You’ve now got a handy way to access our meditations right in your pocket! The Insight Timer App is an awesome tool for your meditation practice. Just look up Geneva Robins as the teacher profile, or go here: Insight Timer – Geneva Robins.

Insight Timer is a free app available on Apple iOS and Android and has many meditation styles and teachers, plus a nice timer bell for a simple practice. Some of our favourite meditations are available there and are a nice way to make meditation easy.

Benefits of meditation and how it can help reduce stress

Meditation is the foundation of the self-care practice here at LunaHolistic. The benefits of meditation are still being documented by scientific research but have been known for centuries by spiritual and philosophical thought leaders. Getting still and calming your breathing creates a space where you can get in touch with your inner wisdom.

Even a few moments of meditation, just five minutes, can calm your nervous system and give you clarity. It also has enormous health benefits and can boost your creativity. You get access to the space of deep knowing within you. From there, your inner-guidance can emerge to help you make powerful choices that are in alignment with you.

Everything flows better when you align with your inner wise self. And the easiest and most reliable way I know to get back into that state of connection is through meditation.

How to get started with meditation if you’re new to the practice

Creating a meditation practice can seem like a daunting thing, especially if you are just beginning. Not to worry! There are two simple practices that can start you off and make a big difference to your inner state.

The first is to close your eyes. Really. It is simple, but it greatly impacts your meditation practice. When you close your eyes, you tell the survival part of your brain that you are safe. You see, when we are stressed, our eyes want to stay wide open, scanning for danger. When you close your eyes, you begin to slow down your fight or flight response and begin to settle.

The second practice is to slow down your breathing rate. When you breathe slowly, it begins to slow down your heart rate. And a slow heart rate helps you feel calm. Slow breathing also can move emotions and energy through your system. Anything that has built up over the day, you can imagine exhaling, and you can imagine inhaling the energy of calm, peace, and happiness.

Put these two practices together, and you are a meditator! Simply setting a timer for 5 minutes, sitting still, breathing with your eyes closed is a powerful start to meditation. Guided meditations can enhance this practice by giving your mind something to focus on while you are sitting and breathing.

Guided Meditations on Insight Timer

Guided meditations can help reduce the mental chatter, especially when you are first starting out. All you do is play the meditation, close your eyes and follow along. The recorded meditations help you shift your frequency and bring in more of the energy you choose. There are meditations to help you drift off to sleep, start your day, ground your energy, and connect to a Higher Power.


Our favourite meditation sessions on Insight Timer

Bedtime Meditation -

Bedtime Meditation

Waking Meditation -

Waking Meditation

Grounding Meditation -

Grounding Meditation

Tree Meditation - Guided Meditation -

Tree Meditation

Manifesting Miracles Meditation

Manifesting Miracles Meditation

Self Acceptance Meditation - Geneva Robins -

Self Acceptance Meditation

Abundance Meditation

Abundance Meditation

Activating Divine Will Meditation

Activating Divine Will Meditation

Multigenerational Healing Meditation -

Multigenerational Healing Meditation

Past Life Wisdom Meditation

Past Life Wisdom Meditation


















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