to stay in bed, stay in the dream state, stay small and hidden. But that is not the way of it, my friend. No.

Reiki and the Divine Intelligence within us are not interested in us playing small. There are no halfsies or take-backsies in Reiki. It is the full manifestation of what is in everyone’s highest good. And me playing small is selfish. I can help a lot of people with this book. I know that. Time to start making it physical, present, and real. It is go-time! Reiki on!


I’m sharing all this because maybe you can relate? I fully believe that we can learn from each other WITHOUT having to experience every single misfortune to get the pearl of wisdom found within the grit of existence. So please, learn from me!