Are you feeling anxious, overwhelmed, alone or isolated? Are you feeling unsure of what to do, where to turn, or what may come? Come take a breath with us.

This is a recording of our free online event, originally recorded on March 15, 2020, designed to bring our community of sensitive souls together and provide an opportunity to connect, meditate, and support one another.

You are a being of light. A genuine, compassionate, deeply loving soul. Any anxiety you may be feeling is a sign of how much you care.

At our event, you will be guided to ground any excess energy clouding your mind and heart, reconnecting you to the Earth and your strong, steady core of light.

When you are in that grounded and connected energy, you help others get there too. It’s a little ripple in the lightworker network, and that energy helps us all.

Convert nerves and overwhelm to empowered tiny actions! We will guide you to drop into the heart for some heart-storming (as opposed to brain-storming), to create soulful positive steps to bring more light to the world. It matters!


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Get to work lightworker!

When you are engaged in compassionate, soul-guided action, the fear melts away, and only good will spring forth.

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Transcript of the Call:

Lightworkers Online Gathering
Lightworkers Global Call to Action


Hosted by:  Geneva Robins, LunaHolistic

Facilitated by: Ayla Thomas

Podcast Air Date: Sunday, March 15, 2020


GENEVA ROBINS:  There we go! Welcome everybody!  Thank you for all of those who are joining live and for anybody who is joining later, welcome to this lightworkers global call to action.  

I am so very happy that you are here.  It’s really really important that we stay connected to each other through the miracle of technology, especially when we’re all being told to go into isolation, definitely we need to do that.  

I really want to create this so that we can join together as a global and virtual community and really light up the world with the work, and grounded awareness and knowledge that we all have individually within our hearts.   

Before we get into the material my name is Geneva Robins.  I’m a Reiki Master here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I’ve been doing Reiki for many years, teaching here.  

I was really called to put this group together because I noticed the energetic pitch changed very rapidly here for us in Calgary just on Thursday, was when everything hit here.   

The energy in the collective in the grocery stores and just on the street it just skyrocketed up. I’m a very sensitive person doing this energy work all day long.  Talking to people about their feelings and meditating and so I definitely felt this big whirlwind of energy around me Thursday.  

I feel another one pitch up again because we got news,  just before we started, here in Alberta the schools will close tomorrow which I think is a very wise precaution.  We were probably gonna keep our kid home anyway, honestly. There’d be no one there to teach.

Ooh! [spilled water bottle] I just blessed the ground with all this water.  Anyway so yes, Holy Water! Thanks, Ayla. That’s perfect!  

So yeah, we’re all dealing with this energy that’s around us.  Coping with something that is completely unfamiliar and all brand new.  That brings with it a whole wave of vulnerability and uncertainty.  

As sensitive people, as you all are.   If you’re here you’re sensitive. You probably feel, just before all of this happened, you probably felt people’s energies and emotions quite deeply anyway.  

Part of what I  teach is teaching people who are empaths and sensitive souls to stay in their energy bubble and stay grounded.  It is very important.  

I felt this energy pick up and almost whisk me away.  I knew that if I didn’t plug in and get grounded really soon I’d be just sort of tossed along with the collective energy which isn’t where we need to be.  We need to be even more grounded. Even more rooted than ever before.  

We all have this inherent skill to tap into the energy within the Earth.  To bring in the energy from the Divine. To flow it through our bodies and create a magnificent light bubble around us with our aura.   

When we do that we can stay basically in the eye of the storm.  So it can be swirling all around us but we’re stable and centred.  You just get in that centred space and you stay there.  

The reason we need to do this, and why I said that this is a Lightworker call-to-action, is because we really have to be that and anchor in that steady grounded connected energy even more than we were before.  Because those who can, must.  

We all have our role to play as this unfolds.  Not everybody is a doctor or a nurse so we can’t rush in to help there.  We need to stay where we are and help from where we are. Even if it seems small, it’s big.  

I’ve been trying to only get the news and information from the source so I’ve only been going to health websites, things like that.   Trying to stay out of the media. But somebody shared with me, maybe you folks have heard more about this.  

In Italy where they’re locked down every night they sing.  They sing. It’s things like that, that move me to tears. There’s such an energy of compassion and connection out there.  

Something so simple as just standing on your balcony and singing from your heart can connect people and make them feel not so alone.  

We really have to honour how each of us brings the light.  We do it all day, every day, all the time. It doesn’t have to be big.  You can activate that light within you in many many ways.  

First, before we get into action, we have to get grounded.   You always have to put on your own oxygen mask first. So, we have to plug into that ancient wisdom within the Earth and really clear everything.  The best way I know how to do that is through a meditation.  

Grounding is an energetic technique that helps you really connect into the ancient resources within Mother Earth.  That energy, Mother Earth has seen it all. She’s four billion-plus years old. That ancient energy is what we all need right now in order to stay steady, grounded and rooted.  

The first thing that happens for people when they get into fight-or-flight or panic, is they lose their ground.  There’s even a physical retraction of their feet from the ground. We just clench right up.  

The most important thing is to re-establish that energetic connection with the Earth below you.  

When you do that, it’s just a simple visualization.  Anybody can do it. When you do that, you activate this ancient energy within you, deep in your bones —  deep in your own knowing — that will give you the information to act from a calm, restful, rooted place.  That’s exactly what we need.  

People are hard-wired to entrain to the dominant energy, which is why there’s all of this rush to buy things and hoard.  It’s because people who are not grounded will just float along with the ocean of energy that’s out there.  

And so we need to stay rooted and anchored in that presence.  Grounding is the way that I know how to do that so that’s what I’ll share with you in a little bit.  

The other thing that we need that will help is meditation.  There’s lots of different kinds of meditations out there. We’ll do a couple tonight.  Really what meditation does is it immediately starts calming your nervous system and brings you out of fight-or-flight.  

If you’ve never meditated before, it’s very simple and keeping it simple is the most important thing.  Know that even if you still feel a lot and if your mind is still going a lot that it’s still doing something for you.  

There’s loads and loads of scientific information that has proven the benefits of meditation.  You can get that benefit in five minutes. Meditating is more about the frequency. We need to amp up our practice and get in that state as much as we can.  

So back to the two things!  There are two tricks to meditation that will tell your body that you are safe.  The first one [is] closing your eyes.  

Closing your eyes is something that’s hard to do when you’re scared.  When we’re afraid we go into lockdown fight-or-flight and our eyes are wide open all of the time.  

When you’re meditating, when you close your eyes you’re telling the base of your brain that you’re safe.  The survival part of us will want to take in as much information as possible.  

If you close your eyes you’re immediately calming your nervous system and sending a deep message of safety.  

Don’t do it while you’re driving!.  That’s the only thing.  

The other thing that you can do, so, back to closing your eyes.

The other thing that’s amazing about closing your eyes is that even if you have no control over anything else in your environment you always have control over that.  To just close your eyes for a few minutes.

The second thing is breathing slower.  So a really slow breath in, to a count of seven, and out to a count of seven.  

Our heart and our lungs work together as a team.  We can’t tell our heart rate to slow down but we can slow our breathing rate down.  

As soon as you slow your breathing everything starts to settle.  Your heart rate will naturally slow. When your heart rate is slow, your eyes are closed, you then can go into a deeper space within you.  

When you combine that with visualization techniques like grounding and bringing the energy in through your body and surrounding yourself with a bubble of light, which I’ll tell you how to do in a little bit.   

Those things together can help you feel like you are safe and grounded and protected.  It’s really amazing and it doesn’t take much time to start switching things [in] that direction.  

Really it’s about doing those things as often as you need to, to boost up that feeling of safety, and to disconnect with the overwhelm feelings and the panic.  

It means you can drop into your calm center and when you’re there that’s when you’re actually safest.  

When we’re panicking, we’re in danger.  

Be very careful when you’re driving or getting around in any way because many people are very distracted.  They’re thinking about all of the things. They’re not in their car. Wherever they are, their consciousness is not in their body.  

A lot of the things that I’m going to be guiding you through are really about getting you back in your body.  Back into your breath. Back into your bubble. So that you can receive the information and listen to a deep wisdom within you which will tell you what to do every step of the way.  

So that’s, that’s the first little bit and that’s kind of the plan over the next little while.

Ayla is here with me.  Ayla Thomas is a Reiki Master here in Calgary.  She is facilitating the chat and will be joining in, chiming in from time to time.  Say “Hi” Ayla.




GR: Hi.  How are you feeling?  How are you doing?


AT: I’m feeling a little bit more grounded just sitting here listening to you if I’m being honest.


GR: That’s great! I’m so glad!  I’m so glad! We all need it.  There’s such a big reason to join together in community because it’s hard individually to get there.  Collectively we can hold such big space for each other and for everyone else because we’re all powerful Lightworkers.

Hi Kelsey! Hi everybody! 

Yes, as soon as we drop in it’s easier here.  It’s easier for me and I do this all day long.   

We can hold this collective space so that we can get grounded and clear.  Then mindfully go into the world and follow what’s deep in our hearts and souls from where you are, how can you help.  

Sometimes how you can help is helping yourself.  Sometimes it’s helping others. Your soul knows what to do.

Thank you, Ayla, for joining me.  Thank you for facilitating. That’s amazing, amazing, amazing!  


AT: Thank you I’m happy to be here!


GR: Did you have anything to add about grounding because you are also a yoga teacher as well and a life coach.  Did you want to add anything, from maybe a yoga perspective, that might help people get in their bodies and move with their breath. 


AT: I feel like something that I should obviously be doing as well, is doing Tadasana or Mountain Pose.  

It’s literally standing there with your feet plugged into the ground and feeling all four corners of your feet connecting with the Earth.  

Then you start to kind of notice that from the ground up, allowing your spine to align, allowing yourself to be nice and tall.  

If you’re seated you can still do this.  Put your feet on the floor, imagine that whole connection between the feet and the crown of your head and breathe into the body.  No matter where you are if you do that it feels a little bit grounding.  

I should clearly be doing that all day every day right now.  Even thinking about it I’m like, “Ooh that’s nice.”


GR: Yes and it was nice for me to listen to you as well so thank you for that.  I just felt the energy move down my body like honey. It was great. That is fantastic and really, really great.  That’s something that you can do anywhere.  

The biggest thing is that when there’s such a big collective energy happening we need even more grounding than we think.  Whatever you think you need for grounding, triple it.  

We’re in a strong wind and just like trees that survive the hurricane, you have to get deep roots, way deep, down, down, down into the Earth.  

That’s the first step, so what we’ll do is we’re going to do that grounding meditation right now.  It’s very easy. It’s a guided one from my book, The Secret Art of Happiness.  

I just share this because this is a convenient resource that I’ve already made that you can access if you don’t already have a copy.  There’s a grounding meditation and a whole chapter on grounding in here.  

I will be making the Grounding meditations available on the website very soon so that you can just listen to it as often as you need to.  As we go through, there’s a whole bunch of content that I have ready to share so as much as I can I will be posting that for you.  


Let’s do this part first.   


You can just get settled.   Bringing your feet to the floor.  Just very gently, as you listen to my voice, gently close your eyes.  

Let your breath relax.   Place your feet flat on the floor and bring your spine up straight.  Gently become aware of the energy of the Earth just below your feet.  

Just below the base of your spine.  Notice the vast expanse of energy available to you now.  This energy is wise, dependable and nurturing. Feel the charge and character of this Earth energy now.  

Now become aware of the energy within your body.   Observe the difference or similarity between your energy and the Earth’s energy.  

Just notice this gently, easily and with great kindness.  

Now easily with your breath allow the energy of your body and the energy of the Earth to balance out.  Let the energy reach its own stable resting point, your natural equilibrium.  

Allow the charges in your body and in the Earth to harmonize just easily and gently with your breath.  Notice how your breath helps the energy flow.  

Notice the support, the love, the comfort that is available to you now.  There is no need to push or pull the energy here. Just step aside and let it flow.  

Allow the Earth energy to rise up your body right to your crown.  Allow any unwanted energy or tension to flow off right through your feet.  

Let the nurturing presence of Mother Earth be with you now.  Surrender all barriers and blockages to her magnificent love.  You are so loved. Feel it now. Rest here for a moment. 

When you’re ready, wiggle your fingers and your toes.  Give yourself a big hug. Then bring your hands down your legs, all the way, just bringing that energy down.  

Then you can bring your hands facing your body towards your aura and just smoothing off that energy field around your body.  Smoothing and letting all of the energy around you be nice and clear and even and smooth.  

Then give the edges of that electromagnetic field, your auric field, a little pat to seal in the healing.  When you’re ready you can open your eyes.  


Aah!  Great!  That’s grounding in a nutshell.  I’m fascinated to hear what you’ve experienced.  Please do type, type into the chat. What happened for you and how you’re feeling now. 

The chat, if you’re not sure, is just below this if you’re joining live.  If you’re joining later you can send us messages. I’d love to hear what you have to say.

Lori says, “Beautiful meditation.”  

Thank you so much Lori.  

“Beautiful feeling warm and fluid from Allison.  

Sheryl, “My energy immediately settled and balanced.  I feel so much calmer.”  

Oh, that’s wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.  

“Thank you so much.  Feeling much better. Calmer even if thoughts were ruminating. It calmed.”

Thank you Marcela.  That’s wonderful and that’s so great.

Oh Kelsey, “Grandmother Earth so calm and stable.” 

Anita, “Just what I needed.  I have a smile on my face now.”

Ralitza, “The Earth is so benevolent.”

Yes, she sure is so patient with us [humans].  Thank you everybody. 

Ayla how are you?


AT: I’m feeling good. I definitely felt the energy start to drop down. As soon as I closed my eyes I was like, “Yes, this is exactly where I want to be.”


GR: Yeah it’s so needed you know.  Just for a moment to just drop into that and really come back to that.  Coming back to the breath as often as you think about it. That grounding is part of our energetic hygiene.  

We are all, hopefully, washing our hands with soap and water.  Trying not to touch our faces. Doing all of the things to increase our immunity, to boost up, you know eating healthy and all of those things as much as possible.  

We also need energetic and emotional hygiene which is staying in your own energy container and connecting in.  But it’s really, really, important to know that being separate doesn’t need to be disconnected.  

What we do when we ground is immediately form this connection with something that is lasting, stable and there for us all of the time.  We are never outside of the Earth’s mighty hug.  

We’re always within the force of gravity. Even the people on the International Space Station are within Earth’s embrace.   

We have that available to us all of the time.  There’s nothing too, heavy too, toxic too, painful for the Earth to handle.  She’s seen it all and she can take it all.  

That’s actually that Earth energy role is to take all of the refuse and break it down, turn it into fertilizer so there’s new growth. That’s what the Earth is best at.  

So you just allow her to do her job.  That allows us to plugin and, and be in that steady place even if everything around us is swirling.  

Dawn says, “A mindful vacation.” Thank you

Anne-lis, “Feeling balanced and calm.”  

That’s wonderful. Yay, Thank you, everybody.  

Let me just check my notes. Oh yeah! ‘Take questions’.

Does anybody have anything they’d like to share?  Anything they have questions about or anything like that.  You are more than welcome to type that into the chat.  

One of the things that I’ve been really feeling is that we are all being invited into this very Yin, very feminine place of Being.  Where we actually cannot do anything, we have to Be.  

Dropping into that Beingness of our nature is super, super important.   It’s something that we need all of the time but we’re really being called, as not just a community here, but as a collective community worldwide, to drop into this Being space. 

It’s not about what we’re going to do, it’s about how we are going to Be and how we are going to live.  We’re really being called forward to stand in the Light and bring in the Light and be in that armour of light, our aura, so that we can do what is needed to be done.  

Because there’s going to be so much from this.  This is a world-changing event. It’s not about things getting back to normal it’s about finding a new normal.  

I believe that all of us heart-centred, compassionate folks (and guess what, if you’re watching this you are one of us).  So welcome. You are a lightworker. You care deeply about others. You are probably very sensitive to energy. Thank you for being here and being that.  

What’s so beautiful about all of this, I always tell people in my Reiki classes, that all healing is self-healing.  That the work that you do to heal your own wounds, to move beyond what pain you have inside, that work benefits everybody.  

When you are calm you create this ripple of calm around you.  You don’t even have to leave your house for it to have an effect, it’s got a wide ripple.  

That’s exactly what everybody needs right now and not everybody knows how to find it.  Now that you know, you can, as much as possible, with gentleness, come back to that grounding breath and really, really plug in.  

The work we do, as sharing that compassionate light in the world, it really can’t be understated.  Something so simple as helping out a neighbour. As just sending a message to somebody who might be isolated or calling our elders.  

Calling people who are maybe not as well versed in technology and it might be feeling alone and scared.  All of those things are sort of our call to action.  

But what to do and when?  

The best thing is to connect in through the deep wisdom inside our soul and our heart.  That’s way easier to do when you’ve been grounded.  

The first step, ground.  

The second step is to bring your awareness to the ancient knowledge that lives inside you.  That inside you, in your soul, in your heart, is a deep reservoir of wisdom.  

And you know.  You know deep inside what needs to be done, what your heart is calling you to do.  

That energy is so steady.  It’s ancient and timeless just like the Earth.  Just like the Universe. That energy is the energy that needs to be brought forward and has to guide us now.  

Because everything else is so uncertain, the mind cannot figure this out.  

The mind is a great computer, here for us to process information.  But the mind is a servant to our heart’s wisdom, always.  

A big part of it is to switch the priority.  Instead of asking our mind to decide what to do, which it can’t because it’s all question marks up here.  We don’t know, but the heart does. Our souls do.  

When we tap into that we get such clear guided information.  It might be something as simple as ‘take a sip of water’. Just take a sip of water.  Just ‘stand still for a moment and close your eyes’.  

It could be, ‘reach out to somebody’.  It could be, ‘form a webinar’. ‘Create a group.’ 

That was what my heart told me Thursday night.  I couldn’t sleep until I did it. And it was such a deep call.  The more I tried to ground and use all of my tools and all the Reiki, the energy just got bigger and bigger and bigger.  It bust through the little girl part of me that wanted to stay hidden and I just did it.  

It doesn’t have to be that bold or big, it really can be as simple as singing on your balcony.  

Ah! That just gets me every single time, compassion, just wells me up!  

That compassionate energy is huge, really just huge.  That’s really what happens when we tap into our heart, we gain that inner awareness.  

We cultivate that deep wise knowing within us and it’s the wisdom that has to guide us now.  We don’t know from our brains. There’s too much of all of the other steps.  

Dropping into the heart space and letting that wisdom guide your next steps is super important.   

Then the other thing that’s really key right now is to have a strong aura.   

Your aura is your electromagnetic field that surrounds your body.  That helps give you this nice bubble from everything else that’s happening.  It’s not in an isolating way.  

It helps keep you centred and calm within your own grounded state so that you can be in your bubble.  It actually helps, it drives connection because if you’re in your bubble you can help.  

If you’re not in your bubble, if your energy is dispersed everywhere and your energy is within everyone else’s energy, that’s when you get swept along and it gives you less ability to take mindful, calm action.  

So really being in that suit of light all of the time, as often as you think of it.  


Those things really do help you stay in that calm mindful place and start tapping into that wisdom deep inside which is really this call to purpose.  

That when, each of us, deep inside of us, have a special gift.  That we have something that we are best at.  

So if you are good at organizing.  If you are good at managing finances.  If you are good at helping people and being a compassionate ear.  Or if you have an energy healing modality or technique like Reiki, or something similar or any other thing that you can use to help support people.  

Even if it’s just to reach out to maybe the people on your email list to send a message of support and a message of calm.  It is gonna go a really, really long way. That’s really this Lightworker call to action.  

That each of us have a big compassionate heart and energy.  I see that rippling out to everyone around the world. That is partly our energy, holding space energetically for what is happening right now, for all of the big, big energy that is there.   

Part of it is with these mindful heart-centred actions.  It can be really small because when you’re in that deep heart filled energy, it is, you don’t have to do a lot of action.  

It can be really tiny but it creates a really big ripple because the underlying energy is the energy of the Universe.  That carries it a long, long way.  

You may never see exactly where those ripples extend but believe me I know they matter.  I know they matter, they matter.  

They’ve always mattered.  Now more than ever it’s so important to drop into that space.  To come from that space and anchor that [energy] in. As soon as you know how to do that, you must do that.  You must. It’s a responsibility.  

There you go, a little download.

Ayla, how are you?  Whatcha thinkin?


AT: I was having a conversation with a friend today about raising vibrations.  How by meditating and showing up for ourselves and raising our own vibration we’re raising the collective vibration and how good that would probably be for the world.  

While you were talking I was also thinking about that quote by Ram Dass.  I think you taught it to me when I was taking my Reiki training. ‘It’s the most awakened person in the room job to stay awake’, or something along those lines.  You probably know what I’m talking about.


GR: I don’t remember the exact quote.  If anybody does remember the exact quote that’s super, super great.  

Ram Dass, if you don’t know who he is or was, he was a spiritual teacher.  One of the best teachers of mindful presence that I’ve ever seen. Really, pretty much a living saint.  Such a beautiful person. He’s got a lot of YouTube videos.  

He wrote the book Be Here Now in the ’60s and many others.  He talks a lot about how important being anchored in the present is.  So so important.

Yeah.  Kelsey, “… and responsibility is simply the ability to respond. Just for those who get a little prickly, like me, about that word.”  

Yeah, that’s beautiful.  

Yeah, it is the ability to respond.  It is the ability to respond. And it’s going to change, what you need to do in any given moment, is going to change moment by moment because things are happening rapidly.  

Perhaps your heart says, like mine did last night, ‘go eat soup’.  I was told, “Don’t do any more work. Don’t send any more messages.  Don’t do anything, just go eat soup.” And so, soup I ate!  

That is important because self-care comes in lots of different forms. Helping comes in lots of different forms.  Always coming from that grounded anchored energy first. Wait good and long until you’re really in that energy.  

Don’t worry if you’re not there right away or that you don’t feel there right after.  There’s going to be a first and second and third and fourth and fifth wave of people [who can help].  

You might just be preparing and resting for [wave] number seven down the line.  However many months from now is when it will be your turn to rise and do your thing whatever that ends up being.  

If you’re guided to rest, completely trust that that is exactly what you are meant to be doing.  If you feel like you just need to sleep, sleep because who knows what you’re preparing for. Right?  

Really really tap into that.   Trust, trust what your heart is saying because that is absolutely where we all need to be and that’s the space.   

Sheryl, “I’ve gotten those messages.  And I was told I need Black Moonstone so now I have one.”

That’s fantastic.  So much easier when I’m just repeating what your guides have already told you.  Excellent! Black Moonstone, oh so pretty.  

Yes, using all of our spiritual tools and resources from whatever spiritual tradition, faith or background you are in. Whatever supportive nurturing practices you already have, use those.  Plus this and anything else you find that’s going to anchor you into that deep sense of presence. That’s really what this is all about. 

Ayla, do you have anything to add?  Would anybody like to add anything?  


AT: No, I feel like you said that great. I’m good on that.


GR: What we’ll do next is a meditation that I’m tentatively calling the Empowered Energetic Immunity Healing Meditation.  Yeah. I think it works!

It’s a meditation but it’s also healing visualization.  I love it and it really can help tap you in to even a deeper grounded state and will also help really really clear the energy around you.  

We’re kind of bombarded from lots of different fronts.  All of that energy goes onto our energy field. You know the first steps are to get clear with grounding and your breath, tapping into your heart.  

And next, is to clear your energy field.  When your energy field is clear then it’s much much easier to just move and breathe and live in the space.   All of these tools, no matter what happens, they’re great for anything, not just dealing with this crisis.  

But you know, we had all of the things in our lives, before this moment, happening.  Some of them may have fallen off the table and they’ve become small potatoes. They aren’t concerns anymore because this is taking precedence.  

But maybe some of the other ones have really ramped up and that’s okay.  It’s all where we’re at. Wherever you’re at, these tools will help you.  


We can go into another meditation.   Then after that, we’ll create a little tiny mindful empowered action step.  It’s a lot easier once you tap in first though.  


Just take a few deep breaths.  Gently relaxing. Gently closing your eyes.  Just letting any of that static charge be gently released by a sigh of relief.  Just knowing there’s a strong guiding presence here with us all.  

Deep down in the core of everything, there is a steadiness and a flow.  A deep inherent wisdom within the planet gently guiding us and nourishing us.  Supporting us in any way imaginable.  

Just letting everything heavy melt into the tender arms of Mother Earth.  She is prepared to receive it all. There is nothing too big. There is nothing too painful.  There is nothing too overwhelming that she cannot help us with.  

Letting that strong and nourishing guidance flow.  Feeling that ancient rhythm of energy. Knowing that rhythm within the Earth, that slow and deep cycle of nature lives within you.  

You can feel it in your bones.  You can feel it in your heart. You know this to be true.  

Take another deep sigh of relief letting everything melt off your shoulders placing temporarily everything outside of your bubble.  Just allowing this space and time to be within the stillness inside of you.  

Letting anything that isn’t connected to your purpose in this lifetime go.  Allowing your soul to decide what to keep and what to stay. Knowing that this is a process that happens deep inside of you.  

A knowingness in your heart.  Allowing the mind and all of its thoughts to step into service of your heart and your soul.  Your heart is in charge and it knows what to do. Your heart is in presence and full expansion of your spirit and your being in this moment. 

 This beautiful and precious moment.  With all of its grace and gifts, it’s yours.  A beautiful violet light is descending to touch your crown.  

Welcome in the light.  Allow it to fill your crown and third-eye.  Your throat. Through your shoulders. Down the arms and hands.  

Moving in through the heart.  The solar plexus. Within your belly gathering all of your solar plexus energy keeping it inside you.  

Bring it to the sacral, the lower belly.  The root at the base of your spine and all the way down your legs to the bottoms of the feet.  All the way to the center of the Earth. Completely connected and rooted.  

Take a few soft breaths into whatever you’re feeling.  Know that all of your feelings are okay. Giving them space to be felt fully.  Breathing deeply into the sensations of it.  

Noticing how they naturally shift and move.  Very gently, one by one being led into the light.  Into the light and grace of your soul. Begin taking soft breaths into your energy field.   

Noticing what’s there.  Noticing with kindness and compassion.  Allowing anything in your energy field that isn’t yours to dissolve.  Letting it go to the highest light.  

Knowing that there is an immense kind and loving presence within the Universe looking out for all of us. Surrender everything that is beyond your control to the light.  

Allowing your aura, your energy field to be swept clean and clear by your guides and angels, your immense divine team.  Around the edges of your aura, your bubble of light, imagine a beautiful rainbow.  

First with red closest to your body, a beautiful ruby colour.  Then orange, bright and vibrant, on the outside of that red.  

Beyond the orange, yellow.  Clear and calm.  

Beyond the yellow a deep beautiful green. 

Beyond the green a cool and soothing blue.  

Beyond the blue a serene indigo. 

And beyond the indigo a beautiful protective violet.  All the way around the edges of your aura a beautiful purple colour like amethyst.  

Totally smooth and clear, head to toe, all the way around you.  

Knowing that this field is maintained by the Angels and your team.  With a strong intention from Mother Earth and the Universe itself. Guided and protected by all the beings of the Light.  

They will maintain this for you even if your mind wanders attending to other details of life.  This energy field will stay there.  

Now gently bringing awareness back into the body.  Gently wiggling your fingers and your toes. 

You can bring the energy back down your legs connecting it back into the Earth below you.  Just moving your hands down your legs.  

Then bring your hands facing your body, just smoothing off that energy field around your body.  Making sure it’s nice and clear.  

Just giving the edges of it a nice little pat to seal in the healing.  Knowing that it will continue for you for as long as you need it.  

When you’re ready you can open your eyes.


Welcome back, everybody. 

I would absolutely love to hear what you experienced.  I’m new to this technology thing. I think there’s a way that you can raise your hand if you’d like to share what you experienced.  

I won’t be able to take everybody.  But if you have a headset and you’re sort of plugged into your device and you would like to share what you experienced, we’d love to hear from you. 

Or you can type it into the chat.  Should be one of those buttons at the bottom of the screen.  Tap around until you find something.  

Ayla, how did that go for you?  What did you experience?


 AT: Oh thank you!  That was so lovely.  I feel like the energy in my apartment just calmed down.  It was great. When you got to the part about seeing your aura, or something, I forgot what you were saying.  

I felt like there were literally people all around my aura. I was suffocated by them.  I was like, “wow no wonder I feel this way.’  

It started to sort of dissipate and then I felt my aura sort of expanding outwards.  And I was like, “oh yeah, that’s spacious. That’s how that’s supposed to feel.  

This is important.  I feel so much more calm and grounded.  My heart feels really expanded. I feel really empowered at the moment, too.  I feel like I could do all the things. 


GR: Oh that’s so great!  Oh so great. That’s so great.  Thank you.

So Anita, “very calming and very powerful.”


GR: Oh that’s fantastic.

Lexie, “I imagined that I was an old-growth forest on a bed of moss.  I felt the calm energy of Mother Earth and my whole body started to tingle.”

Ah, that sounds amazing! 

Allison, “Mmm so good.  Lots of cosmic shifting and flow in my body felt expansive yet in my safe container feeling solid.” 

Ah yes!  That’s wonderful.  That’s wonderful.  

Dawn, “Even with my kids in the background I was able to calm out my nerves and really ground myself.  I saw myself connecting with my kids within my aura. My husband was harder to keep in my close aura however, strange.  But my kids are very little, maybe that’s why.”

Yes, it’s best that everybody have their own bubble.  We meet together but separate. There’s a reason that your husband is outside your bubble is because that’s where he needs to be for everybody to be able to ground easily. 

Little kids especially – they tend to be in our bubbles because that’s a survival thing.  Then as they get older they start moving out.  

They move out of your energetic bubble before they move out of your house.   So we can be really close together but everybody has their own bubble. That energy is energy so it will just shift and move but it’s always there.  That will help us all.  

Everybody has their own grounding cord and divine energy channel.  Everybody has their own aura.  

When we’re all in our own bubbles that’s when we can actually communicate the best because then it’s like, “is that my feeling or you’re feeling.”  That’s something that might help you.

Ralitza, “There was a lot of heavy dark sludge sticking to my energy field.  It was good to have a visual for what I’ve been feeling. Even better to shift it away.”

Amazing.  Anita, “I feel like I’ve gone somewhere else.  Is there still chaos going on in the world?”  

Exactly!  That’s what being in the bubbles all about.  Your like, “problem, what problem?  

Oh Kelty’s hand is up. Let’s see if I can figure that out.

Hello Kelty.


KELTY: I came in a little bit late on that but I had experienced it yesterday and I wanted to share what that felt like.  

I’ve been experiencing so much of the heaviness that I think we’re all feeling out there.  When it went through this meditation it was just so incredibly expansive.  

I felt like my aura was enormously expanding.  And really even just beyond. I think I was sharing with you, even beyond this base.  Then it even felt like it was connecting in this beautiful web with other people that were expanding beyond that space.  

And it just helped to ground me.  Helped to make me feel like I was so much a part of something much bigger than myself.  So it was exceptionally empowering. 


GR: That’s amazing!  That’s amazing! Thank you for that.  I love that image of this sort of activated web or light.   Of all these interconnected dots.  




GR: That just resonates so deeply within me.  You gave words to something that I was sort of feeling.  That we’re able to connect in with each other.  

We each activate these little sparks of light and then we create this beautiful web around the planet.  That sort of energy.  

I had that today as well in a Reiki session that I got to receive, which was fantastic!  Was this feeling of holding hands with each other. This sort of massive, we’re in this together.   

Every single person in the world is in it with us.  There’s not one person in the world that isn’t affected in some way by this.  Or will be soon if they’re not already.  

This feeling of being energetically and digitally connected with each other.  That’s the kind of energy that is really creating this structure within the chaos.   

That’s the framework that everything is going to be built around.  And that’s very powerful energy indeed. Thank you so much for sharing your experience Kelty, that’s so lovely.  I really appreciate you chiming in.


KELTY: Thank you.


GR: Thank you so much. Thank you, everybody.

Now that you’re [all] in this nice connected bubble of energy, perhaps you have this space within your heart of dropping into that deep knowing.  

Now that you’re connected.   Now that you’re surrounded and in the light.  Deep inside your heart, there, in your soul are instructions for what you must do next.  

If you tune into that energy just briefly inside you.  That light in your heart and wisdom and guidance.  

There’s perhaps an inspiration there.  

Something that may be small, may be big.  May be something that has inspired you maybe.  Just moved you to, to connect with somebody or help in some way.   

Or maybe just take care of your own needs because that’s also really important.  

Connecting and cuddling your kiddos and helping them through this to manage the next little while.  Many people, their kids are not in school. Maybe cultivating ideas for how we are going to stay in that sort of present space with each other.  How you’re going to be.  

It can be really small.  It can be watching funny movies with your family, that’s important.  It could be reaching out to your community if you already have a platform of people that you connect with.  How could you bring this calm and connected feeling to your group or your community?  

Whichever way it is, even if it’s just sending a little message.  Even any of, any of those things.  

I have a question from Dawn.  Thank you for asking. 

“I  have a young family aged three months to four.  Three kids. I’m newer to Reiki and accepting the light around me and with the chaos outside my family, I feel that I’m more disconnecting from the outside.  Is this okay? I feel guilty almost.”

That is 100% okay.  When you have little ones the priority always goes to them especially when you have infants.  

I love what my grandma told me when I had my son.  She says, “Well you have a new boss.” So you have three bosses!  

It’s really important that you really listen to your own needs.  The best way you can serve right now is to take care of yourself.  Take care of your little ones and that’s enough. And that’s a lot.  

It’s totally okay to… you don’t need to go outside of your family.  You don’t need to go outside your door. You don’t need to do anything big or grandiose.  

It’s really about tuning into your heart and what you’re listening to.  What your heart says. If your heart says stay home cuddle with your little ones [then stay home].  Make sure they’re fed and they’ve got their naps and everything like that.  

That is going to be the most important work for you.  Then if you get guided to anything else then that’s great too.  But it’s really important to not discount any of those actions that we’re taking from our heart space.  

It’s really leading from that wisdom inside your heart.  When your heart says rest, you rest. When your heart says act,  you act. And that’s it.  

That is what is going to keep you out of worry and overwhelm because the mind doesn’t know.  As soon as you drop into that soulful space everything gets clear.  

I hope that helped.  Thank you for asking.  That’s really important. 

That’s part of it, when you’re a kind and helpful person, we can easily get overloaded.  We just all need to do our little tiny part.  

I don’t need to do it all.  If I just do something, ten minutes, then if everybody is doing something ten minutes long that all adds up.  

It can be really tiny and really subtle. Most of the time we don’t even realize the ripple we’re having.  

If all you did was ground and anchor in the light, that is enough.  That can be your action. That’s my take on that.

I’m curious, what your heartful action is?  What your heart and soul is calling you to do.  If you’d like to type into the chat, I would love to hear what you’ve got,  If you don’t have anything that’s also okay. The main thing is to tune in.

Aw, Lori, “Thank you so much for sharing all this.  You’re a beacon of light and thank you for sharing this with all of us.”  Thank you.

I’m curious Ayla, did anything pop up for you when you tuned in to your heart about what your next teeny tiny little step is?  


AT: I got a couple of big steps during that one.  I feel like the next little one was to just be present.


GR: Ah yeah.


AT: Right. Just be.


GR: That is the biggest step.  That’s not the little step that’s the big one.  


AT: That’s actually probably the hardest one.  


GR: Oh hard so hard.  Really, it’s the most challenging thing.  We really want to make sure we’re present before we act.  To take the time that it takes.  

It’s okay if it’s going to take a little bit more time to adjust.  There’s lots of things sort of coming at us fast and furious. Adjusting work schedules and all of those sorts of things.  Being mindful and being present is a big one. Then anything after that is great. 

Aw that’s so great Allison, “Reach out to a friend and invite him to Geneva’s next session.”

“Be present.” from Marcela.

You’re gonna pass this on, Dawn.  

A big heart from Kayla.  

Kelty, “I can hold space for those around me.  It’s my Italian song.”  

Oh, those Italians singing! I can’t…  

I heard also that today at noon they clapped for ten minutes or something like that for all of the health workers keeping everybody healthy, healthy and safe in Italy.  That gets me.  

You think of, you know how small an action it was for just somebody to sit, who knows how it started.  It wasn’t organized by the brain, it was organized by the heart.  

Somebody sat out there on their balcony and their heart said “sing”.  And so they sang. Other people joined them not because they were told to but because their hearts needed to sing, too.  

We all need to sing, in our own way, whatever way that is.  If we’re touched by that story you know how powerful those simple things can be.  It can really help us, everywhere, to move through all of this and where it’s gonna go.  So great.  

Kelsey, “Now I want to know the song the Italians were singing so we can sing it here.”


GR: Yes, exactly.  Well, I don’t know what the Italians were singing but I know that feeling of the song and it’s really singing whatever your heart says to sing. Or researching the Italian song because that’s pretty great too.  

I don’t think I’m in a place where I can listen to that and not fall completely apart, so I haven’t listened to it yet.  

Speaking of songs.  Today what I heard when I was receiving this massive Reiki session for myself from one of my team [members] is I heard the song, “Rise Up!  Rise Up! Rise up to the power!” 

I don’t know the rest of the words.  It’s some 80’s song. I haven’t even had a chance to Google it to find out what it is.  If somebody knows that song, can you tell me who sings it? But anyway, it’s because I grew up in the ’80s. 

But I love that idea that we really need to dig deep and rise up in whatever way that is.  Maybe watch Captain Marvel where she rises up and she’s the super-strong, light-being that is all full of power and energy.  I love those kinds of movies.   

Parachute Club!?! Maybe!  

We all are really really strong and we’re strong together.  We’re strong together. Even though we are separated physically, we really need these ways of connecting with each other.  It matters and it has a big, big, big ripple.  


“Thank you so much for reconnecting me to this reservoir of love and light.  I definitely feel a renewed strength to action. No clarity on what that means except, as you say, to be in that space and let it ripple.  So thank you. I knew I missed you but it appears it was a lot.”

Aw! Thank you, so beautiful.  I love all of that information it’s pretty beautiful.  So really listening in to what your heart has to say. That is the biggest call to action we can really do and know that that’s enough.  

We’re being asked worldwide to step into being and be in that beingness of our hearts.  And when we’re in that it’s so important. It’s so important. So really, it’s fantastic. It’s fantastic.

Do you have anything to add, Ayla? 


AT: I don’t think so.  I feel like the conversation has been so great. You’ve covered so much. I love it!


GR: I love it too!  So the next step for me is to attend to my self-care, that’s what I’m going to be doing in the next little bit.  

I will be putting this up as a YouTube link.  Please feel free to share it with anybody who you feel could benefit from this.  We will be hosting more of these as our time and schedule allows.  

I will be posting everything to the LunaHolistic blog.  Once they’re up, as podcasts and as videos, so feel free to share all of those things.  

Future events will all be on the front page of  Right on the very top there’s a section that says, “Get to Work Lightworker.” As we keep on going we’ll be adding that in.  

The other thing that is on my list of Things To Do, is to create a daily email list so you can always sign up.  Right now I have the emails going through the email list.  

On the main page of LunaHolistic, if you scroll down there’s a sign up for our newsletter link.  You can put that in there and you can get a free self-healing meditation that you can download.  

Use that.  Share that.  Whatever you need.  That’s one of the places that I will be sharing updates and things like that.  

I’m hoping, in the next little while, to create a daily call-to-action email which will give you a meditation or a focus or just a reminder of a little beam of love.  Something like that which will just sort of drift into your email box every day as everything unfolds. I have to set that up yet. Links to follow. Just check the resources page on for all of that stuff.  

We’re trying to sort of rapidly respond to everything and get all of the resources that you need up there.  There’s a ton of material and information that I’ve kind of got stored in my back pocketses and I will make that as readily available as I can, as quickly as we can.  

That’s sort of my action plan but self-care first.  Maybe a nice bath and a good ol’ cry in the tub. The power of tears to wash everything clean.  

I’m curious, I’d love to, while everybody’s still on the line, before we sign off for the evening.  I’m really curious about what would be meaningful for you as far as the frequency of these live get-togethers?  

How often do you feel like you need this?  Or the members of your community, how often would they need this?  I was sort of thinking of hosting another one midweek and maybe another one on that upcoming weekend.  

Just sort of wherever I can fit it in the schedule.  I can have an assistant like Ayla join me because I need help.  I need somebody to hold my hand.  

Great, Allison, “Yes, I was thinking twice a week.”  Okay perfect. I was kind of thinking that, too. I felt a lot of urgency to get this up and rolling.  I’m totally happy twice a week.

Ayla, what are your thoughts?


AT: I feel like a good twice a week would be fantastic also.


GR: Yeah, once or twice a week. I was thinking I’d probably bunch them up you know right now.  Then as things unfold will sort of spread them out or, or have more. It just depends on what the future brings.  

The other thing is that I’ve been really guided to stay right where my feet are.  I love that you brought up that Mountain Pose because it’s really important.

Yes, twice a week, Natasha says, would be great.  “Much needed with working in one of the hospitals.  Thank you.”  

And thank you.  Can we just give a little virtual round of applause and the safest cyber hug ever, to all of those people who are in the front lines of this thing?  

Oh man! Do we love and appreciate you!  I absolutely adore all of the work that you are doing to keep everybody healthy and safe.  Including all of the first responders, all of the people in multiple levels of our system to keep everything rolling.   

Getting people the right information at the right time.  That’s impressive and amazing! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you.  And keep on keepin on.   

I think that’s good.  I think we can close it out from there.  Thank you, everybody.  

This is the world’s safest hug right now. You don’t have to be hugged by me, but if you want to hug me, I like it!


AT: I’m hugging!


GR:  Wonderful.  Thank you, everybody, who was able to attend live.  Thank you if you’re listening to this later.  

Please share this if you got any benefit from it.  Check back on the site as we’re going to be posting more things like this as we go on.  Roll out whatever resources we have to help people stay in that connected calm space.  

It’s really open to anybody.  Anybody who has a heart and a compassionate soul is welcome to join.  We have Beings of Light in every sector in the whole world.  

Wherever you are is exactly where the Universe has put you exactly for this moment in time.  Where you are, where you’re working, where you are in the world and your family is no accident.  

So just ground and trust that you’ve been placed there strategically.  Whatever industry you’re in just stay steady. Anchor the light. Use these tools throughout the day.  

I’ll be sharing everything as we go.  

So thank you, everybody.  Big hugs all around and we will see you soon.  Stay safe and healthy and wash your hands!  

Bye, everyone.