I need help.

We all do. Every one of us. 

To get through this time (and the ones ahead, but let’s stay present!), we need to all learn how to ask for help.

In the old way, I used to struggle to ask for help. I love being self-sufficient. It’s something that I get a lot of satisfaction and pride out of. Learning to ask for help has always been part of my own self-healing journey.

In my work, I have always known that asking for help is the biggest step before healing can happen.

Once I learned that, I started to ask. And the benefits of asking for emotional support and my own Reiki sessions were enormous.

But if I’m totally honest with you now, there were somethings that were still hard to ask for. Like help spreading the word about my work, or delegating tasks that I need done to keep my business running.

We all have things that are easy to ask for help with and things that are the hardest. But in this new way we are creating in the world now, we have to ask for help.

And ask for help without shame or judgement.

There are so many things that are difficult right now and you may be struggling with – money, fear, loneliness, panic, overwhelm, boredom, anger, organizing your kids school-at-home, childcare, keeping a roof over your head and food on your table, toilet paper…

Asking for help is the new way. 

Just say “I need help.”

That’s it. And keep asking until you get help. There is no shame here anymore. We are all in this together.

The first person you ask may not be able to help you. So ask a second and a third. Keep going until you get connected to the person who has the ability to be generous.

OOooooh! Generous! That feels good, doesn’t it? It’s simply amazing to give.

And you know this. You are a kind and generous person. So just know, that when you ask for help, people who are generous and kind love it. It gives a sense of purpose, and that is something we all need right now.

But asking for help may be hard for the people who need it most.

In our old world, we all just struggled by on our own. But Mother Earth is asking us to go deeper and learn to help each other. Part of that is learning to say “I need help.” And part of that is asking, ” How can I help?

People will need to be asked if they need help. 

And you will probably have to ask them at least five times. Ask them in different ways and in different places. But ask.

Everyone has things/skills that they have a lot of. Like compassion, time, money, care, the ability to listen. Ask yourself, “What do I have a lot of?”, an overflow, and give from there. Generosity is giving from a place of true overflow.

If you don’t have a lot of money, then that is not your best service. Be frugal. But maybe you have a lot of compassion. How could you give that away?

Maybe you have a knack for organizing. How could you help people who are in overwhelm?

Maybe you know how to teach kids. How could you share that gift and talent?

Maybe you are creative and have a song in your heart, a book in your head, a movie in your soul. Could you share that please? Netflix is getting boring. We need that too.

Giving feels amazing. Asking how can I help and helping how you can, these are the two things we need to do to get through this.

In the new way, I’m asking for help.

And I’m learning to get comfortable asking.

I need help with getting the online meetings I’m hosting twice a week out to more people.

That is what I have a lot of, and how I can serve. I’m really good at helping people through their emotions and their energy. (And boy do we all have a lot of both!!) So please share the link lunaholistic.com with everyone who is sensitive, who needs help with the energy, and anybody with a big compassionate heart.

Are you great at social media? I’m not. Could you creatively share about the meetings or quotes that inspired you so people get the boost they need?

Everything we are hosting live is being posted on the LunaHolistic blog as well as on YouTube and PodBean. We’ll keep adding as we go and the meetings will continue twice weekly for the foreseeable future.

I will be emailing every day or so, for the time being, so please subscribe to our email list if you aren’t already and share and forward our emails. Many people are getting off of social media, so you may need to email, call or text them about things so they know.

(FYI I have a 20-minute timer for social media, for my sanity. so I may not see every post or comment. If you can moderate the feeds that would be amazing!)

At this point, I don’t need help with money, at least not for the next month or so. And for that, I’m so grateful.

But I do need to keep the income coming in, so if you got benefit from the work we offer here, please consider sharing the link to my book The Secret Art of Happiness, and the Angel Spacesuit, paid services and courses we have here at LunaHolistic.

(for now, we are still open. Though we are restricting class sizes and offering touch-free Reiki sessions in person)

Please check out our online services to book a distance session that can happen over zoom or the phone.

My intention is to keep the physical LunaHolistic location open as long as I can. And to do that I need your support to share the information and all the good stuff we do here to help people change their lives.

But more than that, this is my calling. It’s what I’ve been put here to do. I’m really good at helping people in this way and I so desperately want to reach as many people as I can. The need for Reiki, meditation, and grounding has never been greater.

You don’t know how much a simple share of our link or this post could help someone right now. I would be honoured and so grateful for that. It means the world.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Be well and ask for help.




Geneva Robins, M.Sc.

Reiki Master and Founder of LunaHolistic

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