In this episode, Geneva Robins and Kim Star share how Reiki self-healing has improved their lives, restored balance, and provided nurturing, safety, and guidance. Self-healing with energy is simple to learn and can immediately begin shifting your energy state to one of peace and calm.

Why do we start with Reiki Self-Healing?

Before you can help others, you have to start with yourself. In Reiki, we start our teaching with Level I, the self-healing level. We spend eight weeks on self-healing before moving on to learning how to do Reiki on others. Why?

The simplest answer is that all healing is self-healing. When we are helping others with Reiki, we’re actually simply supporting their own self-healing process. The energy that connects with the person is generated by their strong desire to heal. As practitioners, we are merely conduits of that energy.

Our work is to be as clear as possible so the energy can flow without resistance.

Self-healing is something we do every day. Partly because that is the best way to help others, the session goes so smoothly when we are tuned up! But mostly, we practice Reiki for ourselves because it is a major tool for clarity, peace, energy, and our own mental and emotional balance. So much growth and healing can happen in only a few minutes of self-healing.

Can anyone learn Reiki Self-Healing?

Yes! We have a self-healing meditation you can try right now. In just a few minutes, you can dramatically shift your energy to one of peace, calm, and well-being. Check out Insight Timer for other meditations which can boost your self-healing practice.

In Reiki Level I, you have lots of time to practice self-healing and understand the core principles of Reiki. It’s easy for anyone to begin learning a new way to connect to their spiritual side and also meet others who are sensitive and kind.


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