In this podcast episode, Kim Star and Geneva Robins help you embrace and manage the shift of energy that happens in the fall. This season brings coziness but also a rapid shift in routines and busyness. Sometimes, that is a welcome change; other times, it is fraught with anxiety and grief. Managing this transition is similar to how we manage any change in our lives and routines. Acceptance, grounding, and gratitude are keywords to help.


Resources to help you with the Change in Seasons:

Here are a few of the resources we share in this episode:

The Work by Byron Katie

Embracing Change with the Apple Tree Cycle podcast episode with Rita Reddy

Grounding Meditation

Infinite Universe Meditation

Creative Manifesting Workshop Meditation

Mini Retreats and our new sessions of Past-Life Healing, Multigenerational Healing, and Creative Manifesting Sessions (upcoming).


Acceptance and Gratitude ease Change

One of the biggest helps for us is simply acceptance of the changes each season brings. This includes changes in the seasons of our lives too! Taking a few moments to stop resisting the change before us and accepting that it is happening provides a big relief. so much energy can go into resisting a change!

Trying to control the outcome of the change and transition can wear us out. But the beautiful thing is that this extra energy all can come back to you in a moment of presence and grounding. Try our Grounding Meditation on Insight Timer to help you catch your breath.

Manage your Energy rather than your Time

The change of season invites reflection and going deeper into your spiritual work. This includes having a moment to review and revise your self-care routine to ensure you are recharging your energy throughout your day and week so you can keep up with your busy schedule.

Focus on routines that help your thrive. Even a few moments of self-care will help you manage the shift of routine. Reiki and meditation are wonderful because they give you a massive dose of energy in just a few minutes. Try our Self-Healing Meditation to give yourself a quick five-minute boost anytime of day.

Nature helps us to Heal

The grounding and rooting energy of the fall helps you plan and prepare. If brings you back to your root chakra and emphasizes what makes you feel safe and secure. Sometimes this energy also can bring up old mucky stuff and emotion. If this happens for you around this time of year, that’s okay. It’s perfectly normal to feel this way. Be very gentle and kind to yourself when you’re in any kind of transition.

Give yourself extra rest if you need it. Let go of things you no longer need, including any harmful, self-critical thoughts or patterns of worry. One helpful resource for this is the gentle questioning of your thoughts with The Work by Byron Katie. This is a journalling process that lets you become curious about what thoughts are helping you and which you can let drop, just like the leaves of fall.

The Magic of the In-Between

The middle point of a transition like the change in seasons, is also a prime time for manifesting. It’s like the normal rules loosen their grip on you for a few weeks and in the middle times, when things are neither here nor there, you have access to a towering energy field of pure potential energy.

If you find yourself in the in-between, you might really like two of our meditations, the Creative Manifesting Workshop Meditation and the Manifesting Miracles Meditation





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