We were talking in class the other day about how much time we spend focused in the present moment. It was actually one of my favourite classes in Master Level where my students teach me the class.

The discussion was brilliant and I was left pondering this odd sensation of our attention swinging like a pendulum back and forth across past, present, and future.

When we sit in meditation, the pendulum-like swing of focus slows, and we settle into the present moment. In these moments between moments, we can access immense spiritual support and intelligence. All the answers to all our questions exist within the ever-present now.

These moments of presence are powerful even in small amounts.

They allow us to realize all of our dreams. In a sense, it is when we slow down enough to let the Universe to catch up with our requests.

Fully receiving what the Universe is trying to give you is both a practice in allowing and in presence. Letting it in can take practice in believing in yourself. Believing that you are worthy of what you are asking for. Presence allows you to practice that believing.