Get guided and personalized help bringing your vision to reality in the Creative Manifesting Session. We’ll help you get clear on what you want to manifest and why, guide you through an empowering visualization of your dream coming to reality, and help you access your inner wisdom on the next steps.

And we’ll supercharge all of that with a Reiki session at the end of the 2.5-hour session. We can meet in-person at our centre in Calgary or virtually through Zoom.

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If you’re looking for an immersive experience, try the Creative Manifesting Session, a 2.5-hour session that includes a custom guided meditation and Reiki. It’s one of our Special Sessions designed to help you connect to Source energy and align with your true nature.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Geneva Robins, and I’m a Reiki Master here at LunaHolistic. Today, I want to talk to you about Creative Manifesting Sessions. What they are and how they might help you.

So you might be familiar with the idea of manifesting, where you are basically taking a vision for something you want to experience or create. And really visualizing that and putting some energy behind it, and really putting it out there into the universe, dreaming it into existence and imagining that this is already happening.

This works because we live in this infinite universe that is founded on this infinite energy, that underlies all matter. And that energy field is conscious. And when you connect your consciousness to the consciousness of the universe, and basically put it out there, that you want to experience something with a good feeling in your heart, you tend to create this wave and ripple that changes the environment around you. And you get different options and opportunities sort of landing in your lap.

This is combined with aligned action, and following your intuition and guidance. And all of those little tiny baby steps can really help you manifest your dream and bring things into reality that just weren’t options before. I’ve used this a lot in all of my work, and it harmonizes really well with the Reiki work we do here at LunaHolistic.

Empowering Visualization

Creative Manifesting Session is, basically, we’ll sit down and chat. And we’ll kind of get an idea of what it is that you want to create or experience in your life. And then we’ll do a guided, sort of, personalized meditation where you go to this soulful landscape, where you go into basically your own version of a creative workshop, whatever that looks like for you.

You’ll call in the guidance of your divine team, or however you connect to the Divine, whether it’s God or the creative force of the universe; however you connect to that energy of something more or your higher power.

We’ll bring in all of that guidance, love, and wisdom to make sure whatever you are bringing into the world will not only benefit you but benefit everyone. I find that makes creative dreams and visions manifest faster is when it’s a co-created dream.

We’ll help you get clear on what that manifestation is. We’ll help you supercharge it with energy. So your own energy and also Reiki. So, we will finish up with a little bit of Reiki. In the session, we’re kind of going along with you. So, using our own intuitive guidance and energy and information, to help give you clarity on maybe what your next little action steps are. And what you can do in your day-to-day life that will bring about this manifestation faster.

Because a lot of manifestations aren’t about just thinking about it and then sitting on your hills and doing nothing. You still need to make the worldly steps to make your dream come into reality.

And so we can help coach you and get you in connection with your own intuition so that you can bring this beautiful, light-filled energy into the world.

Which I’m really excited about because your creative vision could radically improve the lives of many, many people. And it is satisfying for you to feel and experience these, whatever you want to bring into your life. But it’s a co-created dream. Other people want that, too!

Especially if you have a vision for creating a project like a book, or a film, or a piece of art, or helping people, if you’re in a helping and healing field, or you want to start a business.

This is an amazing tool to put in your toolbox because it will basically put you in harmony with the energy of the universe and put you in harmony with your own intuition. So that you can follow those, sort of, guided action steps and bring about these really great materials for other people to transform their lives, to bring in a bit of joy, and spark your imagination. All of these things are really, really needed in the world.

So check out our link. We’ll have lots of information about that for you. I’d love to hear how this all sits with you. Please leave a comment, and we’ll reply. If you have any questions about how the session might work, just let us know, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. And until next time, bye-bye. Hey, I hope you liked this video. Please like and subscribe. Thank you. Bye bye





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