You have gifts to share. You’re a bright and radiant light in the world. Deep inside, you have guidance and wonderful things to create. Even if you’re not really feeling it right now, you are a spark of light. Your presence matters.

In this episode, originally recorded on May 16, 2020, we’ll help you connect to your creative dreams and help you ignite the energy to begin on them.

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After the disruption, how do we move forward? Navigating the loss and life-changing turbulence is not an easy or comfortable experience. But know this, your dreams matter now more than ever.

Visualize the best outcome and the biggest dream possible for you and others. Our thoughts are particularly potent right now, and if you follow up with guided action and baby steps, you will make a real and meaningful difference.

Listen to Mr. Rodger’s mom and look for the ‘helpers’. You don’t have to do it all, just focus on your bit. What are you best at? What do you love doing? What lights you up and brings you joy? Do that!

Tap into your own unique gifts to help the collective awakening of people to help them live their best life.

Sometimes dreams feel overwhelming, especially if you’re a big dreamer like us. Maybe you have a project, a book to write, you’re a healer, you long to share your gifts, skills, talents and tools in some way, or already on the path but things have changed; or you feel a call in your heart, but you aren’t sure what it is yet.

If you’re seeing the mountain and feeling overwhelmed, it’s okay. Be in an open-handed, open-hearted place, just following the guidance step by step.

The path forward is the same, no matter where you are right now. It’s about tapping into the wisdom and guidance that is already within you, starting with the first tiny baby step.

“Art is going to mend us in ways that we didn’t even know we were broken.” – Geneva Robins

What can you do to brighten somebody’s day for just 5 seconds? The ripple effect from shining brightly by doing what lights us up inside is enormous. Follow what lights you up inside!

Resistance and feeling nervous is a good sign that you are on the right track, celebrate this! And then, ‘Do it Anyway!’. Just take one step at a time. Be in the joy of doing the work. When you’re in the process of doing, everything flows.

What do you do when your mind wants to take control?

Stop. Give yourself a 5-minute meditation break, or Reiki self-healing. It’s simple but powerful and can immediately alleviate the doubt in the choices you make. Pausing to meditate or do Reiki gives you more trust by tapping into your heart’s wisdom.

A really transformative practice is this: any time you need to make a choice or a decision, pause and meditate for 5-minutes. Although it seems like it would take more time, it actually streamlines everything. The solution appears for you from your highest guidance system. You can course-correct and path-find as you move through your journey.

Flow with the guidance of your heart and soul, and it will take you through the path of least resistance. Trust that the switchbacks are leading you where you want to be in the most elegant way possible.

Surrender. To. Divine. Timing.

Not easy. But its the big lesson we’re collectively learning now. Keep the wisdom of this time and trust that what you are doing now is vital preparation for the task ahead.

Honour this time to go inward and dream. It’s essential. Globally, we’re in a yin phase.

The creative process has 2 parts – the active part that people can see (yang), and the inward part (yin) that looks like pondering, thinking, your own healing work, and gathering of resources.

Creation is a part of nature and is an integral part of us. Respect and trust the cycle that keeps the world turning and flowing with life.

The seed needs time to germinate and push through the soil. Your dreams are your seeds for tomorrow’s harvest. Let yourself dream. Trust. Follow. It matters.

Thank you.

Get to work lightworker!

When you are engaged in compassionate, soul-guided action, the fear melts away, and only good will spring forth.

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Podcast Transcript

Dream Big

Hosted by:             Geneva Robins – LunaHolistic 

Facilitated by:        Danielle Graham

Podcast Air Date:  Saturday, May 16, 2020

Episode: S01E12

GENEVA ROBINS: Hello, and welcome to the LunaHolistic podcast and the Lightworker Call to Action series. I’m Geneva Robins. I’m a Reiki Master here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. And I’m so pleased to be with you today. 

Our topic today is Dream Big. So, we’re really, it’s really about being called to greater service in the world, with everything that’s been happening, we’re really being called up to move forward with our gifts and how we can help in the world, and really get everybody’s light activated and shining and bringing your unique talents, gifts into the world, so that you can help the people that you’re meant to help and really live a vibrant, lit-up, powerful, wonderful life as well, because when you’re engaged in compassionate service and action, the result is always positive. It’s a win-win-win for everybody. 

So, thank you all for being here, everybody who’s joining live and everyone who’s joining later. I’m so happy to have you here. 

Before we get into the content, I just want to send a heartfelt thank you to the Indigenous people of the lands around the world. Thank you so much. And thank you, if you are an Indigenous person now joining us; we’re so happy to have you here. Welcome. Welcome, everyone. 

I’d like to introduce my, I’ve got a couple helpers on the line with me today. So, I’ve got Natalija Radovanovic, she’s a Reiki Master here in Calgary. Say hello, Natalija.

NATALIJA RADOVANOVIC: Hello, hello, everyone. So nice to be here today.

GR: Thank you for being here. I’m so happy to have buddies. It’s so great to connect, especially when we all have to kind of keep our distance. It’s nice to have you here. So, thank you for joining us.

NR: Mm-hmm. Thanks. Yeah, I’m happy to be here.

GR: Right, yeah. And Danielle Graham is also joining us. She’s a Reiki Master here in Calgary, as well. Say hello, Danielle.

DANIELLE GRAHAM: Hello. Nice to see you, Geneva. It’s nice to be here on this call with everybody.

GR: Yes, thank you so, so much for being here. It’s really great to have you. And if you’re joining live, you can always type any of your questions or messages or anything that you’d like to share with us into the chat. If you’re joining later, please feel free to share your comments. Love to hear how everything works for you as we go through all of this great stuff. 

So, my, I always like to start everything I do with a grounding meditation or just a few moments of meditation, because I find it really helps you, anchor you into the present moment, which is where all of your power, light, and guidance is. A grounding technique is a visualization, basically to connect you in to the Earth below your feet. It mimics the feeling of being on a long forest walk in just a few minutes. I mean, ideally, we can go on like, nice, long walks every day, but if you can’t, doing a grounding meditation is a really great way of getting that feeling of connection with the Earth and feeling really supported and nurtured. 

With meditation, if you’re brand new to meditation, don’t worry, it’s really simple. I’ll, it’s a guided one, so I’ll guide you through it. 

There are two practices that can really boost your meditation practice. One is closing your eyes, because when you close your eyes, you go into a deeper, more restful place within you. And slowing your breathing – so when you slow your breathing down or allow it to settle into a soft breathing pattern, it calms your heart rate, and when your heart rate is calm and your breathing slowed to a nice, settled wave, it brings a sense of calm and peace within the body and can boost those feelings of relaxation. 

Don’t worry if your mind is really racing, if you’ve had a really busy week, or you’ve been overwhelmed. Meditation works, even if you feel like you can’t sit still, or your thoughts are swirling. It does the work for you, it sort of clears all that stuff out so that you can take that calm, restful awareness into the rest of your day. 

So, thank you. We’ll do a Grounding Meditation right now. It’s from my book, The Secret Art of Happiness, and it’s also available on the blog as well. So, you can check out, there’s a bunch of meditations there as well. So, we will do that right now.

5:53 to 12:09 – Grounding Meditation

So, you can just get into a nice, settled position, and just very gently, as you listen to this meditation, you can let your breath relax, gently closing your eyes. 

Place your feet flat on the floor and bring your spine up straight. Just gently become aware of the energy of the Earth just below your feet, just below the base of your spine. 

Notice the vast expanse of energy available to you now. This energy is wise, dependable, and nurturing. Feel the charge and character of this Earth energy now. 

Now become aware of the energy within your body. Observe the difference or similarity between your energy and the Earth’s energy. Just notice this gently, easily, and with great kindness. 

Now, easily, with your breath, allow the energy of your body and the energy of the Earth to balance out. Let the energy reach its own stable resting point, your natural equilibrium. 

Allow the charges in your body and in the Earth to harmonize, just easily and gently with your breath. Notice how your breath helps the energy flow. Notice the support, the love, the comfort that’s available to you now. There’s no need to push or pull the energy here. Just step aside and let it flow. 

Allow the Earth energy to rise up your body, right to your crown. Allow any unwanted energy or tension to flow off, right through your feet. Let the nurturing presence of Mother Earth be with you now. Surrender all barriers and blockages to her magnificent love. You are so loved. Feel it now. Rest here for a moment. 

And you can begin to wiggle your fingers and your toes, bringing awareness back into the body, gently opening your eyes. And you can bring your hands down your legs, connecting you back into the Earth, just sweeping that energy down your legs. 

And then bring your hands, facing your body, just to smooth off the energy around your body, that aura, that electromagnetic field that’s right around you. Just smoothing off that energy, that bubble around you and just giving that energy a little pat. 

And when you’re ready, you can open your eyes.

And I’d love to hear what you experienced in that meditation. So, you can feel free to type it into the chat. Yeah, that was just, it was really, really nice. I felt a lot of energy running through me with that one. It’s, I do a lot of meditation, and so it’s neat to see the rise and fall of the energy. But definitely when we gather together, either in person or later, there’s an energy space that’s held by our collective, our collective focus. So, it’s always a nice thing to be together and meditate. 

I’d love to hear from Natalija. What did you experience?

NR: Yeah, that was so lovely. I just love grounding meditations. I could feel so much energy and tingling at my feet. And I just always get the greatest visualizations during the grounding meditations. I just saw, like, the green Earth, and just, like, white roots just going far and beyond. So, it was just really nice. It was nice, calming and grounding.

GR: Yeah. Wonderful. Thank you. 

MALTI says, “Calming and relaxing. Thank you.” Yeah, that’s wonderful. 

Danielle, what did you experience?

DG: Oh, I love the grounding meditations. I was, I have been in the self-isolation for the last couple weeks, because I just returned from out-of-country. And so, I was very quiet those couple of weeks, and then the last two days, I’ve shoved so much in, and then I was having computer issues getting onto this call. So, just feeling a little bit scrambled. 

So, this one was really nice, just kind of brought me back into the, into the room and into the moment. It was interesting, it felt kind of like I was being held on, like, a lily pad in the water, which is a different experience for me from my usual grounding. But I always love these ones that kind of just bring you back down. So, thank you very much.

GR: Thank you. 

JOSH says, “A deep, calming, peaceful energy, a quiet mind, no visions, just a sense of peace throughout.” Well, that’s wonderful, thank you for sharing. 

And HEDDA: “Was a huge, round wave surging up and hitting the top of my head. True Earth filling, rich earth.” 

Yeah. So, that, like, sort of, that soil, that good soil that you want to plant all your seeds in, that’s a really good one, too. Definitely now that it is a bit nicer, at least in our part of the world, it’s a lot nicer outside and there’s more sunshine and things are starting to warm up and green up, it’s a lot easier to get that, sort of, grounding connection. 

And definitely, the best way to ground is actually to be outside, if you’re able to be outside, is, even if it’s just going and looking out the window at the, at nature, at the trees around you, looking for little signs of spring. And you know, if you can, actually putting your hands in the earth and planting a garden or a few seeds, or even having a potted plant inside can bring that wonderful, that wonderful nature into your day. 

And there’s definitely, that is, that’s a need. I think we need nature. She doesn’t really need us, but we need her! [laughs] And we always feel better when we have that connection. 

And so, grounding meditations are ways of giving you that connection to the Earth throughout the day, no matter what you’re doing or where you are, you can do that visualization in an airplane. If you’re in an airplane, but I don’t think many people are in airplanes right now. 

17:03 to 34:44 – How to Dream Big

So, which leads me to my topic, which is, like, now that everything has disrupted, maybe you had these big dreams of what you wanted to create in the world, and maybe you’re wondering how do you move forward when there’s been this disruption, or the disruption itself, even though it’s, it comes with a lot of hardship for a lot of people and a lot of deep pain, and loss. 

And that’s definitely a big part of this is navigating all of the losses. But underneath any loss or disruption, anything that is life-changing – and this is beyond life-changing, what we’re experiencing, this is world-changing – it also creates this turbulence and this shift in all of the energy. And it brings things that maybe have lain dormant to the surface – so, dreams or things that you’ve always wanted to make or do. 

I find whenever we’re faced with mortality, we start thinking about the meaning in behind our lives and what we want to, what we want our lives to stand for. And sometimes there’s a, this odd sort of loosening up of the control, the ego mind had had around us, so that we’re more likely to reach towards our dreams or things that fulfill us or light us up, whether it’s creative projects, or ways of helping. 

We get all kinds of new ideas and, that get stirred up, and to really ride through this time, we need everybody working, bringing the best in them to the world. Right, the best inside you needs to be brought to the world. And everybody needs to do that, their own little part to shine their light, because this is such a big, immense thing. 

We can’t rely on one or two people in a position of power to fix all of the things. We all have to group together and do each of our own little part. I care a lot about the state of the world and the health and wellbeing of everybody, and times like these, I often find, are quite overwhelming. So, I really think about everybody, anything that is beyond my control. I visualize the best and really focus on the helpers, knowing that there are people who it’s their passion, their career, to help in the ways that I am not able to help. 

And, but yet, I have gifts and abilities to share and to share with you, and you have gifts and abilities to share with me and other people as well. And if we each do our own little part, there’s a collective awakening of everybody living their, in their best, because if not now, then when? And it’s now, now is the time to do that. 

And sometimes that can get very overwhelming, from a lot of different ways. So, one is, maybe you have the big, big vision and the dream and you see that mountain ahead of you, and you go, “whew!” You know, you just got the download from the Universe of a lifetime of work, and you’re sitting right at the very start of your path, and you’re wondering, “how on Earth am I going to get all of that done?” 

You know, maybe you have an idea for a novel or a book that you’ve always wanted to write, or some creative project that you wanted to bring into the world, or maybe healing work. Maybe you’re called to be a Reiki practitioner or a Reiki teacher, or to share your gifts, skills, talents, and tools in some way. 

And so, and but maybe you’re just starting out, or maybe you’re already on the path and you’ve had your, the way you normally would help people has been disrupted because you can’t put your hands on people anymore. So, how do you help people when you can’t touch them, if touch is a big part of how you help? And so, that’s one side of it. 

The other side of it is, what if you don’t know what you want to do, but you feel a call? There’s a, there’s an energy within your heart and you’re like, “there’s got to be something more, but I’m not sure what.” And so, it’s being in that receptive, sort of, open-handed, open-hearted state, and letting the Universe, your guides, your Divine team, however you have that connection with something greater than you, letting that information come in and give you signs, bit by bit by bit. 

Either way, what’s really fortunate is whether you’re just starting out and you’re not sure what your dreams are, or you’re already well along the way in your helping, supportive, creative work, the solution is the same, regardless of where you’re at, because it’s all a progression and a journey. There’s no end to this. And there’s no end to this deeper call and souls work. It’s something that will light you up for a lifetime if you let it. 

And so, it’s really about tapping into the energy and wisdom and guidance inside your heart, inside the deepest spark of light that you are. I get there through meditation and Reiki, that’s how, that’s my pathway in to tap into this deeper wisdom. And then you ask for a little, tiny baby step. 

So, whatever that little, tiny baby step is, and it might be, look like self-care, it might look like calling a friend, it might look like jotting down all of the notes of ideas you have. It might be putting together a creative project that has been, sort of, on the backburner, something you’ve always wanted to do. Taking just a few minutes of your time and putting it towards that. It’s really about, you know, taking those divinely-guided, little, tiny action steps. 

If you’re not sure what path to take, it’s asking, “Show me where to go next. Show me how to help.” Really tapping into that knowing and wisdom within you and allowing that wisdom to guide you to things that light you up, because if it lights you up, it’ll light somebody else up. And we need all of the things. 

We need creativity, we need fun, we need joy, we need people to make us laugh, we need, we need beautiful art. Like, art is going to, art is going to mend us in ways that we didn’t even know we were broken. And, which you already know if you’ve ever listened to, say, a beautiful piece of music, and it moved you beyond tears, and then through the tears to this new, healed, whole place. 

You know, or, that there is something cathartic about just making something for this joy and sake of making it, just sharing in some way, of the way that you are able to share. And to really let, you know, pull all the stops out. 

So, anything that might have been a mental barrier to your progression and sharing in a bigger way. Just give yourself permission, really give yourself permission to explore and to try and to share what it is that you do, what it is that you, that lights you up, and, because people need it. We’re, there, people are hungry for it. 

And there’s so much openness, compassion, joy, and love out there right now. And a deep, deep appreciation for something that, even if what you make only is just to brighten somebody’s day for five seconds – ah, that’s amazing. That could be, like, the little ray of sun breaking through the clouds, lighting up somebody’s day if they’re in a struggle. We really, never really know the impact of the ripple of good that happens when we give ourselves permission to shine and shine brightly and to really let ourselves explore what it is that lights us up inside and go with it and flow with it. Yes. 

Yes, HEDDA says, “I need to give myself permission to take time off and make music and art. Yes, please do. Yes. There’s such a beautiful, I think you also said to “return to balance and to be of the greatest service.” Yes. Yes, there’s many, many ways of helping and supporting other people, and following the, what lights you up inside is often the path through. And to take those little steps, even if you might feel nervous, you will generally feel better, even if you take a tiny little step. 

One of the tools that I use is, I find, sometimes I get nervous to share things, to do things, to reach people in a greater way with the work that I do. And when I feel those nerves, one of, the first thing I do is I acknowledge that resistance and feeling nervous is a great sign that I’m on the right track because what I’m doing has the capacity to change me. And so, I celebrate that, and I do the thing anyway. 

The other thing is, is that when I just show up and I just take that very first little step, the little, the little spark, the little bread crumb that the Universe has placed for me, of “just do this one thing next,” then when I go and I do that one thing next, I, it releases an energy. 

It inspires me, it gets me excited, and in that creative mindset. And then I forget myself, I forget about myself, and I just am in the process and joy of making the thing or sharing the thing or helping a person or doing a Reiki session. I’ve forgotten me, the little, tiny me that is afraid of change. And I’m just in the joy of doing the work. And then I just do it. And then I just share it. And then I go on to the next thing and the next thing and the next thing. 

That’s how I’ve done all of the things, all of the way through – just one little, tiny baby step, one little bread crumb, one little, going from one little spark of light to another little spark of light. And then really using my heart, using meditation to tune in, to guide me to where I need to be. 

One of the tools that I’ve been doing lately over the last little bit, because I’ve really noticed that my mind wants to be in control and wants to take charge of things, especially since there’s been a pattern or rhythm established in the days now, things have sort of settled into this new routine. And so, my mind is going to, just thinks that it can control the heck out of everything. And that is, not usually, not a good place for me, or really anybody to be! 

And so, one of the things I’ve been doing is that anytime I get to a decision point, anytime I have to decide what to do in a moment, whether it’s how to respond to a request, or what I need to do in the next five minutes, I stop, and I give myself five minutes of meditation or five minutes of self-healing and Reiki. And I just actually completely stop. 

And in that five minutes, it’s neat, because I either get confirmation that I was on the right track, or I have more clarity, or I’m sort of softer in my tone, or things are clearer. The biggest thing is that it’s a, it’s relieved that doubt of, like, “Is this the right thing to do? Is this the right thing to do?” This sort of back and forth thing is just sort of alleviated, and then I just sort of follow that, and I am way more trusting of my forward movement because I’ve given myself that time to tap into my heart’s wisdom. It seems like it would slow the process down, but it actually speeds things way, way, way, way up. 

And I had, I had this problem, this sort of technological issue that I just was not able to figure out. And it just, it just appeared – it wasn’t direct, it wasn’t immediate, it took a couple of days, but I promise you, if you do this for three days, of just, anytime you’re going to make a choice, whatever that choice is, stopping for five minutes, setting a timer on your phone, and doing five minutes of meditation, it’s amazing the path that you get led on. 

And it might be twisty-turney, and it might not be a direct to the, to your goal or where you, where you think you’re supposed to be, but you get led on this magical route and everything gets so much brighter, better. 

And a solution just sort of popped into my head, that was kind of hovering right in front of my face, for years actually, well beyond all of this, and it was just so simple and elegant. And I did not, my mind did not have access to that information. My mind tried really, really hard to find it. And my mind is very clever and smart and can figure out a lot of things, but it was only when I actually tapped into the heart space and really settled into this more regular meditation practice, and before I would, you know, tuning into that guidance before, any choice, that the solution appeared. I had to let go of it for a while, but it did float back through. 

So, that’s a really beautiful process to go on, especially if you are in that pathfinding phase of your big dreams. You kind of know that you want to do something like this or something, you know, in a, sort of, big wedge of life or creative pursuit and you’re not sure exactly which path to take. Tapping in and tuning in with meditation and Reiki can really help you course-correct and path-find through the wilderness that we’re kind of all launched in. So, yeah, that’s kind of my thoughts on it. 

I’d love to hear what your, what your thoughts, what your feedback is. Natalija, what, what do you, how do you feel about all of that?

NR: Wonderful words, you said all of that amazingly, Geneva. I agree with a lot of that. I think for me, personally, just going back to, kind of, just like the start of it all and, like, the impact, I feel like, for me as a Reiki Master and practicing practitioner, a lot of that came through the one-on-one personal sessions. So, when you’re talking about connecting with people, and helping them through all that, and like, hands on, you know, I took great joy in that. 

And now that we’ve kind of had to halt that for a while, it’s kind of, you know, re-, re-, kind of reframing, like, how, how you go about doing that. And for me personally, like, I always know, like, my biggest thing is to help people connect to their mind and body. So, and there’s much more than one pathway to that, so it’s kind of opened up kind of a whole different world. And like you said, like, little baby steps too, or just being there for somebody, or talking them through a rough day. 

And I also find, like, the more that you kind of stick to what you feel you need, like the creating, or taking self-care time, kind of leads you there, too. Like, I feel like the people that are called to you will kind of show up. Like, I feel like, also, like, what your gifts are, if you don’t necessarily know quite yet. The Universe and the people around you have a good way of showing you that. 

Like, when people, kind of, talk to you or, like, you know, you’re really good at de-stressing a situation, or you’re really good at calming people, like, you kind of hear those types of things. And in the comments, too, with Hedda, she mentioned that she sold three paintings out of the blue, and that she was getting back to doing, kind of, the things that she loves to do as a hobby or just for what-have-you. And I feel like that’s very telling and so true that when you do things that make you feel good and that give you purpose, that, in turn, turns out to help people, however that looks like. 

So, I thought that was really neat to kind of see that, and for me, that’s kind of just what I’m doing as well right now, just kind of be, like, “how am I, how can I still help people connect?” You know, there’s still distance Reiki and things like that, but just still kind of doing all that. And it’s neat. And it’s just, it’s quite a journey, though, too. But it’s nice, because this time also does give you time to relook at things and make it a little bit more global, or maybe not if you’re not there yet, but just kind of show that next step or a new opportunity that maybe you never thought of or presented before. So, that’s kind of my take on it.

GR: Yeah, absolutely. We’re all being called to be creative. So, if how we helped people or what we did was in-person, and we’re sort of temporarily held back from, you know, being in-person with others, it’s ask-, it’s getting creative and asking those questions of like, with this, the skills, tools, and talents I have, how can I use those to help? And in what way can I do something that might be meaningful for people? 

I bought a whole bunch of masks from a local quilter who turned her quilting hobby into a mask-making hobby to make non-medical masks, and they’re …

NR: Ah, so neat!

GR: … and they’re great! You know, they fit really well and they’re really nice. And it was really nice to support somebody who was taking a skillset that they had and that, you know, she obviously enjoys it, and she had a big, you know, quilting stash already and really applying that and putting that work, that to work, you know? There’s all kinds of ways that we can, you know, contribute, and help and help others and heal. 

And to really guard against the dismiss-, sometimes our inner critic can be kind of mean and loud and can dismiss. It’s like, “oh, well, I just messaged all of my friends and sent them emoji hearts.” And we can sometimes dismiss that, like, that’s a way of helping.

NR: Right.

GR: And how, like, that might be, you never know. Like, receiving an, you know, a little emoji heart from a, from somebody could make all of the difference. It could be the thing that pulls people out of a really dark place. You have no idea. 

But when, I absolutely know that when you tap in and you follow that call or that inspiration, no matter how tiny it might seem at the time, it may not seem like it’s, like you’re changing the world, but that is the only way the world has ever changed is one little, tiny action at a time. It is the cumulative actions of many people, which is helping us, you know, flatten this curve and everything. It’s like all of the little, tiny things that seem so unspectacular, it’s like, how can you help? Stay home and wash your hands. You know, like, it really is that simple. 

And once you’re getting used to doing all of those simple things that have a really big impact, there’s, you know, you end up with the, often, some of us have a lot of time on our hands to, and, you know, and it’s sort of like you’ve exhausted the, you know, the Netflix, everything you’ve wanted to watch, everything you’ve wanted to read.

NR: [laughs]

GR: And you start, and you get to this blissful boredom where you’re tired of consuming the products of other people’s creation, and that you want to then do something of your own. And if you just sort of tap into what that might be and just follow it up, even if it seems strange or weird or a side tangent. I ended up finishing a creative project, making Reiki tarot cards. 

NR: Whoa!

GR: I have sketched it out, I had sketched out, I’ve made the demo deck. I sketched it out probably about four or five years ago, and I just, I was like, I just want these for me. And I just sat down one day, just, like, last week, and I just like, I just made them. I just made them.

NR: That’s so cool. I’m excited to see them.

GR: And it’s so neat, because I had, in my head, this picture of it being, like, you know, maybe I hire an artist to do them, and I could see these, like, really beautiful visions. And I just took, I had sketched out the pictures and the themes for all of these 90 cards. And I had done that, like, years ago. And then I just closed the book, and I didn’t do anything with it. 

And then I just like, in these little moments of meditation, it just sort of guided me and I was just like, “I want to do that. Like, that’s what I want to do today. I don’t want to do any of the other things. That’s what I want to do today.” And so, I did it. 

And it’s been really, really neat because it feels like, you know, it wasn’t until I finished that Reiki deck that I got my solution to my technological problem. So, it was like, there’s a weird little order, it’s like, “No, you can’t figure out this until you do this.” It’s like, “You have to do this thing first and then this other thing will happen. 

And so, there’s just sort of falling into this Divine Order, which isn’t always linear – most of the time isn’t linear – it’s going to take you on this very organic path, this path of least resistance, like the twisting, winding route up the mountain. And if you follow it and flow with it, not only will the journey be very interesting and very beautiful and fulfilling, it’ll be a whole heck of a lot easier than trying to, like, barrel your way up through the mountain, bushwhacking the whole way. 

You know, it’s like, your guides and angels are like, “Don’t you see this, like, there’s a nice little cute path you could take! You know, it’s got switchbacks.” 

And, you know, it’s like this thing with switchbacks up the mountain is a metaphor that I really cling to, is because when you’re walking towards your goal, most of the time you’re walking across the mountain. And there’s only these brief, little windows where you feel like you’re pointing towards it. And then you turn the corner and then you walk across, you’re crossways, right? 

And if you trust that those little dipsy-doodles are actually leading you where you want to be in the most elegant, effortless way possible and flow with it and just let yourself go with it, I find things materialize much faster. [laughs] So, that’s been my experience. 

NR: Totally. I’ll just say one little thing there, too, like, the Divine Order, like, I’ve totally given in and surrendered to that. So, for anybody who’s, like, listening, or just kind of like, catches us at a different time, too, like, if you feel like you’re not doing much or productive, you’re exactly where you’re meant to be, because I have gone through that wave where you get an energy surge, and then it’s like, oh, but I’ve just spent weeks kind of just focusing on myself. Like, it’s all meant to happen how it happens. 

And then, like you said, these creative, ingenious kind of creative ideas pop up when you’re like, “Oh!” But I feel like sometimes had you not given yourself time to recharge, you just wouldn’t be ready or kind of ready to, kind of, explore that. So, yeah, Divine Order is an interesting, interesting timeline. [laughs] 

GR: It is!

NR: But I personally have learned to surrender to that and not feel bad. And also, like when you were speaking too, it kind of sparked up, when people are like, “Well, I don’t know what my thing is. All I do is ‘this,’ or all I do is ‘this,’ or I only draw, or I only do that. That’s exactly where your starting point is. And it’ll lead you to wherever that path is meant to lead. So, yeah, just, that was interesting. Funny, a little bit funny. I find the Universe humorous with our Divine Order. So, [laughs, inaudible – 45:54]

GR: Exactly. Exactly. Thank you. Thank you for sharing that. Danielle, what, how does that all sit with you? Do you have anything to add in there?

DG: I really liked that. I liked the idea of taking a few minutes just to kind of step back and fall into it. I know, this is a conversation that you and I have had a few times about looking at the mountain and feeling overwhelmed and going, oh, you know, if I can’t be on a stage helping a thousand people in a big way all at one time, then I’m not doing it right, or I’m not doing enough. 

And so, I think the reminder is nice, too, you know, if you can brighten somebody’s day, just for five seconds, like you said, you know, it’s one person at a time, it’s, you know, just shining that light, in a way for, you’re helping other people … I don’t know, it’s those tiny baby steps and one at a time and following that path. 

Like you said, following the switchbacks, it’s not straight up the mountain, it’s not, you wouldn’t think it’s the quickest way to the top, but it’s really the path of least resistance, you’re gonna get there easier. Things become possible faster. So, I really like that, it’s a good reminder, just to step back, take a few minutes, allow yourself to tap into that inner guidance, and be led on that magical journey. Yeah.

GR: Yes, yeah. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. We’ve got a few comments here. So, JOSH says, “Perfect timing always feels late.” [laughs] 

Like, oh, I feel that. I feel that a lot. Yeah, that we, there’s ‘our time’ and ‘Divine timing.’ And, but that Divine timing and that perfect timing, actually, I’ve been really embracing this idea that there’s a benefit to delays, that while you’re waiting for things to materialize and to manifest and that sort of thing, is that, in that, those waiting times, there’s often this sort of ordering of other people, bringing resources, bringing ideas to you – there’s a whole bunch of things, and that happen in those, sort of, Yin, restful, surrendered moments. 

And that’s a really big teacher right now, is that we’ve all had to be patient, and to let things happen, and wait. And so, it’s while we’re waiting, doing that in a surrendered way, in a way that is respectful of the, that, sort of, gathering that happened, needs to happen, for the creative process to take effect, because yeah, there’s definitely, there’s two sides to any creative process. 

So, one is the active part that everybody can see. So, you’ve made the thing and you’ve shared it and you posted it, and then people can interact with it or appreciate it or get benefit or buy the thing or, you know, receive the session, you know, healing session, or whatever it is. That’s the Yang part, the active part. 

The Yin part is the pondering, the thinking, the doing random creative side projects, the going for walks in the forest, doing your own healing work, being still in meditation. And we need that because that is ultimately the fuel for creativity. So, it’s really fascinating for me, because I feel like this drawn, where I’ve been, sort of, forced to be drawn inward and to be still. And for me, that is always the beginning part of a creative process. 

It’s sort of like the baby has to incubate in the womb before it can be given birth to. The seed has to germinate in the soil before it can bear fruit. And there’s a process to that. There’s a natural flow. It’s, it is, creation is part of nature. And it follows. And we need to respect nature’s cycles with the creative process. 

And so, some of that will look, is the part that we’ll be able to see and enjoy, and the, but the very important part, like the germination of the seed, if the seed doesn’t germinate in the soil, then you can’t go forward, right? And, but that’s the part that we can’t see. We can’t see that it’s happening, but we have to trust that it is. 

And that if you wait, you know, the only solution is waiting, nourishing that little seedling with light and love and all of the things that it’s going to need to grow and thrive, being gentle with our new little seedling sprouts of creativity while they’re brand new. We need all of those things to bring things to fruition. So, yes, thank you. 

And HEDDA says, which is more of a healing question: “I find that most of my clients just need to pour all their pain out, especially PTSD. I’m learning compassion without being eaten up.” 

And I just wanted to touch on that, because I think that is really important when you are called to help, particularly in a healing/helper role, either as an energy worker, or other holistic therapies, is that there is a lot of, I mean, there’s always been a lot of pain and trauma in the world, that’s nothing new, but there’s definitely a lot of trauma and pain that has been stirred up by this, the impacts of the virus itself, and also, all of the other, sort of, bigger ripples of, you know, that there might be many people who are having their trauma be reactivated, or things sort of stirred up. 

And so, what, if you are in a healing, sort of, helping role with people, it’s very important to double or triple up your self-care. So, whatever you were doing before, try to think about doing three times as much. Grounding, by quite a lot, and then visualizing a rainbow Aura around your body as just sort of matter-of-fact thing. And just, to, regular self-care. 

There’s something about putting that rainbow on that can help act as this filter between you and other people, but it also keeps you in that sharp, energetic space where you can still be in a compassionate zone without absorbing. 

And there are a few other Reiki tools and techniques as well, and really getting into that Reiki Hazmat Suit, pretty much for all of the sessions. And in my Reiki courses, we talk about that in Level III. So, that can really help, but definitely following up with your own self-care and taking time off if you need time off because there’s benefits to that. 

And big problems need a very big team. So, cultivating a list of, a referral list or a resource, a “free resources and supports” list as well for your clients is really important. So, yeah, so I refer people a lot to other therapies and resources because I find it works all together. And yeah, and so definitely all of those things, but definitely if you’re helping other people, it starts with your own wellbeing. 

And so, and throughout this, from the very beginning, I’ve really, really amped up my own self-healing practice, and that has allowed me to stay pretty clear, and – really clear – in the sessions that I do with people, and it just sort of boosts up what I can do, but also knowing that I’m still a human being, and, as we all are, and that we have our own stuff to manage and cope with. 

And so, it’s really riding that balance between self-care and helping others, and that really helping others is driven by your own healing process. So, when you are well, then you can help other people. You don’t have to be completely healed; you do not have to be completely perfect. You can help from where you are within the capacity that you have, but knowing what are the things that are, sort of, non-negotiable self-care, and sort of knowing when you need to take a little bit of a rest and set boundaries, maybe, with people. 

And, you know, so I’ve been really cautious to not increase my work hours too, too much, because I am doing a lot of other things and learning a lot of other things, so I haven’t expanded my appointment times. So, that’s something to think about as well, is maybe just doing a few less appointments throughout the week as well so that you can get your self-care time in. 

You know, just like with our handwashing, we have to spend extra time, like. washing in between activities. And so maybe, you know, doing the same thing of giving yourself a little bit more time energetically in between clients or sessions so that you can reset and regroup. And that might be different from what you were able to do before, and that’s just the way it is. So, and that’s okay! So, yes, thank you. Yes. Wonderful. Thank you.

So, one of the things I’d like to share is just read a little bit from this book, You Can Create an Exceptional Life By Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson. There’s these lovely people. Louise Hay passed away a very, you know, a number of years ago, and Cheryl Richardson is a coach. And they’ve written a number of really great resource books, including this one they wrote together. And I just want to share a little piece of it, because I thought it was very on point. 

So, this is from Louise, a conversation between Louise and Cheryl. So, Louise says:

“Yes, today so many people want fast success. But when we’re on the spiritual path and responding to what life presents us, I think the most powerful work we do happens gradually over time. It’s almost as though we don’t realize it’s happening. We look back and think, ‘oh my, look at all that.'” 

And Cheryl says:

“In addition to measured and steady success, I was noticing other key, recurring themes while listening to Louise’s spiritual journey:

  • Simplicity – focusing on small, simple, and manageable steps instead of making things complicated;
  • Optimism – putting attention and energy towards solutions rather than focusing on problems;
  • Patience – experiencing the journey fully and consciously rather than rushing to achieve a particular result;
  • Trust – learning to trust life by seeing the perfection and opportunity for growth in all our experiences; 
  • and Growth – viewing life as a classroom where we use our experiences as catalysts for change and self-realization;
  • Service – focusing more on how we can best encourage and assist those in need as opposed to getting lost in our own personal vision and quest for success;
  • Action – making a commitment to show up and walk through the doors that life opens for us on our journey; 
  • Faith – being willing to take chances and keep moving forward without knowing the outcome (that’s always an interesting one);
  • and then the last one she has here is Magnetism – developing and tapping into the ability to attract what we need by putting and keeping ourselves in the right state of mind.”

So, and yeah, it’s really a beautiful little book for you if you’re interested in that. And I really agree with all of those things. I think it’s the, life is, the, life is all of the little, tiny actions that we take repeatedly. It is all of those little, tiny moments, and if you choose all of those little moments, with an eye on gratitude, on service, on being hopeful and filled with faith, that it leads you to this beautiful, random, weird life. 

And it, sometimes I find your life purpose is something that you see in hindsight. And when this all started, I looked back over my entire life, and I felt like every single experience was putting me exactly in this place. This is where I needed to be. And I needed all of those experiences, including the painful ones, including the ones that I would rather have not had – all of those experiences led me to here, where I feel like I can be in my greatest service to all of you. 

And that’s sort of a magical place to be, but it also was a, it was a random, weird path to be here, right? As life always is, so. 

So, yes, and the way that I get into that space of knowing, of following this rand-, the Divine path, is meditation. And so, we’ll do a meditation that I call Activating Divine Will. And it’s all about the Solar Plexus chakra, which is, you know, right in the centre of our belly. And it’s that place within us where our, sort of, spark of Divine light, or our, sort of, action centre is. 

And by syncing up our Solar Plexus chakra energy, our centre for taking action in the world, in our abdomen, when we sync up with that, with the Divine Will, so, the overarching, sort of, guidance for our life, magical and beautiful things happen. So, we’ll do that.

1:03:10 to 1:12:21 – Activating Divine Will

So, you can begin by sitting up straight, and you can bring your hands to your belly, your Solar Plexus chakra, and just gently closing your eyes. 

The Solar Plexus is the centre of your energy, the spark of Divine light within you. Breathe gently. Connect to the warmth below your hands. Feel the energy in your Solar Plexus begin to glow brighter and brighter. Feel that internal warmth glow brightly like the sun. Connect to this Divine part of your identity. Let this space get bigger and brighter now. 

This is the centre of your personal power. It is your individuality in the world. Your Solar Plexus houses your unique and needed contribution to the world. It contains your deepest desires and longings. 

Connect now to the Divine Solar Plexus, the Solar Plexus of the Universe itself. Feel the Solar Plexus’ centre of the Universe. Feel the strength, love, and beauty of this Divine will. Feel the generosity and kindness. Your Solar Plexus and the Divine Solar Plexus are always connected. 

Allow the Solar Plexus of the Divine and your Solar Plexus to connect even more deeply. Feel the certainty that lives here. Feel the strength and support. Feel the love and generosity of the Divine pour into you now, filling you up, shining through every cell. Feel the radiance flow through each part of you. 

Let this vast, loving, and powerful energy wash over you now. Let it fill and illuminate every part of your mind, body, emotions, thought, and spirit. You are completely illuminated and completely connected to Divine Will. 

Deep within you, there’s an energy calling to you. This energy leads you toward what you desire most in the world. You may already know what this deep desire is, or you may have the desire to know what you desire. 

This desire could be for an experience, a feeling, or material wealth and abundance. Whatever you want, whatever rises to the surface of your mind now, allow yourself the space to know that your desire is allowed. You are allowed to want this. 

Know that you could only access the thought of this desire now if it was truly and completely aligned with your Dharma, your Divine path, your purpose for being on this planet. You are allowed to want this. You already have access to the vibration of your deep desire. 

This feeling is already drawing it to you now. Your desire is already fulfilled. It is already true for you. You already have it. Really feel it. See and feel the moment of having your desire. See and feel your life with everything you are wanting as real and being part of your everyday experience. Allow the reality of this experience to sink into your soul. 

Now allow the image and feeling of your desire to get even better. Imagine it better than that. Imagine it 10 times better. Even more. You are allowed this level of happiness, abundance, joy, health, vitality, and ease. You can have this, too. This is allowed. 

This is how the Universe sees you. Whatever you desire, the Universe wants it for you more. The Universe can imagine it better and better. The Universe thrills in giving you this and more. It loves surprising you with all the beauty and creativity that it can give you. 

Allow this experience to grow and expand. Feel the certainty that lives here. Feel the support. Feel the strength and love of the Divine pour into you, filling you up, shining through every cell. Feel the radiance flow through each part of you. Take a deep breath. 

Bring your awareness back into your room. Wiggle your fingers and your toes. When you’re ready, you can open your eyes. You can bring your hands down your legs, connecting back into the flow of support below you. 

And then, sweeping your hands through and around your aura, just with your hands facing your body, just smoothing off that energy right near your body, giving it a nice little pat. And when you’re ready, you can open your eyes.

GR: And I’d love to hear what you experienced in that meditation. I definitely, I am sure what I experienced, I definitely felt my hands heat up. And I felt this, like, sun energy in my Solar Plexus, and I felt like the Divine Solar Plexus was like the sun and it was just sort of melting into me. 

And it was interesting because it could feel little bits of resistance to receiving good, receiving good things in my life. And I just felt like the light was just, like, steady, and it’s like, “No, you’re allowed,” like, “You can let this in. This is okay to have. It’s okay to receive and do fulfilling work.” It felt very steady and certain at the very end, it felt like there’s just this pillar of light going all the way through me, just sort of settling everything in, so. 

But I feel very centred, very settled, and I feel quite strong. I feel kind of like a She-ra, you know, Wonder Woman kind of moment! So, which is a really nice feeling, especially because sometimes the world events are so big and sometimes they can make me feel so small. And this meditation I just feel like, “I can do this. I got this. It’s good. I’ll just keep on doing my little part and shining my little light and helping in whatever way I can.” Yeah, that’s what I experienced. 

Natalija, what did you, how did that go for you?

NR: Mm, so lovely. I just felt, like, so warm. I think with that yellow glow and just, like, the sun or something, it just always connects so nice. Yeah, I just felt like I was, like, sitting, and I felt like I had this yellow kind of glow in my belly and just kind of a feeling of being connected. 

I love how, like, the meditations always connect you, but it felt like I was sitting, watching the greater, kind of like, sunset, or like the horizon. But there was like a line that connected – like, I have like the mini-sunset and horizon in my own, like, my own version of it in my belly, and it just felt like, just like, this like sunshine, just like beating, like, rays just down on me. So, it just felt really nice.

GR: Oh, that’s wonderful. Thank you.

NR: [laughs] Yeah, yeah. 

GR: Thank you. 

HEDDA says, “My bubble grew huge, white then a green layer, and with each breath, a burst of violet fire.” Hah! That feels, that sounds amazing! Thank you for sharing. 

BEA says, “I felt like the Divine Solar Plexus was the sun, too. It felt huge like the sun was just kilometres from the Earth, in a gentle way. There was a sense of trust at the end that the direction I’m going is somewhere in me and that I am where I am meant to be. Thank you.” Thank you. That’s wonderful. 

Danielle, what did you experience?

DG: Wow, that one was wonderful. It was really interesting … [voice cuts out]

GR: Yes?, 

DG: … interesting for me …

GR: Oh, there we go.

DG: It felt kind of a parental relationship almost, like this little yellow ball of …

GR: It’s cutting in and out. [laughs]

DG: In reversals, you know, it’s over. I’m sorry, I have a bad connection again.

GR: Oh, that’s okay. That’s okay. It’s also could be all of the piles of energy in your Solar Plexus, and energy and technology doesn’t always go hand-in-hand sometimes, so. [laughs] We can hear you now, though. 

DG: Okay. Yeah, that’s good. But yeah, very much like, just this kind of, this child inquisitiveness. And it was interesting, because I also had kind of that She-ra moment of like, “I can do this. This is okay.” And yeah, just taking that step, that tiny baby step inside to see what those desires are. So yeah, very cool.

GR: Yeah. Wonderful. Thank you. Yes. I love that. Thank you. Thank you both for sharing. Thank you everybody, for sharing and being here with all of us. 

Yeah, I definitely feel very warm after activating the sun inside my belly. So, but yeah, I highly, highly recommend dropping into a few moments of meditation, really breaking things down into tiny, little baby steps as you go through, and capturing all of the weird, little random ideas that you have. 

Your mind, your creative centres might just be percolating and bubbling with all kinds of ideas. So, definitely keeping a journal or a notebook or a sketchbook nearby to capture things as they pop into your head. I really like having a notebook and doing some meditation, and then doing a bit of writing, or free-writing, afterwards. 

And I find that the, those two processes can really tap me in into what my next little, tiny baby steps are. And just staying really, really present with whatever your next steps are, and knowing that a step is a step, and forward is forward. And so, we don’t have to do it all in one go. We can’t do it all in one go. It’s all about just showing up and doing a little bit and taking rests and breaks as you need to. We’re all in this for the long haul. So, begin when you can and where you can, and then do your own healing work to stay steady with things as you go. 

So, thank you, everybody for being here. Thank you for being big dreamers, for sharing your experiences, and for being present, either live or later. Love to hear more from you. Thank you so much to Natalija and Danielle for being here. Did either of you have anything to share before we close off? Natalija, did you want to have any parting words or comments?

NR: Ah, not so much anything new, but just like, yeah, that was amazing. And it was a great, I mean, the energy is always good as always with all of these calls, but it was just nice to be a part of it and to share with everyone again and feel the energy. And yeah, it was just nice to connect.

GR: Thank you. Thank you for being here. And Danielle, did you have anything to add or share?

DG: Yeah, kind of the same as what Natalija said, it was just, it’s really nice to be together in these little groups to take that moment to sit and ground and come back. And just the nice reminders of, you know, shine your light, take a minute, tap into that guidance, and follow your joy, follow those calls. And yeah, wonderful. Thank you so much, Geneva.

GR: Thank you. Thank you both for being here. Thank you for everybody. It was really nice to join together. You can catch the replay on the LunaHolistic blog. And there are also some other guided meditations and resources on the Resources page on the website, so check those out. 

There’s also a free, on the Resources page, is a link to a free, chakra-based business building course that I put together, and it’s called Magnetic Manifesting with the Energetic Eight. It’s a totally free course. And they’re all short, little lessons, you know, three to seven minutes and little assignments. 

So, if you are in the process of creating something, a business or any of your creative projects, that is a really good place for you to get acquainted with how I use the chakras to build all of the things that I like to build. So, the LunaHolistic Centre, the Reiki classes, everything I do, runs on the energy of all of the chakras, including the Solar Plexus Chakra, so you can please do check that out if that’s something that you would like to learn more about. 

And we’ll just close that off, everything off. I like to do a nice, big, global hug, so we’ll just hug everybody that’s here. Expand out a little bit to welcome in more people into our circle, and even back way even bigger, so that it feels like you are hugging the whole world, the whole planet within your arms. Really feeling that hug back. Yay, wonderful. 

Well, thank you so much for being here. Thank you so much for shining your light. Keep going and tuning in to that Divine spark of guidance within you and taking those guided little, baby steps. Thank you all and we’ll see you next time.