Are you waiting to create the life of your dreams? Do you want to have a nourishing and rewarding career where you help people? Manifesting miracles begins with a deep alignment with the energy of your spirit.

This meditation will increase your frequency, so you become a magnet to what is yours. It was channelled from Spirit to align you to the creative vibration of manifestation. It gets you tuned into your spirit and your life purpose.

Manifesting Miracles

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Meditation Transcript

Can you feel it? The mystical and magical crisp in the air? Things have shifted, changed, crossed an invisible threshold of light.

The past is over and has no bearing on future experience. All that is here, now, is pure potential. Pure possibility lies under your feet in this very moment. Stay in the warm and loving energy. Stay present.

Let the moment of fulfillment come to you. Stay still. Stay centred and present. Let what is yours wash over you like a wave of love and gratitude.

Thoughts are rapidly manifesting now. You are a miracle creator and generator. Stay in the feeling of fulfillment and refuse to leave its light. Ignore the ego. Ignore the false evidence. Believe in the unseen becoming seen.

Use the eyes of your soul to see what is on the verge of becoming seen – visible to all.

You are living the life of your dreams. It is here right now. All around you, within you, flowing through everything you do, it is here.

Become aware of the magic you are creating. Immerse yourself in every detail of what you are doing in this moment. Surrender all future moments and all past moments to the capable hands of the Universe.

Breathe in this moment. Be in this moment.

Magic and energy are all around you now.

You are on the verge of creating massive, powerful changes in your life. It is happening at an accelerated rate now. Stay steady in the miracle. Send roots into the earth and stretch up into the sky. Use these two anchors to lift you through whatever challenges are in the middle of your life right now.

Challenges are a temporary state. Even those experiences are helping you deepen your communication with All-That-Is.

Become present to the miracles, lessons, and wisdom within the challenge. These are rare and precious gifts from the soul.

Let all your focus be here in this moment, so all your energy is gathered, focused, and free to create changes that will shift the challenge and teach you more about the architecture of challenges themselves. With that wisdom, you will be able to help many people facing their own challenges with grace, growth, and deep healing.

You are a light. You have never been more ready for this miracle than now. Embrace this work with all your heart. Open your spirit and soul to the Divine flow of the Universe and surrender every block and obstacle to the holy light of Reiki. Let your life and your work be a devotion to the Divine light within.

Expand into this pure potential energy in every heartbeat.

Life is good. All is well. Life is about to become magical and miraculous. Life IS magical and miraculous. Open your arms and your heart to all the love, all the grace, all the mystery, and all the magic you have ever wished for. It is yours right now.

This message was Channelled by Geneva Robins from the Divine Team of beings who work with her. The Divine Team includes Jesus, Master Usui, Ganesh, Quan Yin, Shiva, Buddha, Mother Mary, the archangels, and numerous other deities, and ascended masters who work for the betterment of humanity and the progression of the soul’s growth in the earthly plane. The Team speaks with a collective and compassionate voice, and Geneva records it as she hears it. If you have a question for the Team, send Geneva a message, and she may answer your question in the next post.

Geneva also offers Intuitive Readings at LunaHolistic in Calgary. She tunes into Spirit, just like a Divine microphone. You can ask questions about your life path, chat with relatives, and experience a facilitated conversation with angels and ascended masters.

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