Anger. It can be liberating, like a forest fire, burning down the old and unneeded. It can also be destructive. Emptying. A laying waste to the inner landscape. In its wake, we burn ourselves out and are left putting things in order.

It is not that anger is bad; it is just that it is often counter-productive.

The object of our anger, even a righteous cause, does not change productively just because we are angry. Long-term solutions have to be based on emotions that are less volatile than anger.

Anger is, by its nature, temporary. So anything created or changed out of anger would also inherit that same volatile and temporary nature.

Letting go of anger can be accomplished. It is really as simple as slowing down your breath. When we breathe slowly, we powerfully take control of our physiological state. Anger is a quick, excitable, flared-up state. We breathe shallowly, chaotically, or not at all.

Breathing slowly, into the count of seven and out to the count of seven, can erase anger from your system. Even if your anger increases momentarily, breathing slowly will allow it to be released safely. Keep breathing until the intensity eases.

Once the wave of anger is over, you can begin looking for solutions and possibilities that could bring lasting results. These possibilities were unavailable when you were angry, but now you can see them clearly.

Test it out. Run the experiment. Could something as simple as breathing in and out be the remedy to anger? Let me know in the comments below.

Other Anger-Calming Resources

You might also like to combine this breathwork with an affirmation practice to help you reframe your thoughts. The Anger Affirmation Ladder is helpful for gently acknowledging how you are feeling and beginning to create a calmer space in your mind.

The Releasing Anger Meditation is very helpful in giving you some meditation practice right in the middle of waves of anger and angst.

Also, check out my book, The Secret Art of Happiness: Change your Life with the Reiki Ideals! There is a whole chapter on anger there and many tips to move toward a more peaceful life.