Whew! Anger! It can be a tricky emotion to handle. Meditation often helps to soothe the fire of anger, but getting there when you are overwhelmed can be really difficult.

This guided meditation is specifically for times when you are angry or feeling resistance. It acknowledges and releases your feelings while helping you understand the deeper wisdom that is under the stormy surface. Using your breath is a fantastic tool for moving through anger, and this meditation will guide you in doing just that!

Test the meditation out by rating your anger level from zero to ten, ten being the most, before and after the meditation. You may still be angry after the meditation, and that is perfectly okay, but you will likely see a decrease in the intensity of your emotions. That drop in intensity, no matter how slight, gives you a chance to understand the true cause of your anger and allows you the space to determine the best next step. Anger tends to cause us to act impulsively. Taking a few moments of meditation will give you the space to make better choices even in the midst of anger.

Try it out, and let me know how it works for you!!


Releasing Anger Meditation

Listen here on our website. Or, if you love the Insight Timer App, this meditation is there!

Other Anger Calming Resources

You might also like to combine this meditation with an affirmation practice to help you reframe your thoughts. The Anger Affirmation Ladder is helpful for gently acknowledging how you are feeling and beginning to create a calmer space in your mind.

Also, check out my book, The Secret Art of Happiness: Change your Life with the Reiki Ideals! There is a whole chapter on anger there and many tips to move toward a more peaceful life.