Everything is different now. Worldwide. How do we get through this? The answer is in your heart – in your soul. Together we can find a new way and create solutions on a personal level and at a much larger scale.

Learn how to help others from a basis of positive intent, “it is not the action, it is the energy behind the action”.

This is a recording of our free online event, originally aired on March 19, 2020, designed to bring our community of sensitive souls together and provide an opportunity to connect, meditate, and support one another.

You are a being of light. A genuine, compassionate, deeply loving soul. Any distress you may be feeling is a sign of how much you care.

At our event, you will be guided to ground any excess energy clouding your mind and heart, reconnecting you to the Earth and your strong, steady core of light.

When you are in that grounded and connected energy you help others get there too. It’s a little ripple in the lightworker network, and that energy helps us all.


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Lightworkers Global Call to Action

Finding a New Rhythm in Uncertain Times

Hosted by:  Geneva Robins


Facilitated by: Ayla Thomas

Kayla Young

Podcast Air Date: Friday, March 20, 2020

GENEVA ROBINS:  Hello everybody!  Thank you for joining us.  Thanks for joining, for all those who are able to join live.  Thank you for those of you joining later.  I’m so happy you are here with me, connecting in this way in this really strange time in the world.  Isn’t it a little bit of a strange time?  Just a smidgeroo.  

This is the Lightworkers Global Call to Action series, and today’s topic is “Finding a New Rhythm in Uncertain Times.” We’ll be getting into that a little bit during this call.  Before we do, my name is Geneva Robins.  I’m a Reiki Master here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.   I’ve been teaching people Reiki and meditation for many years.  When all of this hit, I was called to do something to create a community where we could all gather, reach out and support each other.  Also, to activate our light so that we could connect with each other.  Connect in and ground into our roots so that we can create positive action from where we stand.  

Today I’ve got a few helpers.  I’ve got Ayla Thomas.  She’s a Reiki Master here in Calgary and a Life Coach.  Say “hi,” Ayla.  


GR: Thank you for joining me.  And I also have Kayla Young, who’s a Reiki Master, Yoga teacher and many things.  Both of these are very multi-talented women.  Say “hi,” Kayla.

KAYLA YOUNG: Hi everybody.

GR: Nice to see you.  Thank you both for joining me and supporting everybody that’s on the call.   As we go along through the live version, if you want to type into the Chat to All Panelists and Attendees, whatever you’re experiencing, whatever you are feeling, that would be great.  Love to hear from you.  Right now, you can type in maybe where you’re from, how you’re feeling, how things are going in your neck of the woods.  Ayla, can you maybe explain how the Chat works.  

AT: At the bottom of your screen, there should be a little button that says “Chat” with a little talking bubble.  Then when the Chat comes up, on the lower right part of your screen, there’s a little blue bar where you can select All Panelists, which would be all three of us.  Or you can select All Panelists and Attendees if you want everyone to read your messages.  So if you want to engage with everyone, you want to select that one.  

GR: Perfect.  Thank you.  My ability to navigate technological concepts is really pushed to its maximum, so I’m really, really happy for and super grateful to have both Ayla and Kayla here to help respond to you guys on the Chat and live.  

That’s really helpful for me.  We need each other big time.  Big time.  The only way through this is together.  That’s the only way I see this playing out and happening.  

I always have to look at my notes, so here we go.  I think the best thing to do is to jump into a Grounding Meditation.  If you’re brand new to meditation, it’s such a huge practice to keep you rooted in these times.  There’s two things with meditation that can boost up your feelings of calm and safety.  One is closing your eyes.  The other is breathing slower.  If you’ve tuned in to other calls, you’ve heard me explain this.  

If you want a little bit of a refresher on meditation and what grounding is, I encourage you to go to the LunaHolistic Blog or back through the Podcast to get a fuller explanation of that.  I will be creating a separate Grounding Meditation and video and audio in addition to the other meditations we share here.  I’ll post those up as individuals so that you can listen to them as you go through your day.  

I find, for me, grounding in, connecting into the energy of the earth really helps support us.  The first thing we lose when we get stressed is our ground.  Right now, we’re starting to re-establish our roots.  Getting used to the sense of a “New Normal.”  Really plugging into what’s happening and living moment by moment, day by day.  

Thank you, Allison, from Calgary, “Easing into our new normal.  Spin is reducing in connecting with community like this one.”

When this all hit a couple of days ago, everything felt like it was just a whirlwind of chaos and being in the center of this hurricane.  Now everybody’s probably feeling like they are hunkered down.  Got everything that you need.  But there is still a lot of energy.  What I’ve been finding as I’ve been going through this is I ride through waves.  I use my practice of grounding, Reiki and meditation to help me get centred.  I get centred through mindful, positive action.  Then I’m good for a little while.  Then I’m not.  

Yesterday was a really difficult day having to reduce the capacity of my [reiki centre]  space just for safety reasons.  Really going to 50% capacity.  Making those choices day by day for our centre at Luna Holistic in Calgary.  It’s really hard.  

When you care so much about something you built and made with your own hands, then to have to reduce the amount of service you can offer people it’s really hard.  But I’m also totally prepared that if we have to close it, we have to close it.  That’s it.  There are a bunch of personal losses.  There are a bunch of global losses.  There’s just so much coming from every direction.  

My son may have done his last day in grade six. Last day going into that elementary school yesterday.  There were a lot of tears for me.  He is fine.  He is 11.  He’s totally fine with it, being off school.  It hasn’t impacted him as much as maybe us.  

I find I’ve been crying every day.  I’ve also been feeling empowered every day.  Just sort of holding space for my own feelings and other people’s feelings.  Just easing into this mushy uncertainty and vulnerability.  Leaning into it as much as I can.  As much as I can.   Being really mindful that being anchored in action and meditation can also be a distraction and way to numb.  So balancing that need for feeling and processing my feelings, which are huge and many, on a personal level, on my care for the world.  Then really also not letting myself tumble too far into the overwhelm and come back to my practice.  Come back to my roots.  Come back to that grounded energy.  Really anchoring myself in what is deep and lasting and ancient.  And for me, that is this grounded energy of Mother Earth who is ancient and who has seen it all for however many billion years.  Then anchoring in the Light.  Anchoring in the Divine.  Anchoring in the Universe.  Then really, really leading from the Heart space because the mind cannot figure this out.  

Just the other day, I was going about my day thinking, “It’s fine.  I’m making too big of a deal of this.”  This is what my mind was telling me.  “Look at all these people just driving around.  Driving their cars from here to there.  It’s no big deal.  Yeah, it’s totally fine.”  

I don’t know if you’ve seen that meme of that little dog inside the house that’s on fire, “It’s fine.  It’s fine.”  Which is just like a coping mechanism.  I think my brain can’t process what is happening, so it’s making up a story that makes sense to me.  Making up a story that makes me feel comfortable.  But that’s not real.  It’s not fine.  

There’s a lot of disruption going around.  This is not normal.  And it’s not about making it normal or making it OK.  It’s about finding this new way through.  When we emerge out on the other side, whatever the other side is going to be, will be anchored in this light of compassion and love and care for each other in a way globally that is unprecedented.  That’s sort of where my feeling is with it.  

I feel overwhelmed with gratitude.  I cry tears of gratitude just as often as I cry tears of sadness.  The energy and support for us, the love for us from the Divine, has never been greater.  Never in my lifetime has this energy been as strong and clear and solid for us.  Whatever the fear is.  Whatever the anger is.  Whatever the overwhelm.  Whatever the confusion.  There is a positive opposite living underneath it.  If we’re in fear, there is courage underneath that is so much greater than whatever the fear is.  If there’s distancing and fighting, there’s a love there that is greater.  

There’s a connection there that is greater.  We’re starting to see that more and more and more as these positive stories and acts of compassion are rippling out.  That’s where we’re all headed because that’s the only way through.  We are all connected.  We are all in this together.  This has unified everybody around the world.  Everybody is dealing with this in their own way.  Some people maybe it hasn’t affected them as much.  Some people, it has really impacted, and it’s devastating for them.  And everywhere in between.  All of that is ok.  

The purpose of these gatherings is to connect with other people who are wanting to anchor in that energy of compassion for themselves.  For your family.  To really be that pillar of light for your community and the world as a whole.  

Thank you so very much.  We’ll go right into the Grounding Meditation.  I’ll come back in a bit to some of your comments and things like that.  I think grounding is a good thing.  If you’re brand new to meditation, it’s very simple.  You’ll just follow along the best you can.  

This is a Grounding Meditation from my book, The Secret Art of Happiness.  On the LunaHolistic website, on the Resources page, we are compiling a list of resources as quickly as we can get them up and available.  This is just one of the resources that I’ve got ready for people that can maybe help you through this time.  It’s got a lot of information.  It’s got a whole chapter on grounding.  There’s a whole chapter on patience which we definitely need for people who are maybe being critical and angry and difficult to deal with and in their own definitely not comfortable ways of coping with things.  That’s a resource that’s out there.  It’s on all the digital means, so if you’re worried about not being able to get a physical copy shipped to you.  You can buy it on Kindle, Kobo, all of those digital things.  

I’ll be making the meditations from the book available online as soon as I can get them up.  Let’s ground everybody!

Grounding Meditation

Very gently, closing your eyes.  As you listen to my voice, let your breath relax.    

Place your feet flat on the floor and bring your spine up straight.  Gently become aware of the energy of the earth just below your feet, just below the base of your spine.  Notice this vast expanse of energy available to you now.  This energy is wise, dependable and nurturing.  Feel the charge and character of this earth energy now.  Now become aware of the energy within your body.  Observe the difference or similarity between your energy and the earth energy.  Notice this gently, easily and with great kindness.  Now easily, with your breath, allow the energy of your body and the energy of the earth to balance out.  Let the energy reach its own stable resting point, your natural equilibrium.  Allow the charges in your body and in the earth to harmonize easily and gently with your breath.  Notice how your breath helps the energy flow.  Notice the love, support and comfort that is available to you now.  There is no need to push or pull the energy here.  Step aside and let the energy flow.  Allow the earth energy to rise up your body right to your crown.  Allow any unwanted energy retention to flow off right through your feet.  Let the nurturing presence of Mother Earth be with you now.  Surrender all barriers and blockages to her magnificent love.  You are so loved.  Feel it now.  Rest here for a moment.  

When you are ready, gently wiggle your fingers and your toes.  Rub your hands together, and then bring that energy down your legs.  Give yourself a hug.  Bring your hands, facing towards yourself, around the energy field around your body – that’s the aura, about a foot away from your body.  Smoothing off the energy around you.  Giving the edges of your aura and energy field a little pat.  Sealing in that healing and divine love, light and wisdom. Whenever you’re ready, you can open your eyes.  

Ahhhh.  Wonderful.  Thank you, everybody.  I would love to hear from you of how that felt for you.  Maybe your before and after experience would be really interesting to hear.  I’d love to hear from Kayla and Ayla.  

For me, I felt such a big energy connecting in through my heart.  Kayla, what did you experience in that?

KY: I feel very still.  I felt like I didn’t move anything during that.  I feel very grounded.  A lot of energy coming through. A lot of grounding energy.  I feel very heavy in my spot where I’m sitting.  I feel very grounded, very grateful.  It was great.  I can still feel the energy surging through my feet and up into my heart and filling my whole body.  Feels great.

GR: Amazing.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Ayla, what did you experience?

AT: That was so lovely.  I feel like I kind of had the brain things [buzzes] happening for most of the day.  I think I don’t realize how on “High” I am until I do a meditation like that, and I realize I’m on “High” and have been operating up there all day.  

When you were saying. “… you’re so loved,” and connecting into Earth energy.  I’ve been talking to people all this week who are also single and at home.  That feeling of I’m isolated and what am I going to do if no one’s there.  If I’m in quarantine, then I’m by myself.  And it felt really good to connect into that Earth energy.  I am loved.  I am totally loved.  I am not alone.  I’m loved.  That was such a great feeling.  Thank you.

GR: Beautiful.  Thank you.  Thank you both for sharing.  I’m just going to read some of the comments here.  

Laurie, “Wonderful as always.  Much more grounded.  Thank you.

Michelle, “Feel so great and relaxed.  A nice reminder that we are all supported and loved, and connected.  

Allison, “My feet are so warm.  Could feel the warmth from the earth flow up through my legs like they are being wrapped and rooted.  Can actually feel my body now.”

Great comment because that is a big part of it.  We’re dealing with so much, and we’re having to make so many rapid-fire decisions that we often just get pulled up right into our minds.  Our energy gets really high within everything that we are experiencing.  

Doing this type of grounding works helps you bring you back into your body.  If your consciousness is way up here, or your consciousness is on tomorrow, then you’re not here.  You’re not rooted; you are not in your space.  

If you’re not grounded, that is when you are going to slip, trip and fall.  That is when people get into car accidents.  So be very mindful on the roads because people’s minds are not in their vehicles.  Their minds are on their kids, their pets and their work.  Some people are massively overloaded with work right now, and other people have none.  That extreme puts a lot of pressure and stress on everybody for sure.  It means that we can go into this non-grounded space.

If you would like to share your comments, you can do so in the Chat.  We would love to hear how things are going for you.  

I want to go back to a comment from Jessie about how we are experiencing things in the world out there.  “I feel the people I depend on in normal times are feeling a stress and anxiety as everything that has been going on is so new and different.  I feel such a necessary responsibility to learn how to keep myself calm and grounded in my own ways to share the calmness and inner love for others.”

Thank you, Jessie.  That’s really IT.  That we all kind of need to anchor in that.  

Natasha mentioned earlier that, “… there was lots of anger and frustration in my world.”  That’s what she said.  And that is definitely a thing.  It’s a reaction of how we cope.  So if people coped with things by getting angry and blaming, then they are getting angry and blaming.  If people coped by being fearful, then they are fearful.  If people coped by pretending everything is fine, then that is how they are responding.  

And that is just the way things are for people because we really are having a struggle to try and process everything that is coming at us.  It’s so removed from life as normal.  

Thank you, everybody.

Shauna, “Thank you.  Feeling much more calm in my body.”

Rhonda, “The beauty of your meditation helped me reach a calmness in my heart, and positive energy is now spreading in my whole body.”  I love that.  Thank you so much.  

Thank you, everybody, for being here.  It means a lot.  Just so you know.  It’s much easier for me to feel grounded and connected when I’m here with all of you.  It is remarkable.  I can feel like I drop right in really, really easily.  

That is why I want to keep these things going as long as we possibly can.  As long as the need is there.  And really, the need will always be there because we have always needed this.  This is why I have taught grounding and meditation, and reiki.  All of these years of people being in their bubble.  

These are tools we need to not just get through this but to get through all of the other problems we had before this, which we still have.  When this all unravels, we will be working through and using these tools to rebuild our society and rebuild our interconnections.  

Things have changed.  Really what is happening is we have to find a new way of being with each other through this.  We have no other option.  With facing astronomical levels of unemployment and stress on our infrastructure and all of the things that we have never had to deal with before.  Our currency in this new world, how we are going to exchange goods and services, is really going to be driven by this energy of compassion and creativity.  

I feel, at least for right now, we will still be using money as an easy way to exchange that.  Although who knows what tomorrow will bring.  For now, we have money, so we are going to use it to exchange based on goods and services that we receive and value.  It is the most convenient way, and we’re just all going digital with all the things, so we’ll see how that all unfolds.

For me, what grounding does for me is it helps me anchor myself into what’s happening in this moment where my body is.  I find that I’m getting through this by really being present and really being mindful.  I can’t really think about today.  I don’t know how many of you have been losing the sense of perspective of time.  Everything sort of happened [last] Thursday, and that feels like 15 years ago.  I really feel like I can’t make decisions about things that are going to happen more than a day in advance.  I’m maybe three or four days out.  But also when I get there, I’ll make a choice about it.  Particularly in-person meetings with people, I really don’t know.  I really don’t know.  Nobody does.

It’s really living moment by moment, day by day.  But I find that actually helps calm me. [When] my thoughts get too far ahead of what’s gonna happen, and what’s happening in the world, it’s like no no, just bring yourself back down.  Bring yourself to this moment, this breath.  Where are your feet?  Where’s your body?  Where’s your energy within you?   Ground.  And just feel what you’re feeling.  Embrace your feelings.  So if you are feeling angry, that is ok.  Everything we are going through has to feel okay.  If you’re feeling fearful, that’s okay.  If you’re feeling joyous, that’s okay.  If you’re feeling calm, that’s okay.  We need people in joy and calm because we need to drop into that heart space and then ask our hearts what to do. [The] mind cannot process this.  But the heart contains the wisdom of our soul.  The wisdom of our being.  Our hearts are going to win this.  The heart is what is going to activate that Divine creativity.  All of the solutions for all of these problems exist within the universal field of intelligence that

makes up all things.  Because I come from a Reiki tradition, I call that Reiki.  Reiki is both energy and information.  When we tap into that universal flow of information energy, we get information.  We get it just like Google directions.  We get it one step at a time.  Just like those directions to get from point A to point B, there’s a kindness in the system to not give you all 50 steps at once.  Because as we go through, we’re going to need to course-correct.  We might be going to the same place, but how we are going to get there is going to be so different from how we got to places before.  It’s really cultivating this sort of new structure that’s going to sort of live and breathe with us moment by moment as all of this unfolds.  

One of the things that I’ve been sort of thinking about a lot is there’s the old way and the new way.  The new way is constantly evolving.  [There is]  the example of school.  Many of you may have your kids off school.  Many of you may be off work, but I’m just going to use the school example because it’s one that’s immediate to me.  But I’d love to hear you [from you].  [You] can type it in the Chat of what your old way was with something and what your new way is.  I’d love to hear examples of how you’ve taken old structures and routines.  How we used to do things and this new way based in the heart, based in compassion of our Spirit.  

For us, with our kid, he’s in grade six.  He would have normally had three months of school left till the end of June.  What we did was we had this list of old ways of school and education happened.   We walked him through, “…so what did you do during your day.”   We arrived at this time in the morning, and then we did maybe these subjects, or it was sort of whatever the teacher needed to teach.  Then we’d have recess, and the recess was 15 minutes and just sort of going through the structure of his day.  

I think we still need structure; that’s part of the support for a root chakra.  Getting up at the same time or a good time for our physical health and well-being and going to bed at some time that’s good for physical health and mental health and well-being.  Having exercise in our routines.  And so we sat down with him.  We knew we wanted to keep all  the same subjects going and that maybe we could add some subjects that he was interested in.  So we just listed out all of the subjects.  We created a new schedule that would maybe work.  Maybe we’ll create another because we’re adjusting to all of the things.  But we basically created subjects and times.  He is managing his own education because he’s old enough to do that.  He’s choosing, “… okay, during science, I’m gonna pick this video to watch.”  He picked a video one day for geology.  He’s looking at how the world was formed.  Then he picked a physics video, and they were looking at long equations in this video.  He picked a really high-level one, nothing I would have ever assigned.  

We’re working that way to create this new way, this new solution.  Here’s a thing that we used to do which was to have our children get educated.  Now we have to create this new way of doing those things.  

For me, I’m thinking about the old way of buying things.  Which was you just sort of lined up at the counter.  You had to stand really close to each other.  You could use cash.  You just hand over this filthy wad of money, and people just took it.  Then they’d rub their eyes.  That’s the old way.  That old way is gone forever, probably because nobody wants to touch your filthy dollar bills.  Not with a lot of hand sanitizer and gloves right now, at least in my corner of the world. That’s that’s where we’re at.  

So now it’s, you line up, and you’re a meter apart or more.  If there is even a place to buy things, the basic [stores] are still open.  You tap with your card, and you get out of there as soon as possible without breathing anything, touching anything, touching your face.  This is the new way.  We’re adapting to all of the ways of doing that.  

But you think of before in the old way, did that work for us?  How many times did we get sick?  How many times did we come down with the flu?  How many times were the elderly populations at risk from pneumonia and things that people would just drag into nursing homes all the time?  We just never think about it, but it was still a risk.  How many public health officials are like, “I’ve been telling you for my entire career to wash your hands.”  Now everybody’s finally washing their hands.   

In communication with people, the old way was, “I like being right.”  I still like being right.  It’s nice to be right.  It feels powerful to be right.  The new way is we have to give up being right so we can be real.  We have to be real with each other.  Not talk about what you want and what I want and what I think is going to happen.  [Not talk about]  all of the theories and all of that conjecture and posturing.  All of that is gone.  I have no interest in talking to people who think they’re right.  

I have all the time in the world for people who want to have real conversations with me about what matters, like love.  I want to tell everybody I know that I love them because it’s uncertain, and that hits home really hard.  Having people I care about in high-risk groups, it’s scary and something that I’m managing day by day, minute by minute.  But it’s there, and we’re all in this.  Everybody has somebody in a high-risk group they love.  

We just have to manage that constant state of vulnerability.  You feel vulnerable because you care, and that’s good.  So remember that all of those feelings are based in compassion, and there’s a positive feeling underneath.  There’s a positive thing underneath all of it.  

Even the behaviours we don’t understand, like the minimizing which can be really frustrating and can make people really angry.  That’s a coping mechanism.  That’s how people are creating a sense of safety.  Even if it’s a false sense of safety, it’s

all they know how to do.  If they knew how to do this, what we’re doing here together, then they probably would be doing this.  They just don’t know.  Really drop into knowing what may be the positive feeling or positive intent is underneath the nonsensical behaviour.  That people are just trying to sort out for themselves something that does not compute.  If people have spent their whole lives living in their minds and don’t know how to travel into their heart, they don’t know how to travel into their inner being.  That’s going to be a new pathway that they’re gonna be forming really, really quickly.  

Those of us who’ve always lived in our hearts have always felt compassion for others.  Have always been concerned about the state of the world.  We’re used to being there.  We’re used to being in that heart, courageous, space, so we know the way.  We can basically be like Google instructions of how to travel this space from the worried mind into the calm heart.  

Thank you.  I’d love to hear from you in the Chat.  Kayla and Ayla, I’d love it if I could hear from you as well.  Ayla, do you have anything to add to that discussion of the new way or the old way to the new way?

AT: Yeah.  I was in my apartment hallway maybe an hour ago, and I was just taking my garbage out.  There was one of the people that clean the apartment building out in

the hall.  Usually, we’d be right in the elevator together or, you know, right beside each other.  She actually waited until I walked close to my door and stayed a metre or two away from me.  I was like, “whoa, even here.”  Even in my apartment building, people are like, “I don’t want to be close to you.   I don’t know if you’re sick or not.”  

That was such a strange feeling.  It took me a good few minutes to kind of grasp that look.  ‘Cuz sometimes I forget.  Sometimes I forget when I’m at home that we’re in this because I’m just at home, and things are kind of normal when I’m at home.  But when I go out, I’m like, “Oh right, we’re in this craziness.”  So that was new.  

I do miss the old way there because I do just want to touch people and just not have to worry about being a couple meters away from someone.  I feel like my old kind of routine would be going to the gym in the morning before work.  Maybe doing five minutes of yoga, fast meditation.  You know, getting ready to go out the door and do my thing.  

My new schedule is to do lots of yoga which actually is great.  It kind of brought me back to my teacher training time where you just start the morning with yoga; that’s just what you do.  Then I’ve got more time to meditate because I’m not going to the Gym.  I’ve got all this extra time that I can spend just with me and doing something that feels really good for me.  

So yes, I miss the gym, but also this is a great new routine, too and it’s kind of brought me back to my roots where I feel really good doing that, and I feel really good there.

GR: Yeah, yeah, I agree.  There’s a whole bunch of things that have switched.  So the old way was that me and my husband and my son, we have really busy lives and we have a great family.  But we were just kind of living by our calendar.  We scheduled time for each other as often as we could in the old way, but it was busy.  So the time together was short.  

Now we’re here together all the time, and I really love it, you know.  It’s really great.  Really really great, so I love that part.  Going for walks outside together which is something we’ve always loved doing.  We always like hiking and that, and we’ve got a beautiful ridge not far from our home that we can walk to and get a beautiful view of the mountains here.  It is just stunning.  You see people talking and laughing, and the playgrounds that used to be empty are full now.  People are reaching out across the way, which is just amazing.

Kayla, did you have anything that you wanted to add or share about the old way, new way?

KY: Well, I’m quite enjoying the new way.  I mean, aside from the craziness that it is.  The hustle and bustle of the busy city, there’s just not enough time to do anything.  So this new way right now is really giving me an opportunity to just slow it down, which is what I’ve been craving forever.  There’s just so many things on the go, especially with young kiddos.  So it’s nice.  Now there’s been an opportunity for me to focus more on me and my well-being as well as Amelia.  We get up in the morning leisurely now.  We’re not morning people, so we don’t get up early.  We just get up leisurely, and then we get up, and we go to the basement, and we do our yoga routine.  We move our bodies, and we’re eating healthier.  

There’s just time, and there’s time to sit and work on my courses that I’ve been wanting to do that have just been sitting on the back burner forever.  Just really focus on the things that I want to put energy towards.  So I’ve been fairly calm about the whole situation with everything going on.

I have noticed a calm but also taking it seriously.  I have noticed ever since this morning I’ve been feeling a little emotional about it all of a sudden.  I’m not sure exactly what it is or where it’s coming from because it’s just kind of like I said, I’ve been pretty calm about the whole thing.  Just taking precautions like everybody and making sure that we’re all good and safe.  

But yeah, I’ve been emotional today.  Up and down with it.  It’s just all so different, and when you sit and think about the big picture of it all, you’re like, “whoa!”   Just kind of makes you a bit crazy in your head.  But yeah, I’m enjoying the slowness of it.  I’m trying to look at the positive things and the good things.

GR: Yeah, I get that.  Thank you so much.  Thank you both for sharing.  I’d love to read some of the comments now.  

Jessie, “The new me feels like I’ve almost been given a second chance of doing me right.  Creating the routine that incorporates movement, meditation, walks with my dog, phone calls with old friends, healthy bedtime routines, etc.  The old me had routines or habits I feel blessed that I’m shedding given a drastic new schedule.  Thank you.”

And she also says, “I don’t know how to greet people now. I’m such a hugger, and

for sure, we’ll shake hands.  I feel awkward and standoffish now.”  

I totally get that, and we’re learning how to navigate this what touch means.  I think just like when the AIDS HIV epidemic hit in the ’80s, and we all had to transition to this idea of safer sex.  You know it’s not safe sex; it’s safer sex, and I think we’re transitioning to

figuring out what safer touch is.  (0:50:28)

Something that Ayla had mentioned to me was…  I was feeling sad. Is this the end of hugs because my love language is physical affection.  I live on hugs.  I don’t know if any of you live on hugs, but it makes me really sad.  But one thing Ayla had said that helped me so much a couple of days ago was that hugs feel about 60 times better.  And the more this goes on, they feel 60 million times better.  So that when both of you feel safe to expose each other to each other when you do hug, it’s amazing. 

When we touch each other now, it is just in that loving, compassionate care.  Even having somebody touch your shoulder is powerful.   Just to have somebody hold your hand can move you to tears.  Then we go wash ourselves and don’t touch your face.  Creating ways of doing that within our families and with strangers.  Kids are not going to respect the social distancing rules, especially little ones.  In some ways, it’s an impossible task, and they need to be cuddled, and they need to be touched and held because that’s really important to their brain development and their feelings of connection.  They’re just gonna do it anyway, so we’ll still have touch in some way.  It’s just gonna change probably with strangers in the public.

Shauna says, “My old way was going to the gym after meditation.  New way is doing meditation and doing home workouts online.  I love to hug to greet.  Now I send the virtual hug and Namaste greeting.” 

I  love that.  For those of you who don’t know, Namaste is just hands together in prayer in front of your heart and just a little bow which is beautiful.

Alison, “Working from home in my pyjamas has been a fantasy of mine.  Walking the pooch several times a day with the kiddo.  Lots of outside time.”  

Beautiful.  Michelle, “I just want to say thank you for this beautiful experience and making time for all of us.  It’s calming and encouraging. With the old and new, not having a routine every day even though I have so much time, I feel a little unmotivated to get things done I’ve been wanting to because this is such an unsettled settling time

without knowing what I can start work or what’s going to happen.  I’m grateful to get to spend this time with my parents, which makes me feel safe as we take care of each other.”

That’s beautiful.  Yes, there’s definitely this feeling that the things you would normally plan out ahead, like calls and meetings and talks with people, especially in the work front [are difficult to plan].  For me, normally, my days and my weeks are about scheduling classes in person and booking things ahead of time.  Right now, I would normally be  doing bookings and scheduling for my fall classes and the summer classes.  Now I don’t know.  I’m not putting any effort into that because I don’t know what tomorrow is gonna bring or even anything beyond.  I really can’t get too far ahead of that because that makes me feel really scared and sad because I don’t know.  

So I just pull myself right back to the present, and I ask my heart every single minute, ‘Okay heart, okaySoul, okay Inner Being Divine, what is my job today and what’s my work.  Sometimes my work is go create this webinar so people can meet because they need it.   You know how to do it, so get it going right now even though you’re supposed to be sleeping right now.  Thursday night, I couldn’t sleep, so I got up, and I worked.  I created the first meeting.  

I’ve just been really following that because that makes me feel better to be engaged in purposeful work that can help people.  It’s amazing how much living in that purpose can really help.  Sort of helping from whatever way you can with whatever gifts and talents that you have.  Really giving from a place of abundance and a place of generosity, from the overflow.  

We each have special talents, gifts and blessings in our lives, and it’s really about leveraging that.  Really tapping in deep to what am I really, really good at.  What do I have a lot of?  Some people might have a lot of money, so that’s a really great way to support others during this time of uncertainty.  If you don’t have a lot of money, just be grateful for what you have and be frugal. You will have a lot of something else.   Maybe you have a lot of compassion.  Maybe you have a lot of time.  Maybe you’re a great listener.  Maybe you have a skill like Reiki or some other modality that you can do distance-wise.  Maybe you’re great at rubbing people’s feet. You know that’s a really great way of safer touch and a really great way of getting people into their bodies and grounded.  Who doesn’t love a foot massage like, “Ah.”  I trained years ago in reflexology just because I was so curious about it, and it’s amazing.  Amazing.  If you know any people that do that, encourage them to do that.  We are going to need touch going forward.  Touch will help us feel centred, grounded and safe.

And any other thing that you know.  If you’re creative.  If you have a song in your heart.  If you’ve always wanted to write that novel.  If you’ve got a movie that’s been playing in your head and you just feel like if you could just get it down on paper,  just do that.  

When we engage in creative, joyful work that our heart and soul is calling us towards.  If there’s an irresistible pull towards it, whatever that is for you.  Giving yourself a time to just explore what your heart’s calling you to do.  What your soul, the deep wisdom inside you, is inspiring you to do to help people.  Whatever your gifts are, that’s what we all need.  Everybody has their own unique gifts and talents, and that is what’s needed now.  You don’t need to do it all.  You don’t need to discover a cure.  You don’t need to become a doctor or nurse unless your heart is calling you to do that.  Get to work! Because we need people in every single field.  

There’s no accident where you are.  I feel all of these compassionate Souls all over the world being in jobs that are boring.  Or not feeling like you’re using all of your gifts, skills and talents.  The Universe has placed you exactly where you are because that’s where you need to be right now.  Don’t worry if you want to get more info, maybe energy healing work or other kinds of helping coaching counselling.  And you’re not sure how to do that because you haven’t taken the training yet, don’t worry.  There will be time.  We will need people in the third and fourth and fifth and sixth and 17th waves of dealing with this and recovering from it.  

There’s lots of time. Just be on the step you’re on.  Help from the place of how you were already helping people.  Maybe you just didn’t know it.  Holding space and having

great conversations with people.  Reaching out and asking people how they’re doing.  Things that you are probably doing all of the time without thinking about it.  Uplifting people and helping them in all of these beautiful ways.  Most people don’t realize the value they bring to others’ lives.  

If you’ve ever had somebody dear to you pass away who just lived their life.  They were just great.  They just made you feel warm, safe and welcome, and the absence of them you really noticed.  They were just themselves, and they didn’t even know how much they impacted you.  

A couple of years ago, one of my cousins passed away.  She was my second cousin, and she shared a birthday with me.  I didn’t know her all that well because she was older than me.  But because she shared a birthday, she had a special place in my heart.  She passed away really suddenly.  She never had kids of her own,  she wasn’t married, but she helped 4H kids.  It was amazing at the funeral because the church was full, and there were kids outside to show their respect because she was their second mom, you know.  Sorry, I don’t know why I’m sharing this, but it must be important for somebody.  It was so touching because we just don’t realize the power of the lightworker.  

It may not be our job or what we get money for, but it’s important.  We need it, and we need everybody doing their little piece from wherever they are.  So there we go.  It was a lot of emotion.   

Reading form Chat comments:  “Yes, grateful to slow down,” thank you, Laurie.  Yes, I love all of this.  Thank you all for holding space for me to share my story.  Maybe Ayla, if you wanted to pop in and share some of your thoughts while I ground back in.

AT: Yes, these are crazy times.  I’m a hairdresser, and so I spend a lot of my day just chatting with people.  Like Geneva said, it’s become really aware to me (because the salon is still open currently) how much people just need someone to listen.  That alone, all the way through my career.  

Kayla, I know does aesthetics and lashes and stuff here, too, so I’m sure.  She’s nodding in agreeance.  Yup, people just need to talk.  It’s a really, really valuable gift.  Just the simple gift of listening.  Anybody can do it; you just have to want to.  Listen with the intent to understand.  I think people love that right now because you dropping into your heart space to listen allows them to drop into their heart space to speak.

GT: Beautiful, thank you.

I just wanted to share one more from Andrea.  

I’ve been busy for my whole life, if not ten years at least.  I’ve been bringing Yin into my life over the last few years because it has been the only way to move forward.  In my new life, I’m taking leaps on how much more I’m investing in stillness and meditation.  My dreams may change through this time, but I know through this, I will only have found a more real and valuable version of myself, and that is what I’m feeling most grateful for.  Thank you so very, very much.

Thank you.  Yes, yes,  Thank you so much, everybody, for being here.   I’m holding a really big space for everybody through all of the things that we’re going through.  It’s a time of growth, change, transition and disruption and all of those things.  

In the old way, the old me before all of this happened, I was doing my work and sharing

the best I can, I could.  I have a physical centre called LunaHolistic in Calgary that will stay open as long as I can fiercely hold on to that space.  I was doing this work and sharing this work with people.  It’s really making and sharing and creating these things

about Reiki and meditation.  Dropping into the center of your heart for years and along the way, it came with a big side helping of vulnerability.  Of dodging my inner critic.  Of feeling afraid of what other people might think, about what other people might say.  

I would do things like make this book, and then I would hide under a blanket for weeks, months, years.  I would have a plan to market this book and get it into people’s hands.   I would just kind of like, “Yeah, I wrote a book.  Nobody, nobody, buy it, please.   Nobody see me.”  But I did it.  Here it is.  And I’m just not gonna share it….”  

That’s what I did.  I’m really gentle with that past version of me because I made the book.  I got past my vulnerability.   I tapped into my courage, and I did it anyway.  

[There is an author], Susan Jeffers, and she has a book called Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.  A really great resource for people.  I was doing that, and I was living in that.  I was doing my own healing work.  I really did move through a lot of layers of vulnerability 

so that I could help more and more people with this work.  The call in my heart was too big to ignore, and it would move me past my inner fears and the things that were holding me back.  All the distractions you can get into to numb and avoid these scary things.  You know, putting yourself out there.   

So that was the old way.  Then in the new way, I find that since all this has happened, I’ve had a lot of Reiki.  I’ve had a lot of help from people over the last couple of days.  Thank you all who have sent me support and energy.

What I find is in these sessions and in moving through this last little bit, I really find that my last excuse has been smashed away.  The call to service has been so great that it’s the only place that feels comfortable.  It’s the place where I feel no fear.  I feel completely calm and centred.  Everything within me says that this is the right thing to do.  So I’m doing it, and I’m trying to help and share with as many people as possible.

I’m writing this book, and it’s channelled.  The old me would never share it until it was completely finished.  I had about 20 people reading it that I loved because if one person

doesn’t like it, then that’s okay because I have the crowd to support me.  I love statistics, by the way, so I always go with the Law of Averages.  As long as most people like it, it doesn’t matter; the critic can get drowned out.  

My inner critic was always the problem, so I’ve had this whole career of dodging my inner critic and getting the work into people’s hands.  A big part of what I do, what I’ve always been doing, is to teach people how to manage their energy and do Reiki sessions for other people.  To and teach people how to host meditations and give meditations for others and organize classes.  That’s been a big part of my work.    Another big part of my work has been supporting people and mentoring them to create their own thing.   

I always felt like what are the things that are limiting me.  Before, I had all the stuff in my head that was limiting me.  Now what’s limiting me is two hands and 24 hours.  That’s it.  And balancing all of the other things that everybody else is balancing, like figuring out new schedules and taking time for self-care.  Trying to adapt to my brick-and-mortar business to a combination of brick-and-mortar and online.  And how that all is going to look. 

I would have never held my book up and said, please buy my book to support this work.  But look at me.  Look at me, doing this promotion thing because I need it. I need it to keep everything moving so that this can happen.  Beyond that, it’s a really great book.  It’s a really, really great book.  It really helps a lot of people.  

Part of what I do is mentor people using the chakra system and the aura.  I use the chakras as a blueprint to create all of the things that I make.  Sometimes I do it knowing that I’m doing it, but most of the time, it’s always in there somewhere.  Very shortly, I will be creating an online course which will be out in public.  [The course is going to be] free to start off with, which I’ll get out as soon as I can.  [The course will be] called Magnetic Manifesting With the Energetic Eight.  

If you are interested in creating an online business or something like that and you’re not sure how to get started.  Maybe you’re feeling nerves.  I will be posting that really soon.  [There will be] a brief introduction into what the chakras are, if you’re unfamiliar, and how you could use them to build maybe something new.  You can do a business that you could build at home.  That you can share your gifts and work and talent with people.  That will be up and posted really soon.

I will be also creating a pilot version of the paid online course, which is something that I was like, ‘Yeah, sometime in 2020, you’ll get to it.”  But I’m getting to it as soon as I am

physically able.  [This will be] a business coaching course that will be hosted online where I will guide you through all of the things.  The old way, I was going to wait and make sure I had all these nice little polished videos, and they were all really short.  The new way is the Wright Brothers’ plane.   The minimum viable version that can get it into the air.  The reason that I’m hosting these right away is because I know how to do this part, these meetings and everything like that.  

So I’m just doing that work and really wanting to help you if that’s an area that you would like help in.  That’s coming soon.  It’ll be pilot-scale pricing, so it’ll be a reduced price from whatever the finished version is.  I’ll just be adding content and sort of posting

things online and just working through things with people live and recording it all.  I’ll have more details for that soon.

AT: I just wanted to jump in because I’ve taken in-person business mentoring with Geneva, and it is amazing!  I just wanted to jump in and say that this online thing is gonna be unreal.  I’m so excited about it.  The in-person coaching changed my friggin life.  

GT: Thank you, thank you.  I really appreciate that.  

I am limited by two hands in 24 hours.  Ayla is also doing life coaching, and you can book distance sessions online.  We’ve now created an online sessions or online services page from the LunaHolistic blog.  Don’t feel like you have.  If money is tight for you, don’t worry about it.  We’ll continue to host as many free events as we can so you can get the support you need.  

If you are interested and able to invest some funds into your self-care through distance Reiki, or you want maybe to explore coaching in some way.  We will be putting that there and really putting up more of our team members there as well.  How you can book them as things progress.  We’ve got a really lovely group at Luna Holistic, and everybody is in a different place with it right now.  We’re all sort of working through, so we’ll be adding more practitioners there as people are able.  

So there’s lots of ways that you can get the support you need.  We can get the support we need.  We love working one-on-one, and in groups with people, so it’s really about getting the information in people’s hands.  Maybe you can create another stream of income for yourself that helps people because we need you to help people.  We also

need you to continue to generate an income because we need you to live so you can help us.   

A lot of my work is about setting up pricing and setting up systems.  But before we even get into the nitty-gritty details of it, we start off in the bigger picture, which is what is the Divine energy within you.  Deep within your heart is the thing you must do, so that’s really where we start.  Start to build it from the inside out.  When you’re building a building, the first step isn’t sticking the shovel in the ground. It’s starting out with a dream or the bigger picture.  The image of what you want to have happen.  

Think of a house.  The house starts with the dream in the architect’s mind, with the dream in the heart of those future homeowners.  Of where they’d like to live, and then it gets created from there.  You create a blueprint and a plan.  You bring that energy in from the aura down through all of the chakras, and then when you get to the root chakra, then you make it, and it’s there.  That’s when you can share it with people.  That process, not system, works really, really well for anything that you’re building.  Really anything that you’re building.

I was thinking about it as I was saying it.  We’re rebuilding how we’re doing everything.  We really need to think about all of the different levels.  Really it’s creating things based

from heart energy.  People are in their hearts.  Your heart knows your heart has certainty to it.  The mind can’t process, but the heart knows.  When we drop into our heart space, we really can make the best decisions.  That’s when our impact and our actions, though tiny, create a really, really big ripple.  

I’m channelling this book, and it’s with an ascended Master.  I’m just going to share a little bit of it.  A few excerpts from it because one of the things that I just sort of channelled and wrote really deals with this idea of helping and how to help.  

If you are able to help others, how do you go about that, and what does that look like? Keeping in mind that we are still in a Quantum Universe where our thoughts create things.  The Law of Attraction has not stopped at all; it’s steady; it was the same before

, and it’s the same right now.  But the energy is really, really powerful.  The energy is very big and positive,and it really ripples out in a beautiful way.  So without further ado…

Your words are powerful.  Your intent and resolve are powerful.  You create this world and all in it with your thoughts, so all actions you take from disconnection will bring disconnection.  If you offer money to charity with an attitude of pity,  are you truly helping?  No, you’re giving them pity.  More poverty.  More of what they already have.  It adds to the problem.  If instead, you affirm their prosperity, their resilience, their courage in facing a difficult life path.  If you ask what they need and then offer the money or goods with faith, then you give them faith, resilience and prosperity.  It is not the action; it is the energy behind the action.  

The miracle is already present before it begins in the minds and hearts of those receiving it.  When you help others from the basis of positive intent, of holding the vision and image of their happiness and wholeness, you unlock the miracle process.  It flows through you just as ink through a pen.  The miracle, the healing, the fortunate result is always the blossom on the Tree of Faith.  It is the end result of a much deeper process of several people gathered to invite the end, the healing.  

If you focus on their pain and the hurt and the worry the problem, what is the result?  What could you possibly give them other than more of what they already have?  It is a grave disservice to act in this way.  The power of your mind, your words, your spirits, you create positivity is immense.  You have a sacred responsibility to be disciplined with your mind, words and energy.  Because you are reading these words now or listening to them, you are one among many who have access to powerful amounts of spiritual energy.  This energy flows with your thoughts even if you’re unaware of it.  

You can sculpt and mould your mind and thoughts, and energy into positive forms. And you have a sacred purpose to use these natural gifts to uplift the world, your community, your family, your own life.  You can shift your state and energy, and thoughts to one of uplifting illumination.  You have that ability naturally within you right now.  With no training, you can think positive thoughts.  You can send a message of gratitude and grace.  You can focus on the light and increase its brightness.  You do not have to battle the dark.  You do not fight sickness.  You bring health, vitality, positivity.  

You make way for the miracle to happen and invite in God’s Grace, the Divine Holy Light of the Gracious Mother, the Spirit and the blessings of the Universe itself.  With that invitation, miracles ensue.  Stay humble in this Holy process.  It occurs based on a willingness of all parties.  Your part is one of many, so clean only credit for your participation and return the rest to Grace.  The grace and the thanks of the Divine.  

You are the instrument, the flute through which the Universe plays its song.  Your work is to surrender to the magnificence and follow the guided steps.  Your work is to dream a better dream and create miracles for us all.  To look for inspiration and harmony and light and direct your thoughts thusly.  This is all part of your plan as you incarnated here to learn about disharmony.  Perhaps experiencing some pain and trauma yourself to learn about energy and compassion and the power of thoughts and words to shape reality.  And now that you know.  Now that you have the data of your life experience to guide you.  Now that you understand that the Universe is energy and consciousness, and it responds to your thoughts, feelings and energy, and it creates your collective reality.  You know this.  

Now that you know this, what will you do?  You have a sacred obligation to use this energy well.  To align your thoughts with a positive intent.  To create a better world to shine the light and dispel illusion.  To focus with faith and trust, and assurance on what is wanted.  To ask your questions of us, the Divine and receive the blessed answers.  To listen and hear deeply these words of faith and resolve.  And as you do, a courage and strength will grow in you that will defy all logic of those stuck in the illusion of materiality.  You will have the faith of a mountain steady and true.  And you will have the evidence of this truth pile up about your feet like flowers.  This is your only task.  Set your mind upon the truth of limitless, interconnectivity of your Soul with God, the Universe and then act from this knowledge. 

Ahhhh.  There we go.  That was a big vulnerable thing for me to do.  I’d love to hear what you thought.  Ayla?

AT:   Oh man, I loved listening to that.  I was jotting down a few of the good tidbits there.  I was like, “Oh, these are really nice.”  Yeah, just so much goodness.  I’m excited you just read some of that because it feels like that’s exactly the book that the world needs

right now.  I feel it’s amazing.  I can’t wait to read the whole thing.

GT: It’s on its way, bit by bit.  Kayla, what did you get from that?

KY: I agree with Ayla; it sounds absolutely amazing!  I can’t wait to read the whole book.  It’s lovely.

GT: Oh, thank you, thank you!  Fantastic, thank you for the support!


Yay, thank you, everybody.  Yeah, it’s a little nervy to share something you’ve just written.  That’s the downloaded first draft, but it just felt like such important information that was right.  When did I write that? I’m always fascinated.  I wrote that January 6, 2020, light years, ago and it just feels needed.  There’s all these little synchronicities piling up that I see everywhere.  

We’ve got this Kahlil Gibran quote, and it comes from [his] book The Prophet, which is a beautiful book.   [Transcriber’s Note:  Kahlil Gibran’s birthday is January 6th.]  But in it, one of the lines is, “Stand together, yet not too near together.” I’m like, “Ah, Mr. Gibran, you knew?  You knew when you wrote that book this was gonna happen?!”


It’s just beautiful.  So if you’re looking for this very poetic take on life, that’s a really great read.

There we go.  How is everybody feeling?  How is everybody?  Do you have any questions or comments, or anything you’d like to share?  Or anything at all?  Just type it into the Chat.  I’ll let Ayla and Kayla sort of bring things to my attention.   Go back to my notes.  Yeah, I think we’re good.  You guys are good?  Thumbs up, good, okay.  

Awe, thank you, thank you, everybody.  Beautiful, beautiful sentiments all around.  So I’ve been doing this every time.  There’s a meditation which is really like an energy activation and healing combined.  Just listening to it is like receiving a Reiki session as far as I’m concerned, and so I’d like to do that for you now.  

Before that, maybe as we’ve been talking, you’ve been inspired by something.  Or there’s something that really popped out for you.  When you tap into your heart, and you ground into the body.  [When] you tap into your heart space of an area of what you know of where you might go from here.  Or what your heart says is next, and maybe you have some ideas that have popped in already.  

This meditation healing combo thing is energy activation.  Let’s just call it an energy activation.  If anybody can, if their heart tells what this is called, I would love to know.  It doesn’t have a title yet, so it needs a title.  

After [the meditation], I’d love it for us to talk about what our next tiny little inspired action will be going forward.  What is one tiny little thing that your heart says, “do this,” and it can be really simple?  Sometimes it’s, “go put this thing together,’ or “go build a website.” “Go read this book.” “Go hang out with your kids.”  For me, my heart, when I tuned in to what my Being said, “go eat soup; go lay down; go cry; go hug your family; go call your parents.”   It’s really allowing those things to just lead us.  

We will get through this with the energy and within our heart because our Soul is connected to the ancient energy within the earth, within the Universe, within everything. We tap into that place that knows then we’re always guided to the right place.

Okay, we’ll get settled, then we’ll do this meditation healing energy activation thingy.  

Take a few deep breaths, just relaxing.  Gently closing your eyes.  Letting any of that static charge be released gently by a sigh of relief.  [Deep cleansing breath and release.]  Ahhhhh.  Just knowing there is a strong guiding presence here with us all.  Deep down in the core of everything, there is a steadiness and a flow.  A deep inherent wisdom within the planet gently guiding us and nourishing us.  Supporting us in any way imaginable.  

Just letting everything heavy melt into the tender arms of Mother Earth.  She is prepared to receive it all.  There is nothing too big.  There’s nothing too painful.  There’s nothing too overwhelming that she cannot help us with.  Letting that strong and nourishing guidance flow.  

Feeling that ancient rhythm of energy, knowing that rhythm within the earth.  That slow and deep cycle of nature lives within you.  You can feel it in your bones.  You can feel it in your heart.  You know this to be true.  

Take another deep sigh of relief, letting everything melt off of your shoulders.  Placing, temporarily, everything outside of your bubble.  Keeping in the space and time to be in the stillness inside of you.  Letting anything that isn’t connected to your purpose in this lifetime go.  Allowing your Soul to decide what to keep and what to stay.  Knowing that this is a process that happens deep inside of you.  A knowingness deep within your heart.  Allowing the mind and all of its thoughts to step into service of your heart and your Soul.  Your heart is in charge, and it knows what to do.  Your heart is in presence in full expansion of your Spirit and your Being in this moment.  This beautiful and precious moment with all of its grace and gifts.  It’s yours.  

A beautiful violet light is descending to touch your Crown.  Welcome in the Light and allow it to fill your Crown and Third Eye.  Your throat, through your shoulders, down the arms and hands.  Moving in through the heart, the solar plexus, your belly.  Gathering all of your solar plexus energy, keeping it inside you.  Bring it to the sacral, the lower belly and the root at the base of your spine and all the way down your legs.  To the bottoms of your feet and all the way to the center of the earth.  Completely connected and rooted.  Take a few soft breaths into whatever you are feeling.  Knowing that all your feelings are okay.  Giving them space to be felt fully.  Breathing deeply into the sensations of it.  Noticing how they naturally shift and move.  Very gently, one by one being led into the light.  Into the light and grace of your soul.  

Begin taking soft breaths into your energy field, noticing what’s there.  Noticing with kindness and compassion allowing anything in your energy field that isn’t yours to dissolve.   Letting it go to the highest light, knowing that there is an immense kind and loving presence within the Universe looking out for all of us.  Surrender everything that is beyond your control to the light.  Allowing your aura to be swept clean by your guides and angels, your immense Divine team.  

Around the edges of your aura, imagine a beautiful rainbow.  Red on the interior closest to your body.  Beyond the red, a beautiful vibrant orange.  Beyond the orange, a brilliant yellow.  Beyond the yellow, a deep and sparkling green.  And beyond the green, a cool and soothing blue.  And beyond the blue a serene indigo.  And beyond the indigo, a protective healing violet all around your aura.  Totally smooth and clear, head to toe, all the way around you knowing that this field is maintained by the angels in your team, with a strong intention for Mother Earth and the Universe itself.  Guided and protected by your Diving team, all the beings of light.  They will maintain this for you even if your mind wanders attending to other details of life. It will stay there.  

Knowing that this energy will be there for you and continue for you, you can gently wiggle your fingers and your toes.  Bringing the energy down through your legs.  Moving your hands down your legs connecting back into the earth.   With your hands facing your body just smoothing off the aura, the energy container, our bubble just near our body.  Make sure it’s nice and smooth and even from head to toe.  Giving that little energy bubble around you a little pat to seal it in.  And when you’re ready, you can open your eyes.  


[Would] absolutely love to hear from you all in the Chat.  If any of you would like to go

online with us and share.  We can share your voice if you have a good headset and a good internet connection will be able to hear you.  If you don’t feel like it, that’s okay, too.   You [can] type in what you experienced with that or anything else.  Love to hear from you.

Kayla, how about you? What did you experience?

KY: I found it so grounding and calming and a lot of light, a lot of vibrant colours and

my aura feels bright and shiny.  It was quite lovely; I really enjoyed it.  Thank you.

GT: Beautiful.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Ayla, what did you experience?

AT: That was so lovely.  Towards the end there I opened my eyes and wrote down “chakra shower” or a “charger” because that is literally what it felt like.  It felt like just cleaning the pipes of my chakras and charging up my aura, which is what a Reiki session really feels like.  I feel great.  I feel pretty energetic, actually.  

GT: Great!  And this from Alison, “Incredibly relaxed but buzzy and alive at the same time.”

Wonderful.  And Christine, “Thanks, Geneva.  Beautiful calming.”

Andrea, “Feeling safe and protected and surrounded by pure love chakra bound.”

Jessie, “Thank you so much, Geneva.  I feel like my mind and thoughts are suppressed in a way that lets my body feel connected and fluid.” 

GT: Wonderful.  Thank you. Thank you, everybody, that’s amazing.

It is.  It’s like a Reiki session with words.  I will be recording and posting just the

meditations that we do separately because some of them are going to be downloaded as we go.  As time allows, I’ll be posting those up.    

Now that we’re in this really connected space, I’m curious what your heart is saying.  What is that tiny little next little direction on the steps?  What is a tiny little empowered action that something deep inside you is saying, “…this is what’s next for you.”  Nothing is too small.  It’s all so meaningful, even if it’s to call a friend or nurture your physical body.  Maybe start planning on doing some of the bigger projects that have been on the backburner.  Even giving yourself time to walk outside in the fresh air and enjoy the beauty of nature.  

I’d love to hear from you.  You can type that in the Chat of what you might be feeling.  

How about you, Ayla?  What actions are your heart and soul saying? This is next.

AT: I feel like there’s a couple of things that are on my list now.  Doing some writing is one of them.  I feel like I’m supposed to also just get some rest today.  I feel like that’s been really clear.  You’re just supposed to do some chilling.  Have a cup of tea.  

GT: Yes!  Self-care!  Massively important!  Massively important!  Yeah.  From Yasmin,  “Rest and sleep.”

Absolutely.  Absolutely do that.  Don’t worry if you feel like you are resting a lot or if you feel like you’re not ready to take on the world and do all of these things.  That’s okay.  You may already be engaged in very intensive work holding space for people already.  So don’t minimize that.  You know, if you’re a mom and you’ve got little tiny ones, your job is to nurture them and take care of yourself through this.  Don’t worry about the big grand global actions.  There’s lots of other people who have that as a resource.  The time and the energy, and the funds to start reaching it on a global scale.  There are people who are already doing that.  It’s good to stay with where you are right now.  Where you stand.  Where’s your best service, including service for yourself.  

Andrea, “Break down each action and plans by using the chakras as a blueprint to first check-in with the flow of energy.  Thanks for this.”  

Thank you, Andrea.  That leads me into something else I wanted to share, which I’ll get to in a little second.  But I want to hear from Kayla.  What’s your heart calling you to do?  

KY: I love that everyone is saying rest because that’s the first thing that came out.  My heart was just screaming rest because although I was earlier saying I’m loving the slowing down, but I really have not slowed down.  It’s just been a different tone.  I’ve been just literally, for the last 24 hours, I’ve been on Zoom meetings and gatherings non-stop or doing courses.  

And you know, no, I haven’t slowed down it’s just a less busy type of, I don’t know how to word it.   So yes, just rest.  Then I really am motivated to write up something meditational all of a sudden.  So maybe that will come after rest.  

GT: Absolutely.  It’s really, really important to listen to those things.  Then it’s also really important to be mindful of when we’re doing things to keep ourselves busy.  Which we absolutely need to do.  Everybody’s housework has tripled, or it’s gone to astronomical levels of just trying to keep everything clean and everything healthy and yourself well on top of all of the other things.  The world is calling us to rest and be in Yin, so if you’re being called inward, then just be inward.  That’s okay.  Really notice that if you find it hard to just be still and do nothing, then that might be because there’s some feelings there.  So just give yourself some time to feel into those experiences.  Do some meditations.  Cry it out in the tub.  Give yourself that space to sort of be.  That’s important.

Allison says, “Connecting with my sister.  She’s far away physically, yet I can hear her voice in seconds.”  Which is also so super important for all of us right now.  To stay in that connected space.  

One of the other little things that I have made, you can buy, it’s on the resources page, is this Chakra Journal.  It’s something that I made last summer.  I had my appendix out, and so I was in the state of discomfort for way longer than I wanted to be.  When you have abdominal surgery, and your appendix makes you feel really sick and everything.  I was just struggling because I knew I needed to respect the process of recovery, but I knew that what I could do each day changed moment by moment.  So this was the process that [created] and used.  It’s a tool that’s available for you.  

When it’s the next thing my heart says, I will be creating a downloadable free version that you can fill in.  So if funds are an issue, you can still use this process, or you can just use it in your own journal, which is what I did before I made this.  

Basically, every day you’re checking in with your energy levels in each of the chakras in the aura.  You probably can see it.  Then writing what your Divine team has to say.   Doing a little freewriting on what your Divine team says you need.  Then based on that creating a list of restorative actions.  So either Yin things that are going to kind of slow you down and rest.  Or an action plan, things that are basically going to increase that energy.  

Think of the energy within our throat chakra.  Sometimes if we’ve been using our throat a lot, like people who sing a lot.  They have to recover by resting their throat, and there’s a whole pile of things that they have to do to maintain their instrument.  So if you’ve been using a lot of the energy of one chakra, you have to then rest it.  

Then also, if a chakra is depleted or you’re running low on that energy, you’re not asking it to do more and more and more and more.  You’re giving yourself time to top yourself up, and it also is something that you can do.  It’s really great because what you’re able to do is going to change moment to moment.  

I’ve got this as a daily practice, but you could do it as often or far apart as you’d like.  It’s undated, so whenever you get to the end, you get to the end.  There’s a whole pile of instructions of how to do that and examples of restorative actions.  Explanations of what all the chakras are, so it’s a good introduction to everything.

The restorative actions for the root chakra, rest; napping; drinking water; walking; time outdoors; connecting to loved ones through routine and virtual; grounding energy;  time being still; time and movement; yoga; tai chi; stretching; all forms of exercise; creating order, support and structure; and the power of healthy routines.

That’s kind of what’s in this little container here.  

Wonderful.  So this is going to be recorded.  All of these events will be posted on the LunaHolistic blog.  Check the main home page of LunaHolistic for future events.  We’ll be holding another one on Sunday.  

Please share the LunaHolistic.com website with anybody who you feel could use this information.  Just share it, share it on all of the waves because I only got two hands in 24 hours.  That’s what’s limiting me from sharing this with more people.  If each of you shared it with people who you feel like could benefit or would be interested in this, then please do.  

I’m going to be hosting these twice a week.  They’re free events.  I just want to keep reaching out and helping and supporting as many people as we’re able to.  You just really don’t know how a simple share of a link could really impact somebody, so please do that.  

You can stay connected with us by registering your email on the LunaHolistic site or our email list.  You’d get a nice little self-healing meditation that you can download as part of that.  Then you’ll also get, as far as I can see, I’ll be doing my best to send out an email.  Something positive and hopeful and grounding that connects us all every day on that

email list.  So if you’d like that, please register there.  It’s safe-unsubscribe as well, so if you aren’t interested in the future, you can always unsubscribe, so no worries there.  

Anybody else have anything to share before we close it off?  We’re just about done.  We’re good.  

I’d like to finish with a hug.  We need our hugs, so let’s just reach out and hug.  Do this virtual hug.  I want you to just widen your arms a little bit to let a few more people into the circle.  Then maybe imagining we’re spread out all over the world wherever you happen to be sitting on Mother Earth right now.  And all of our hands are reaching out to everybody else’s hands.  Then reaching out even a little bit bigger and the entire Earth

is within your arms.  Just giving that beautiful Earth a big hug and feel the hug back.  Hug yourself. 

Great!  Well, thank you, everybody.  Thank you so much to my facilitators today, Ayla Thomas and Kayla Young.  You can see more of their work if you go to the LunaHolistic.com website and their team pages.  Please support them.  They’re really helping me do all of this work.  

Thank you everybody who’s joined live.  Thank you to everyone who’s joining later.  I really appreciate you.   Keep anchoring in the light, and we will talk to you all soon. 

Bye, everybody.

Thank you