This meditation is perfect for weight loss, increasing physical performance in sports, and just generally having a nice relationship with your body. It is a guided meditation, so it is easy for first-time meditators. Using headphones is good for focusing and reducing external distractions.

In this meditation, you will follow a deer and run with ease, swim in a beautiful waterfall pool, hike up a cliff staircase, and meet a wise woman for tea. In each part, you imagine the smooth flow of energy through your body as you move. Every single part of you is wonderful and enough.

Even if running, swimming, or hiking is outside your physical abilities, you can go there in your imagination, bringing the same vital energy flow through your body. Be gentle and honour your body as the amazing vessel it is for your spiritual work on earth.

Joyful Body Meditation

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Joyful Body Meditation Transcript

Get comfortable. Sit with your spine straight. Stretch your arms up to the sky and take a deep breath.

As the breath flows out, gently float your hands down to your lap. And rest your hands on your legs. Allow your shoulder blades to release down your back and open up the space in your chest.

Bring your awareness to your breath. Let your attention follow your breath all the way in, through your nostrils, through your airways, and down into your lungs.

Follow your breath out, from the bottom of your lungs, through your airways and out through your nostrils.

Breathe slowly. Breathe gently. Allow your breath to get softer. smoother, more rhythmic. Let your inhalations match your exhalation evenly in and out. Gently let your breath follow the rhythms of your body.

Turn your senses inward. Notice the rhythm of your heart. Feel it on a subtle level. Give thanks to your heart for its joyful tempo.

Your heart is the metronome of your life. Listen to its quiet music now. Feel the rhythm of your heart echo in your cells. Listen to the song in your cells. Listen to the harmonious chorus.

Listen to your cells on a subtle level. Give thanks to the trillions of cells that make up your body. Your cells joyfully follow the rhythm of your heart’s wisdom.

Inside your cells, inside your atoms, is the field of awareness. This field is infinite and unbounded. It is the source of all creation. This field resonates with the energy of joy.

Allow this joy to carry you to a beautiful meadow. This sunny meadow is filled with wildflowers. The flowers are bright and beautiful. The air is soft and warm. The perfect temperature. The sun is shining, and birds are singing in the nearby forest.

You feel filled with joy and radiant energy. There’s something about this place that feels familiar to your soul. It is all so wonderful.

As you look around the meadow, you see a beautiful deer. She is relaxed and curious, just like you. As you look into each other’s eyes, your sense of deep connection. This deer is here to show you something special.

She turns and starts moving toward the forest path, and you follow her easily. You run along the smooth dirt path. Your body flows easily along the path, and you’re running is so smooth. You feel like you’re floating, flying, free.

Your legs swing smoothly. Flowing. Your arms move easily. Free.

The rhythm of your body flows smoothly with each stride. You feel so free, so strong. So joyous.

You follow the deer through the forest on this wonderful sunlit path. So easy. So smooth, so much fun. The path curves and bends. It flows up and downhill.

It is so effortless. So fun. So free. You’re smiling all the way, following the deer in this lovely game.

Through the trees, you catch a glimpse of a huge waterfall. The sight of this waterfall gives you a burst of energy, and you find yourself grinning from ear to ear as you joyfully run toward it.

The path leads you toward the waterfall and opens up to a clearing. In the clearing is the pool of the waterfall. Clear and blue.

The deer turns and gazes in your eyes. You silently thank her for leading you here. She turns again and disappears back into the forest.

You run toward the blue pool. The water is sparkling and clear. You feel alive and vibrant. Every part of your being resonates with sheer joy.

You jump in the water and swim in the waterfall pool. The water is refreshing, the perfect temperature. You know that this water has healing properties. You feel vibrant and energetic.

Swimming feels so good. It is so fun to feel your body glide effortlessly through the water. You swim back to the edge of the pool. And as you do, you notice a stone staircase carved into the cliff by the waterfall. You get out of the water feeling refreshed and joyous.

You’re strong. You’re peaceful. You are free.

You walk to the stone stairs and begin walking up them. With each step up the stairs, you feel lighter and lighter. Your movements are calm and graceful. It feels so good to move your body. You feel so joyous.

As you reach the top of the stairs, you see the view of the beautiful valley below. A calm energy fills your being as you look at the wonderful view.

Turning back to the path. You see a small house ahead. The house is warm and inviting, and you feel safe.

You feel safe and welcome here. As you approach the house, a wise old woman appears at the door. She is smiling at you. And you notice that her teeth match her pure white hair. Her eyes twinkle with pure joy. She is so happy you’re here.

She takes both of your hands and looks in your eyes with great love. You have looked in these eyes before. You know she is very old and has lived here a long time.

Her hands are warm and strong. And you realize that she can run faster than the deer; indeed, she is the one who taught the deer to run. She watches over this sacred space, and she watches over you.

You are safe and protected.

The wise woman invites you inside the house for tea. You sit at her kitchen table and watch her as she prepares your tea. She knows the perfect blend of herbs that are just right for you.

She pours you a cup this fragrant, delicious tea. As you breathe in the aroma of the tea, you feel your body reach a place of perfect health and vitality. You are renewed on a very profound level.

You sip the tea, and you are delighted at how good it tastes. The healing tea works on a subtle level. It shifts and changes your physical body to match the energy of this state of perfect health. Perfect love. Perfect peace.

You finish your tea, feeling so good. So relaxed. So renewed. Thank the wise woman for the wonderful tea, and step out into the sunshine.

Feel the energy and vitality of this field of awareness merge with the wisdom in your cells.

Take a deep breath. Give thanks to the trillions of cells that make up your body. Your cells joyfully follow the rhythm of your heart. Listen to the music in your heart. Feel its joyful tempo.

Gently, let your breath follow the rhythms of your body. Gradually bring your awareness to the present moment. Wiggle your fingers and your toes.

Rub the palms of your hands together. Gently place your hands over your eyes. Gently move your hands over your face like you’re washing it. Bring your hands, palms together, in front of your heart.

Bow to your inner healer. Namaste.