Reiki Master Geneva Robins walks you through her top five go-to strategies when you’re super stressed out. Try these tips to regain calm and tune back into your wise self. 

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What to do When you’re Stressed –  Transcript

Hi, Today, I’d like to share with you my top five tips for what to do when you’re really, really stressed out, and you just need a little bit of peace and rest and some tools to help you ground and regroup.

So the very first one that tops the list is to take care of your physical needs. Sometimes when we get really stressed out, life gets really busy, and we’re dealing with things back to back to back. And the emotional tension and pressure is really high, we can completely lose sight of the last time we had a sip of water, that we got up and moved around, that maybe you’re hungry, or maybe you’re not fueling your body with the right kinds of foods. You know, when’s the last time you had something green and a bit of protein?

These kinds of things are really, really important. Sometimes it’s just as simple as having a nap or a rest, just a break, you know, to get up, move around, get some fresh air, maybe get outside.

It sounds so simple. But often, when we’re dealing with a lot of stress in our world, just that little extra bit that you have to deal with, with the stress in your body. By just being dehydrated, or hungry, or tired. It adds an extra level of energy you have to put into coping.

So I find that the first thing I check is just very practical, down to earth. Have I taken care of my physical body? What is my physical body asking me for that maybe I’m not paying attention to. So that’s the first one.

The second is my all-time favorite tool when I am in a state of overwhelm, which is meditation. I don’t know how many times my divine team has told me Geneva, just put your hands together. Because in Reiki, we meditate with our hands in Gassho, so just with your hands in prayer position in front of your heart. This is a mudra. So anytime you’re meditating with your hands in a particular position, that is like a shortcut to that calm, peaceful meditative state.

You don’t have to meditate with your hands in Gassho. What I usually recommend for people is two tools that will instantly bring you deeper into a calm state. The first one is to close your eyes when you’re meditating. Because as soon as you close your eyes, you tell the base of your nervous system that you’re safe.

When we’re really stressed out, we get into that hyper-vigilant fight-or-flight response. And our eyes want to stay wide open, watching everything for signs of danger. But if you get yourself into a safe place in a place where you can sit for maybe just two minutes, and you close your eyes and keep them closed for that length of time. It tells your nervous system that, “Gee, you must be safe enough to have your eyes closed! So maybe the danger or the threat signal has passed.”

The other thing that’s really important is to slow down your breathing. When you slow down your breathing rate, your heart rate also will slow down. And when you combine those two things together for a few minutes, that’s meditation is just as simple as that. Just make it really, really simple. Really, really tiny. Maybe set a timer for five minutes, close your eyes and breathe slowly. Maybe count your breath, from breathe into the count of four and out to the count of four. And see if you can lengthen that breath just a little bit each time. So that gradually over time, your breath rate will settle, your heart rate will settle. And it can help reverse that fight or flight sensation.

The other thing when things are going terribly, and it might be difficult, but it always makes a big difference, for me, is a gratitude practice or doing a quick gratitude list.

I like to do the ABCs of gratitude, which is you just start with the letter A and you think of some random thing that you are grateful for. Like, I am grateful for Air. B, I am grateful for breathing. C, I am grateful for clarity.

Whatever it is, you can just come up with any random thing that you are genuinely grateful for. It could be superficial. It could be, you can do it grumpy. It’s totally fine. It’s just a way of challenging your brain to think of things in a different and new way. And really focus on not everything that’s going wrong, but just take a few moments to focus on all of the things that are going well, even in the midst of our difficulties.

Our gratitude practice really shines, not when times are going well. But when times are tough, that’s when gratitude can really flip the script in your brain and can shift your focus to something that is more positive that gets your, you know, kind of traction under your feet.

Then the fifth thing that I always really love is Reiki! Doing a few moments of Reiki self-healing, just getting that flow, the connection to something greater. To help me it really helps me center myself and tune myself into my intuition and my divine guidance.

It brings in a frequency of energy that is kind, compassionate and loving. And then when you’re in that frequency, solutions start popping into your head where all you saw before was brick walls.

So that is my top five list of what to do when you’re really, really stressed out. And if you need help with any of these things, here at LunaHolistic, we help you with all of those things. We can help you really get in touch with your own inner guidance. And so that when you’re in difficult times, you can tune into your heart, tune into your inner being and start making choices from there that will really help you build and grow and get you on your life path wherever that happens to take you.

Thank you so much, and we’ll see you next time! Hey, I hope you liked this video. Please like and subscribe. Thank you. Bye bye



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