Deeply honour the sacredness of the land below you and your deep commitment to your inner healing in this meditation.

This is the opening meditation of our LunaHolistic Retreat. We’ve got online and staycation retreats happening soon. Check out our Retreat page for more info.

Sacred Gathering Honouring Meditation

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If you’re on retreat, journal your experiences following this meditation. You can follow the prompts in the LunaHolistic Retreat Journal. The next practice is to sing the affirmation song “I Am Enough”  by Beautiful Chorus. The meditation that follows the affirmation practice is the Soul Reconnection Meditation.


Meditation Transcript

Welcome. Thank you all for being here.

Before we begin, let’s spend a few moments in deep reverence for the energy and history that is present in this space. 

I want to send a deep thank you and acknowledge the ancestors and descendants of the Stoney Nakoda, Tsuut’ina, Siksika, Piikani, and Metis Nations.

We are gratefully assembled here on this beautiful land, and we respectfully thank and honour all of the nations who came before and those who thrive now.

We welcome the spirits, ancestors, the land, trees and plants, animals, and birds. We welcome all the angels and ascended masters, beings of light, and Master Usui to help us as we gather in this healing space.

Let’s acknowledge this sacred place now. 

Gently close your eyes.

Begin by noticing the energy of the Earth below you. The deep roots of the mountains below your feet. Let yourself bond and unite with the energy of the Earth below you. Notice its nourishing safety, blessing, and protection. Allow the love and care of the Earth herself to nurture you now.

Take a deep sigh of relief. Allow anything you have carried here, any tension, worries, thoughts of the future and the past gently melt away into the ever present and ancient now.

Touch time the way the mountains know it – eternal, kind, accepting, patient, witnessing.

Let your breath go with a sigh of deep relief.

Know that you are safe here, held by the mountains themselves, rising up from the Earth to embrace all of us. We are held in sacred presence, warmth, and light.

Notice the gentle wave of your breath. Notice the freshness of the vital air here. Allow your breath to flow like a sacred and holy wave of peace, each breath bringing more and more peace, love, and acceptance. Let your breath be your anchor. 

As we journey through this sacred and transformational few days, remember your breath. Come back to your breath with honour, self-respect, and compassion. Return your attention to  your breath again and again. 

Allow your breath to connect you to the infinite place inside where you can feel your wise heart, your Divine Self. Each breath through your time here will bring you closer and closer to your infinite self – connected to the love of the Universe, as you.

Each breath anchors your soul in your body, in your life, and cycles out all that is unneeded, everything can release with the breath. You can let go in this ONE breath. Breathe in … breathe out …

Allow your sacred breath to heal you. Healing and restoring your mind, your spirit, your body, allowing your soul to unite and merge with your whole being now.

Flow with your breath. Let it travel like a wave from the top of your head, all the way through your body to your feet and back. Honour the breath.

Now notice and honour the sacred waters, flowing all around us, trickling through creeksides, running in the rivers, gathered in lakes and pools. The pure and holy, mystical waters of this ancient place.

Notice every sip and every drop of water that touches you in our time here. Water is a vehicle for emotions to flow. The clouds in the sky are constantly in motion, moving with the wind, the breath of the Earth. Move the emotions, the waters, with the breath now. Let whatever is within you to be embraced and loved fully by the compassionate waters of this place.

If you feel tears, let them flow and wash away anything unneeded. Honour your feelings here. Care for them with love and kindness. All your feelings can be met with love within. 

Extend loving kindness to yourself with a sacred honouring each encounter with water. Notice the waters in your body. The flow that keeps you flowing, fluid and flexible. Be like water, flow around obstacles, compassionately. Flow through and around any and every difficulty.

Return to the breath, flow, ground, remember the Earth, the land, the trees, the LIFE that flows through you and all things. We are not so different from this place. The mountains, the rivers, the LIGHT, the sun and moon and stars, they all live within me, they all live within you. They live within all there is. 

Sacred waters inside all living things. The spark of light, of captured sunshine, animates all things. The love and light of the Universe flows through you now as a river of sacred energy, connected beyond time and space. We all live here in ONENESS with the ALL. 

Notice the energy within all things. Allow this Universal Life Force energy to flow down to you from an infinite source. Notice as the light gently touches the top of your head, at your crown chakra.

The light flows through all your chakras, your CROWN at the top of your head, down through your THIRD EYE, your brow down to your THROAT, to your HEART, to your SOLAR PLEXUS, in your belly, to your SACRAL, in your pelvis, to your ROOT at the base of your spine. All the way down your legs to your feet and into the solid GROUND below you now.

Feel your strength, your spiritual courage, your sacred beauty, your holiness. You are profoundly and deeply connected to every blade of grass, every stone, every living thing, the water, the light, the fire, the Earth, the air. It is all you.

Be here now, in this space of sacred connection, protection, and light. Let this connection flow all around you, filling your AURA, your personal space bubble, three feet/one metre all around you.

Let that space around you become RADIANT. Shine. Let your light be known here. Here it is safe to SHINE, to be fully yourself. Let go of all effort, and just simply let yourself be exactly and fully YOU – a sacred and unique BEING in all the Universe. 

There is only one you. We love you. Let yourself be the love you ARE. Soften into your natural radiance. Allow all your gifts, strengths, and talents to shine without hesitation or reservation now. 

You are a child of the DIVINE, a part of the mystery and magic of the Universe itself. Always held in that sacred and holy light and grace, let all the LOVE in the Universe flow through you now. 

Be the conduit of self-healing – all healing is self-healing. Get out of the way of your brilliance. Let more in. Let more out.. Be the peace in your heart, have faith in yourself as a being of great light and potential. Feel gratitude for the ALL. Feel that gratitude returned to you now, from the edges of the Infinite Universe.

Dedicate yourself to your sacred path in front of you now. And just take one tiny step forward. Honour your path that has lead you here to THIS moment. This one eternal and shining moment is all that exists. Life fully here now. ONE single sacred breath at a time. 

Surrender all else to the light. Let the Universe have all that it can hold. Let the Earth relieve and cleanse any lingering pain or trauma. Let the waters wash away all that no longer serves your unique mission and path. 

Trust yourself now. Trust the Divine voice that lives within you, guiding you step by step. You cannot stray or falter now, for you are supported and guided by the Universe itself. 

All your helpers and guides and angels, however you connect with them, are here now helping you moment by moment. Trust this and the resonance of truth deep inside your own heart. Return to the breath.

ONE sacred breath, anchoring you to your own light and truth and way. You remember this. Your WHY will pull you through any HOW.

You HAVE got this. Remember your light and grace and courage with each mindful breath.

Most of ALL, remember your kindness, the deep well of compassionate light inside you. Let that loving kindness flow for you – let kindness and compassion and love fill you now. Let it shine through your heart and your breath and your hair. 

Let it fill and soothe your thoughts. Let your thoughts harmonize with the light of compassion and inner kindness. Be very kind to yourself now. You are worthy beyond the meaning of the world. Just simply being you is enough. Be kind to the YOU you are now and every previous and future version of you.

Be KIND. Be kind to your child self, your ego, your shadow, your edge. Be kind to the part of you that is not kind to you. 

Send that part love now, straight from the Universe to the centre of your being to your healing work. Send it all love. Send light to your mind, bathing all your thoughts with kindness. 

Send love to every cell, every pound, every curve and crevice and wrinkle of your physical self. Send gratitude, love and kindness to your hands, your healing hands, love your legs and arms and head and heart, all of the physical parts of you that allow your spirit and soul to do your light work here on EARTH. 

We are so grateful for your presence, in physical form, in this moment. 

Thank you for being here, for your courage, grace, and strength to continue shining your light and life and presence in this beautiful moment, in this beautiful space.

Allow this energy to sink in and saturate every part of you now, inside, outside, and all around. You are everything; everything is you. 

You are HERE. You are safe. You are loved. 

When you are ready, wiggle your fingers and toes, and open your eyes. 

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