Hello Friend! I’m glad you are here.

Listen to empowering meditations and learn some key techniques to stay grounded and in your aura bubble in these turbulent times.

These are unprecedented times, and I want to be sure you have the support you need as a sensitive soul to not only cope with the rapidly changing information related to the worldwide pandemic happening now but to reach beyond that to empowered and mindful action.

My wish and intention with this gathering, originally recorded on March 13, 2020, is to create a positive connection with my soulful community and to inspire you to activate your powerful light and purpose to help each other through whatever may come.

We will meditate, ground, talk, self-heal, and make a tiny empowered step plan. Please join me and share with your fellow sensitive friends. All compassionate souls are welcome.

With Love and Gratitude,


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Lightworkers Online Gathering

Calming Fear and Panic – Cultivating Empowered Immunity

Hosted by:  Geneva Robins


Facilitated by: Kyla Shepherd

Air Date: Friday, March 13, 2020


GENEVA ROBINS:  Hello and Welcome to this first installment of this podcast/ YouTube series, to really help us through this sort of, turbulent time in the world and give all of you beautiful, soulful, deep-hearted, feeling kind of people, and if you’re not sure if that’s you, you’re a lightworker if you are here.  Absolutely 100% you are.

So thank you for being here.  My name is Geneva Robins if you don’t already know me.  I’m a Reiki Master in Calgary, Alberta and I’ve been doing this gig for a while, since about 2005 is when I learned Reiki, but I’ve really been studying things for quite a long time.  I have a background in science, and sort of long time study of many different spiritual traditions and I am so very happy that you are all here.

The purpose of this is really to bring a sense of calm and peace and groundedness to a very, uncertain kind of crazy time, with this global pandemic we’re in.  And, really activate the light and that calm, clear grounded energy within all of us, so that we can – as people who have that ability, bring that light to the world.

I have Kyla Shepherd, a Reiki Master in Calgary who is on the line with me, supporting people who are asking questions and in the chat, and yeah, so, say Hi Kyla.


KYLA SHEPHERD: Hi everyone, great to be here!  


GR: Yes thank you for supporting me and supporting others.  We all need each other.


KS: Yes!


GR: This is all being recorded, which you will know if you are listening to this as a recording, so thank you.  All time is now, so whether you are listening live or later, I just want to extend my warmest gratitude to you for being here.  It makes a huge, huge difference.

I’m going to get my notes.

Things were business as usual last week, and now they’re really not.  And that, for me here in Calgary, it all really shifted Thursday night.  I noticed the level of anxiety in the collective sphere just shot straight on up through the roof, and as a sensitive feeling person, I realized that I really needed to get a grip on my own energy field and ground as soon as possible.  Or otherwise, I would be just completely swept away by everything

I can be really sensitive to world events anyway.  I tend to grieve the loss of humans around the world as though they’re my own people, so I am very, very sensitive to all of that and this is a global phenomenon, and the energy is very big, and it’s very close to home now which makes things very immediate and activates a whole pile of purpose.

So Thursday night I couldn’t sleep so I was doing my regular practice of grounding and meditation, and the more I did Reiki and ran energy through my system – the more I felt this powerful pulsating at my crown chakra.

I channel a lot of divine beings.  I’m a guide-medium-channel-type person.  There’s not a good word for it. I talk to people, and I listen to them, and they listen to me, and my divine team was, a download, it felt like a download, just sort of plugging into this information that was available, of how to get through this. And how to get through this really safely and really use this as a powerful activation of the light and the good. 

Because that’s always what’s available to us no matter how dark times seem no matter how scary it is, no matter how much fear and panic is out there in our environment the love is always greater.  The energy of courage is always greater and that’s the biggest message.  

And part of what my purpose is, is to activate the lightworkers.  I’ve been doing that in Calgary for quite some time, teaching people Reiki and meditation and supporting them as they’re starting their soulful businesses but I really felt like I could reach a bigger group of people with doing these online events.

So thank you for being here. It means a lot to me.  It means a lot to know that we’re not alone. Right?  

So even though we’re isolating as a precaution to protect our vulnerable people in our communities, it’s important to stay connected and we can stay connected in very non-touchy ways, right?  So this technology is really a beautiful way of being present and being with each other in these sort of very uncertain times.  


KS: May I jump in and say thank you also for providing a platform for all of us to get together and connect, and connect with you and ground.  Thank you very much for that, we really appreciate that.


GR: Thank you Kyla. I did not plan on crying today but thank you, that really hit home, I really do really appreciate that I needed to hear that. You’re a voice of the angels right now, so thank you.


KS: Oh, thank you.  Very good. We’re going to be doing some grounding, so it’s all good!


GR: Exactly!  I can’t touch my face if I cry…  I’m never far from a box of Kleenex, so that’s good!


KS: Me neither!


GR: Beautiful!  So I think grounding is always the first place to start.  The very first thing that happens when people start panicking is they lose their ground.  

Grounding is an energetic visualization technique that helps connect you into the energy within the earth.  Anybody can do it, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been trained in energy work or not. It happens just simply with your attention and focus, and as soon as you start focusing on the energy connecting, it does.  

So don’t worry if you don’t feel a lot if you’re doing this grounding and connecting in with the energies.  Just know and trust that it is happening. The other side of this equation is that the support for us from spirit, from our guides and angels, from the loving consciousness of the Universe, from Mother Earth herself, has never been greater. 

We do not walk through this alone.  We’re completely supported as we go through these times.  From huge, huge energy. That’s a big part of this.  

I’ll just guide you through the grounding meditation.  This one comes from my book, The Secret Art of Happiness.  It’s not a shameless plug, it’s just this is a resource and I’ve flagged a few things that if I have time I’ll share with you.  

Part of what I want to do is, I’ve been creating all these many, many meditations and things like that that I’ve been sharing with my students in my Reiki classes.  I will be, over the next foreseeable future publishing those on YouTube and the Lunaholistic.com blog and really just trying to create a few resource pages so that people have, and you have, the support you need as you go through whatever the days and weeks and months and years come are going to bring us.  

So that we can rise up, rise though, connect together and activate and achieve a new normal. It’s on its way.  And you are the first part of that so thanks for being here.

There’s two things. If you are brand new to meditation there are two powerful things that will help you with it.  That will actually immediately start calming your physiology down.  

The first one is to close your eyes.  When we are in fight or flight, our eyes go wide open.  In Chinese face reading that’s called, “White Sided Eyes”.  You can actually see that in people now everywhere. Their eyes are wide, wide open because when you are threatened you want to take in as much information as possible.  So that look of shock or surprise is like you are just trying to get as much information into your nervous system as you can.  

But what happens is that, if your eyes are open all the time, especially if there’s a lot of energy and cortisol rushing through you, it sends a constant stream of information into your nervous system that you’re not safe.  

When you close your eyes you immediately start telling your body you’re safe.  It’s the most simple thing and the one thing you have complete 100% control over.  

No matter what else is happening you can close your eyes.  Not when you’re driving! Any other time that it’s safe for you to close your eyes for a few minutes, make sure you do.  And in the mediation that can be a very powerful tool to tell the base of your brain that you are safe.

The other thing that you can do that you have 100% control over no matter what is going on is your breathing.  When you slow your breathing rate down your heart rate has to follow.  

Your heart and lungs work together as a team and while you may not be able to tell your heart to stop its frantic beating, what you can do is elongate your breath.  Breath into a count of seven, breath out to a count of seven.  

If you do that for five minutes you start changing the energetic and biochemical signals within your body and you start bringing yourself into that rest and digest part of your nervous system.  That’s the part of you that creates and allows your immune system to be strong and healthy.  

That’s really what we activate when we are doing these kinds of meditations.  We are telling our bodies that we’re safe. And that if you can stay there and stay there long enough then do tools that will disengage the mind and get you more into your body then you’re better able to really move through a lot of things and bring yourself into this calm, restful state. 

When we’re in the calm, connected and restful state that’s when we’re much better at making choices.  We’re actually safer. We’re more aware of what’s happening and we can move from a place of wisdom rather than a place of panic or the mind. 

So even if this is the first time you have ever meditated, just do your best and follow along.  Close your eyes and breath nice slow, steady, even breaths. And we’ll begin this grounding meditation together.



Very gently, as you listen to my voice allow your breath to relax and gently close your eyes.  


Place your feet flat on the floor and bring your spine straight.  Gently become aware of the energy of the earth just below your feet, just below the base of your spine.  

Notice this vast expanse of energy available to you now.  This energy is wise, dependable and nurturing. Feel the charge and character of this earth energy now.  

Now become aware of the energy within your body.  Observe the difference or similarity between your energy and the earth’s energy.  Notice this gently, easily and with great kindness. 

 Now easily, with your breath, allow the energy of your body and the energy of the earth to balance out. 

Let the energy reach its own stable resting point, your natural equilibrium.  Allow the charges in your body and in the earth to harmonize easily and gently with your breath.  Notice how your breath helps the energy flow.  

Notice the love, support and comfort that is available to you now.  There is no need to push or pull the energy here. Step aside and let the energy flow.  Allow the earth energy to rise up your body right to your crown.  

Allow any unwanted energy retention to flow off right through your feet.  Let the nurturing presence of Mother Earth be with you now.  

Surrender all barriers and blockages to her magnificent love.  You are so loved. Feel it now. Rest here for a moment.  

When you are ready gently wiggle your fingers and your toes.  Rub your hands together and then bring that energy down your legs.  Give yourself a hug.  

Sweep your hands, facing towards yourself, around the energy field around your body – that’s the aura, about a foot away from your body.  Smoothing off the energy around you. Giving the edges of your aura and energy field a little pat. Sealing in that healing and divine love, light, and wisdom. 


Ahhh…  Thank you so much!  That’s the Grounding Meditation and that’s a visualization you can do any time.  

As I said before, when people are panicked the first thing that happens is they lose their ground.  Lose that connection with the earth and that’s the thing that keeps us stable. That supports our root chakra at the base of our spine.  The root chakra supports our immune system.  

The chakra system is an ancient blueprint for how the energy runs through the body.  This system originates in India in yogic traditions and it is a beautiful system that is used in Reiki and many other spiritual practices.  

The root chakra is our home, its what makes us feel supported, safe and protected.  It is also affected by our routines and structures. With this global uncertainty, the disruption in our daily routines, the concern about our physical health and wellbeing (along with that of our families) it can really impact us.  

I’m so glad you liked that meditation Deanne, Allison, and everyone else.  

How are you feeling Kyla?


KS: Great!  Feel great now.  That was great!


GR: If you are just joining live you can type in the group chat on Zoom.  I believe if you click on the bottom of your screen there should be an option and chat.  You can type in any of your questions, comments or anything like that in there. We would love to hear what you have to say.  

Paris says, “Feeling like so much tension just melted right off of me.  Thank you, G.” Thank you, Paris.  

Thank you, everybody, for being here.  It’s one of the beautiful things about the work that I do with Reiki and meditation.  In just a very short time you can activate an entire switch of energy within your body.  It can be really subtle and it’s a beautiful thing.  

I would like to check in now with people.  I know people had maybe mentioned at the beginning what, kind of how they were feeling.  

Allison feeling, “… unsettled.  Dipping in and out of spin in not focusing on what I control and then get grounded and focus on family.”  

Yes, absolutely.  I find that um, love to hear from you of how you’re feeling now.  Oh, yeah, there you are… “feeling balanced and wrapped in love.” Yeah, um, it’s, the energy is really big and so it’s very easy to feel it like right in here [points to heart] and so the grounding meditation, the grounding practices help us connect into that deeper flow.  

We need to ground even whenever things are going off the rails like this we need to ground way more than we think we do.  If you already have a grounding practice or a meditation practice if you’re already doing yoga.  

Yoga is a great way to move within your breath within your body and it also has so many benefits.  If you already have a yoga practice then keep going with it. If you already have a meditation practice keep going with it.  

It’s going to be really important to keep those supportive routines in your day as much as possible.  

With the disruption of routine that alone can be unsettling.  But that’s something that you can mimic. Getting up at the same time every day.  Making sure you’re going to bed at a good time every day. 

If you are sequestering yourself or if you are feeling a little under the weather or wherever you are at or even emotionally under the weather, which is probably most of us right now.  Make sure you are doing the things that you know to support your physical health and immunity.  

Which is, you know, wash your hands with soap and water, longer than you think you need to.  Make sure you are eating the things that are good and nourishing for your body and all of those things that are going to bring that cozy comfort to you.  

We hear a lot about physical hygiene, which makes sense and is totally practical, and we all have to do that.  But we also need energetic and emotional hygiene which is really paying attention to where our energy and our minds and our emotions are going.  

If you’re here and you’re listening to it, chances are you have the ability within you to refocus and dig deep and tap into this soulful spirit.  Because you have that ability, because maybe you have the training of Reiki or maybe another spiritual tradition, you must use your tools.  

You must do your self-care. Your energetic self-care and your emotional self-care.  We almost have to do double or triple, whatever you were doing before, it’s almost a constant practice now.  

I tell people in Reiki classes, “you’re never not a Master.  Once you get attuned to the Reiki Master symbols you’ve got them within you.”  

It’s really important to make sure you are using that and sort of suiting up in the light.  My divine team keeps saying just put on the armour of light and suit up.  

In a little while, we’ll do a healing, grounding, clearing meditation.  I haven’t come up with a good name for it. I scribbled down earlier, “Empowered, Energetic, Immunity Healing Meditation,” sort of all of the words off the top of my head.  But that is kind of what we will be doing.  

And that is something I will be recording as a stand alone meditation for you as well because that’s a really important thing –  taking that bit of time to release whatever static or discharge has been accumulated within your system.  

Sending it all, all the heaviness of it down into the earth.  Anything you may have absorbed energetically from your environment you can let it all go down to the earth.  

That is a big part of grounding is that we have this massive resource of earth energy beneath our feet 24/7.  You’re always within earth’s magnetic field. Even if you live on the International Space Station you are still under the effects of earth’s gravity.  As long as you are within her sphere and bubble you are within her safe loving arms.  

The energy and wisdom within the earth is ancient.  It is ancient. Much older than we can even imagine.  

That ancient energy that is within the earth can handle any of our concerns, any of our worries, any of the emotions or toxicity or the overwhelm and panic.  She has seen it all, all of it. She has been witness to everything. And she can take it.  

When you release that energy into the earth, the earth does what she does which is she breaks it down.  She turns it into fertilizer so new things can grow. Don’t hold back for the feeling that you might hurt the earth in some way by letting your emotions and the static and the energy go to it.  

Her whole thing is transformation.  She is playing the long game. The life of the system, of our biosphere, is very old and it’s been there for millions of years.  Millions, millions, millions and millions, hundreds of millions of years. So it is that sort of patient steady energy that we access when we tap in and we ground.  

That kind of energy carries a deep wisdom beyond this moment to sort of the greater perspective.  The other thing it is, is its presence. It is completed, centered presence in an energy that is bigger than you.  

One of my favorite quotes from the Tao Te Ching is, “Nature never hurries yet everything is accomplished.”  

So there is no need to rush, all we need to do is be.  Our whole world is being pushed into being because we can’t “do”.  We have to stay home.  

So if you can’t “do”, it’s not about what “are you going to do”.  It’s “what are you going to be”, how are you going to “be”. To really tap into the “beingness” of our nature, the “beingness” of Mother Earth, that’s where we’re headed and that’s what is being asked of us now.  



Being in that Yin, receptive, patient, steady, calming energy.  Really anchoring that in, first for ourselves because if you don’t take care of yourself you can’t take care of anyone else.  We know this but we need to be reminded of it.  

As sensitive soulful people we must take care of ourselves.  You must take care of your own energy. You must take care of your physical body.  You must rest when you need to rest and move when you need to move.  

Follow that deep knowing that is within you.  The knowingness in your bones, it’s there. I think that’s everything I had to say.

Do you have any insight to share Kyla?


KS: I think that was very well said and beautiful and perfect.  I do have to say that that meditation was brilliant and wonderful so thank you.  And just to reiterate that it doesn’t have to take a long time.  

I have a lot of experience myself with anxiety and also taking on other people’s stuff on top of my own.  It can really feel like, “There’s no time. There’s no time. There’s no time.” 

All it takes is a breath.  So just doing your best to keep coming back to that because it doesn’t have to take very long.  Just the more you can come back to that throughout the day then the better off you will be.


GR: Yes.  Yes. I totally agree.  I totally agree.  

It is the same with meditation, it’s not the length of the time of meditation that is important as the transformation that happens.  And it’s really approaching this time as taking as many times to be mindful.  

It doesn’t matter how many times you get distracted, it only matters the number of times that you come back to your focus.  It is like that phrase, “…fall down seven, get up eight.”  

Keep coming back to it.  Keep coming back to the breath.  It’s ok if you get caught up in the swirl again, just know that it is part of the process and we are going to be riding through it like a turbulent wave.  

It’s like what we’re seeking is the Eye of the Hurricane.  That calm space within the storm, within us. Within the storm of our own thoughts and emotions, our own concerns and worries.  On top of, for the globe at large, but then our own personal concerns and worries that we had a week ago.  

All of that, all the stresses of daily living, all of the things that we were processing before, that’s all still there, too.  Being really gentle with all of it. Being really patient with all of it. It is a process and it’s all about using the skills and tools 24/7, really.  That’s sort of where I’ve been at.  

The other thing that has been really helping me that I want to mention is that the anxiety and overwhelm.  Our concern about our neighbours, ourselves, our friends, our families, the world at large, what’s happening with all the things, that is actually beautiful.  

Underneath all that anxiety and overwhelm is a positive thing which is compassion.  When we can tap into the positive intent underneath it, then we can often activate this deep well of energy which can put us into service.  

One of the things that has been huge for me is this idea of empowered action, empowered service.  Of tapping in, grounding, breathing and then really listening into my heart, “what am I best at, what are my skills, what are my talents and abilities.  What can I do to help other people?”  

It gets me immediately out of myself and puts me into an energy of purpose and service. And that’s so powerful because then you have taken the time to drop into your being and there’s energy there but there’s also wisdom and instructions.  

In the center of your heart, you have this access to all of the knowledge of your soul, which is connected to all of the knowledge within the Universe itself.  And when you tap into that knowledge, that knowledge knows what to do, that wisdom knows what to do. It knows what the best next step is. That wisdom, when you listen to it, it can guide you.  

We are really being asked to, and called to drop into that wisdom within our hearts, the part of us that knows. Right down to your bone marrow, it knows.  And in letting that be the place that makes the choices not this [points to head]. Not this head of ours. That is gonna be scattered and drawn and caught up in things.  

Our minds are great computers but you never ask your computer what to do in your life, you tell it what to do.  And it’s the same thing with our mind. When we can shift from the mind making choices to our soul making choices then we can drop into, “Now I’m in this place of Being, I know what I need to do.  In this moment, I can do this thing.”  

Maybe it’s ‘go wash my hands’.  Maybe it’s ‘go to bed’, ‘have a nap’.  Maybe it’s ‘meditate’. Maybe it’s ‘reach out to a family member who may be isolated and not have many people around’ and send them a message and say, “Hi, how are you doing?”  

Reaching out and connecting because it’s more important than ever to stay connected with no touching.  Which we can do. We have lots and lots of tools available to do that. 

The other thing is, the guidance that I got is to stay where you are.  There is a wisdom within the Universe that sprinkled all of these Lightworkers throughout all of these different industries.  

When I looked at the participants today I know most of you so I know where your backgrounds are, I know where you are working and you’re in every industry.  Every single industry. Every conceivable line of work and not work. Everything.  

There’s a reason why all of you who have these abilities, these extrasensory abilities, being sensitive is the power within you.  You are on the ground and you’re sprinkled everywhere.  

We’re all over the world in every single sector of our economy; of our infrastructure; within our health system; within the government; within private industry.  Everything. There’s one of us everywhere.  

It’s like this secret infiltration of Lightworkers throughout the planet.  Our job is, we’ve been, you’ve probably been reading books, you’ve probably been on a spiritual path for a while.  If you’re new here, “Welcome”. You’ve probably been on a spiritual path for a while, beyond this lifetime if you’re here.  

You know deep in your bones what to do at any given moment.  It’s really tapping into that deep, soul-deep wisdom. That ancient observer within us and use that to drive our next steps because that is going to give us, not only is it going to help us moment to moment.  Day to day. As we live through really giant question marks, there is so much that is unknown.  

We are going to be needing to lean into that vulnerable uncertainty.  How we can do that in a really stable way is to ground, use our tools and then be that anchor for people who don’t know those tools yet.  

They don’t know how to ground.  But what happens is if you are grounded, people entrain to whatever the dominant energy is.  Be kind to the people who are freaking out and hoarding toilet paper and food and all of that sort of thing.  

They are just following the dominant energy because most of the time that is a survival response.  You do what the mass is doing because the deep part of us, our animal brains, our survival mode, tells us that we are safest with the group.  We are not safe apart.  

So even this being isolated goes counter to our natural inclination to, ‘if there’s danger, I want to be right here with you’.  But our danger is being right here next to each other so we have to be separate and that can put another stressor on us.  

But the separation is illusion because when we tap into the earth, when we tap into the energy within the Universe, when we tap into these ancient soulful forces within us we know we are not and we can never be disconnected.  

We are a part of everything and everything is a part of us.  In a very deep and stable, long view, ancient way we know this to be true.  When you tap into that you can stay in that place of connection and where connected you have your power.  With that power, it’s not power over its power within.  

It’s having that light being activated within us and be that brilliant radiant light like the lighthouse.  We’re all acting as lighthouses for other people. When you are in that energy you don’t even need to do anything you just need to be in it. 

 You don’t even need to say anything.  You don’t need to do anything differently.  But what you’ve done is you’ve taken responsibility for something you have.  You’ve taken responsibility for your energy and your emotions and you’re starting to radiate this ripple of goodness.  

That is something that people will entrain to.  Right now people might be more entrained into the vibration of panic but what people are really seeking is safety.  You just being you, grounded and stable, using and activating your gifts all of the time, not trying to influence other people.  Just trying to stay in your own thing, that creates an energy that ripples out from you. 

 That energy is peaceful and calming and it settles people without saying a word.  You don’t even need to speak the same language as a person for them to match you. We’re hard-wired to entrain to whomever has the slowest heart rate.  Something like moms and babies find.  

It’s something I learned in my Moms & Babies yoga class.  The teacher would always notice when we were doing active standing poses when our heart rates were higher all the babies would cry.  They would all cry because their [mothers’] heart rates were faster just standing and moving and yoga. As soon as [the mothers] settled down into the floor poses [the babies] all settled down and had a nap.  

It’s the same thing, we still have that within us.  When we, when all of us who are here, ground and tap into that energy it creates a really big ripple and it matters.  It matters.  

Even if it feels like something you are going to do for you so you can get by, don’t worry you are doing something very important for the energy field that’s surrounding this planet.  And you don’t have to know how or why that is happening just trust that it is. 

 You don’t have to heal the whole world you just gotta heal yourself.  All healing is self-healing. When you do your work you benefit everybody.  

When you hold a positive vision and intention for yourself you are creating that ripple of goodness for everyone.  From that place of grounded connected ancient energy that lives inside your heart, you will know what to do.  

You’ll know what to do moment by moment and you will be able to stay grounded in the present mindful space that we all need to be in in order to move through this uncertainty and it’s good for you but it’s good for everybody else too. 

Kyla, I’m just going to ask what your thoughts are, if you wanted to add anything to that.


KS: You are so eloquent, Geneva.  You are an excellent teacher.  


GR: Thank you.


KS: I love that.  I kind of actually.  What comes first to mind is I want to jump back to when we were talking briefly, just coming back to the breath, every moment.  I wanted to also say, especially at this particular time.  

Be gentle with yourself.  If you only take three deep breaths a day, celebrate that.  That’s significant because when we’re already in overwhelm and anxiety it can be easy to dismiss that and it’s so significant.  And like you said just keep coming back to your own intention because that has an impact on other people and they can feel it.  

I’ve had people tell me that before that they can feel my energy and that helps them to calm down and feel more grounded too.  It makes a difference even if you have no idea.


GR: Yes!


KS: Celebrate yourself and your small wins!  They are huge!


GR: Yes!  They are massive!  They are massive! Even if you still feel a lot of anxiety in your body just know that it is, that your tools are working.  That the more you do them, the more they work. Because if you weren’t taking those, like you said, those three little breaths or just that little moment to connect in you’d probably be way worse.  Right.  


KS: Yes!


GR: And I think we can also lose sight of that and be really hard on ourselves.  “Why am I not feeling good?” Sometimes we forget just how much we are processing on a psychic and intuitive level even when everything appears to be OK.  

That’s been a really common thing that I’ve heard from many people leading up to this, “I just feel off.”  “I feel distracted.” “I feel like I can’t focus.” “I feel like I’m not in my head.”  

Many people were feeling the effects of this even just from news reports.  Even before this. I think we’ve all been preparing for this for probably the last six months to a year.  Before even the first cases were found.  

If you think back to where you were this time last year, what was happening for you.  What changes have been happening for you even the year before this one? I know 2019 was a really big year for many, many people, at least in my little cozy community.  

It was a big watershed year for letting go of lots of big old patterns.  That inner work that you’ve done has really pushed you to get the skills that you’ve needed.  You thought all of your spiritual training was for you – Nope! Nope! This is what we’ve been training for!  This is it Baby! This is why! 

This is why all of those things, all those preparatory experiences, all those hard times.  All those dark nights of the soul. All that inner searching that brought you to something more.  

All of that has been to serve you now.  Not just through this thing but through every other thing that could ever happen.  The strength of moving through this is that we become stronger and we can become more connected in a very deep, personal way.  

It’s hard to access what’s good about this when there’s so many tragic stories.  And I don’t want to minimize or undermine any of the tragedy of the situation because that’s big for sure.  But there is also this, I see in people, beyond the surface, I see people digging deep into what’s important.  What’s real and what matters.  

We are dropping out of this fight of everybody trying to be right all the time.  To people truly listening and being real. Because it doesn’t matter what your belief system is.  It doesn’t matter what culture you come from. It doesn’t matter where you are.  

We are all globally in this together.  We all have grandmas that we care about.  We all have elderly folks that we want to make sure get through this.  We all have young people we hope are OK. We are concerned about ourselves.  

We’re concerned about what’s going to happen about our jobs and our finances and all of that.  And every other person is also concerned about those things too. Which is always the basis for compassion.  

When we tap into what we have in common with people they are no longer our strangers they are with us in this and that is something that is important to keep in mind.  That we are all in this together and that’s a beautiful thing because we always have been. 

It’s an illusion of isolation that we had before.  

Even though we might be physically isolating and socially distancing now we’re coming to this deeper truth which is that we have more in common than we have different.  That we are stronger together. That when we put our hearts and minds to a common purpose we can figure things out pretty rapidly. Which is also some of the compelling good news stories that are still out there.  

The Dalai Lama says, “Good news is always more common than bad news which is why it’s not reported.”  

There’s still little beautiful babies being born.   There’s still people getting married and falling in love.  There’s still immense acts of kindness and generosity happening all over the place in fact there’s probably more of that.  Someone was saying there’s probably going to be more babies born in nine, ten, months. Think of all the love that’s happening right now!  Beautiful!

Did anybody else have a comment or anything that they would like to say?  You can type it in the chat. Just type it in. If you can “raise your hand” if you have a nice connection that we can activate your microphone.  If you’ve got a headset in we can actually talk to you out loud. Totally up to you.


KS: Actually, on my computer, I don’t know how this would work on the phones, above in the group chat there is a button above it on mine that says raise hand which might be how that works if you want to try it.  


GR: Ok.  I see Deanne’s.  I’m going to unmute you, Deanne.  Yeah, Deanne rose her hand. There we go.  Hi Deanne, can you hear me? Oh, wait a minute, unmute.  


DEANNE: Can you hear me?


GR: Hi Deanne!


DEANNE: Hi!  Geneva thank you for this!  I just have been writing notes as you have been talking because you have been so clear in working with our physical bodies as a way to access our energy and I’m thinking about all the students that I work with and so much of what I’ve been hearing in the last couple of weeks is how to talk to children about the coronavirus so they’re not worried.  

I think that is absolutely important but I love how you’ve taken it one more step and how can we ‘be’ with each other and use those really great strategies that go beyond just thinking about things but accessing our breath and closing our eyes.  

Because we, collectively I can feel it when I’m in classrooms that people aren’t feeling safe.  And those are such great tools so that people can feel safe not just hear words that are supposed to make them feel safe.


GR: Exactly.  Exactly. It’s really, and sometimes it’s the simplest things that are going to stick.  It’s the things that people will know, “This is something that I can do. And this is something that I can do anytime all of the time.  If I get overwhelmed I can close my eyes, I can take a few deep breaths and I can just connect in that I’m sitting on a chair, there is earth below me.  There’s trees and plants growing outside.”  

Really connecting in that here we are.  We feel gravity and just sort of noticing, can we feel gravity.  Can you feel gravity? Like right now, do you feel it? That sort of bringing a subtle awareness is all that’s really needed.  

I find most kids, especially little kids are very highly attuned to energy anyway.  As soon as you bring their awareness to, “can you feel the bottoms of your feet?” As soon as you do they are like, “Oh, yes, I can!”  

Can you grow imaginary roots down into the earth, way, way down?  Deep. Deep. Deep. Deep down. “Oh, yes I can!” And then they, especially little ones, will tell you about that.  

Teenagers maybe not as much.  You’ve worked with more teens than I have.  What’s your take on how we could maybe support teens through this because they are probably the ones that are way more aware of the media than little ones.  


DEANNE: Yeah, the older ones may not want to talk about it but I loved what you said about there may not be things that we can do but who we can be in these times.  

And it’s like the permission slip to do all those self-care things that we feel like are indulgent and those become necessary.  Staying in and listening to music that’s supportive and eating things that feel good.  

I think really help people develop that discernment because I know for many adolescents and for adults we feel like, oh, eating a whole chocolate bar is going to make me feel better.  Well, probably two bites of chocolate makes me feel like that’s enough.  

And how do we really tune in to what really is supportive and nourishing to us so that we feel calm and grounded and at our best.  That there’s this pocket of time, pocket of experience where staying home and being is the most important thing you can do. That’s amazing!  And strange.  

But what can we do with that time rather than all the distracting techniques of playing video games all day, binge-watching Netflix and recognizing that there’s an amount of those things that are fun and pleasurable.  And what else supports us in our life in terms of breathing or having a soak in the bath.  

Today we plugged in our water fountain that we haven’t used in a while but we just needed a bit more of a calming influence in our home. 

‘How do we find that in creative ways?’ is really the leading question no matter what age.  

Especially for teenagers who sometimes they get the message that the adult life looks like avoiding things or not facing them or just finding many sophisticated strategies for not having to face the things that are uncomfortable.  

I think this is calling all of us to find ways to look at what scares us and find ways to step out of fear and find a different response.


GR: Absolutely.  And that the old coping strategies may be fine.  I like that you said, yes, do things that are soothing but be cautious of the dose.  Don’t overdose on whatever that calming soothing thing is. Including meditation. Which is a strange thing to say when I’ve been saying “meditate, meditate, meditate.”  

There will be a point when meditation is more of an escape.  You want to make sure that you are meditating until you feel that resonance within you, and then ask.  Once you drop into the “Being”, then ask ‘what does my Being, my Inner Being say to do?’  

Because that is going to be a much different thing than when we ask our minds because we ask our minds all the time to solve those problems for us.  Which is great for math and organizing laundry and scheduling.  

Great, our minds are great at those things.  That’s how it’s designed to work. But it’s not great at what, “OK brain, you tell me what to do next.’’  It’s like, “Hum, everyone else is panicking and freaking out maybe I should panic and freak out too.”  

Our brains will fill in the question mark with whatever our base ego thoughts tend to be.  But if we can drop into the being, the wisdom inside. It might still be, my Being says chocolate cake.  

But your Being’s not going to say ‘eat the whole cake’!  Your Being’s going to say have a slice, sit down and really enjoy it with gratitude.  Way different than slipping into numbing.  

I find things that are going to get us into sensory experiences into our bodies, things that are constructive and creative, using our creative outlets and faculties are very calming as well.  

Building things and making things.  Hang pictures that need to be hung. Draw and doodle a bit.  I loved your suggestion of music. Have a little dance party.  Do things that are going to bring more sensory awareness into the body, I think is really important.  

Making sure that we are following some semblance of a routine.  Even if it’s not going to look, because you’re not going to work, maybe kids aren’t going to be going to school.  What is an at-home routine that’s going to nourish and nurture all of our basic needs and our higher needs.  

I work with the chakra system and each of the chakras have a different need.  Our root chakra has a need for safety, structure, routine. Our sacral chakra has a need for sensuality, sexuality, fun, play and pleasure.  That can mean a lot of things, our creative outlets.  

Our solar plexus is connected to our power and being able to make choices.  Knowing what’s within our control and what isn’t. That’s what’s empowering about closing your eyes and slowing your breathing down is because you always have control over that.  If nothing else you’ve got that control.  

Our hearts need connection which is that knowing that we are going to be socially at a distance we need to double up on other things that make us feel connected to people we love.  Calling, texting, emailing, joining things like this [podcast]. Telling people you love them, why not, just sprinkle love everywhere. “I love you. All of you. Thank you for joining me.”


KS: We love you too, Geneva.


GR: Thank you.  I feel it. I feel it.  

Our throat chakras need expression and listening.  Probably more listening than talking. Listening deeply to the inner need of the person.  Listening deeply to yourself. Making sure that our thoughts and our words are as positive as we possibly can.  

Repeating affirmations is a positive thing to do.  I’ll share a few from Louise Hay here in a little bit.  

Our third eye, our intuition.  Making sense, having order, putting things in their place.  Those are all things that support our brains. Making sure that our brains are given what they need to function.  Also our intuitive centres of really listening in to, “My guidance says this, so I’m going to follow that.” “Stay home, don’t stay at home.”  You know, whatever that is.  

Then our crown chakra is that need for divine connection.  Meditating and having spiritual pursuits. Then our aura is that need for our energetic container and that’s a really big thing of making sure that our energy field is clear and full of light.  

Yeah, there we go.  Hopefully that helped you.  Thank you for your comment Deanne, that was really, really beautiful.   Yeah, supporting kids is a really big thing. Then also I was sort of thinking too, supporting the elderly as well.  Do you have some thoughts about how to support our elders through this? Deanne or Kyla, either?


KS: I guess, you know, they are not likely.  Not, I shouldn’t say, that as likely because a lot of them actually are.  But they aren’t as likely to be as set up as we are with these kinds of ways [online ways] of connecting so I guess being mindful of that.  

My grandma wouldn’t at all have, not only access to this but she’d have no idea how to use it so a phone call or a visit might be much better.  Or a phone call I guess if we’re trying not to see each other, if we’re trying to isolate. But that might be better for them.  


GR:  Good point.  Good point. Yeah, there are definitely lots of older people who are more technologically advanced than I am that’s for sure.  

But there’s also a lot of people who didn’t grow up with that and have a bit of a fear of computers and technology.  So maybe even just showing them how to do FaceTime on their phone or things like that is a great way. But then also connecting with people the way that they know, that is familiar to connect with, and definitely a phone call.  

You know we are so used to not calling people now.  And that may be just hearing someone’s voice, even if it’s just to leave a message and just say, “Hey, I was just wondering how you are doing. I love you.”  You know, that goes a long, long way. 

Deanne, are you still online?  Do you have anything that you wanted to share?


KS: She’s muted.


GR: Oh, she’s muted again.  OK. That’s alright. It’s all good.  See technology. Oh, there are people that are better at it than me.  Wonderful. Well, if anyone else had anything they would like to add or contribute or questions that you would like answered please type it into the chat or raise your hand.  And… I think we’re good. OK. All right.

The next thing that I’d like to do is just mention in my book.  It was really neat because I always wonder why I had this bookmark in this place in the book.  I pulled this off of my shelf.  This is actually my very, this is my proof copy of my book  The Secret Art of Happiness: Change Your Life with the Reiki Ideals.  

I always think that I do things in advance sometimes.  I don’t know why I do things in the order that I do always because I’m kind of lead by my soul and my heart most the time in my day and my work.  And I have this bookmark in this place in my book and it is “A Bonus Practice for Tough Times”.  


KS: Amazing!


GR: And I opened it up and I just had this, whatever page that is on is a page I should discuss.  Which is in chapter six in the book. You can get the book digitally. You can also find it on Amazon as well.  And I’ll be setting up a page with more of those kinds of resources as well. I might actually make this a pdf that people can download for free as well.  


The first sentence is: 

Sometimes the sh#t really hits the fan in your life.  Gratitude is about the last thing on your mind. When things are really going badly the tendency is to become focused on the problem.  

Your troubles dominate your thoughts, they’re all you talk about.  Every moment is spent dealing with the problem or running away from it either by physically leaving or by leaving emotionally in the engaging and numbing behaviours.  

It can become an endless loop until the problem is resolved.  You’re trapped in an endless struggle of worry, complaining, running or numbing.  

It’s important to address the issue head-on and give some space for your honest feelings about it.  However, continual focus on the problem does not always make the problem better and is mightily fatiguing.  

You get tired of your problems and so do all of your friends.  This gratitude practice is designed for those times where life seems to be nothing but hardship and suffering.


The practice in the book is basically, give yourself space to express how you feel, to express all of your worries or concerns.  But set a timer and just sort of let it clear, let it move through you and just vent a little bit about the state of the world, about all the things that are bothering you, everything.  

But then, you want to set a stopwatch so you want to time how long you want to do that.  Keep going until you feel like you are kind of looping. Because often we loop and we say the same thing over and over and over again.  That’s when we know we are kind of digging in.  

Then set a timer for an equal length of time.  So however long you vented. So say you vented for ten minutes, you’d set a timer for ten minutes.  And in that ten minutes, you then say everything you are grateful for.  

Every single little thing that you are genuinely pleased with, that you are happy about, that you, all of the good that you can possibly think of.  

“I’m sitting here and I’m breathing.  I’m in a warm place. I have connection and family.  I’m listening to this right now. I’m able to hear.”  

Whatever it is no matter how small, no matter how insignificant, just go on a gratitude rampage basically.  It’s like an antidote to the energy that’s built up by needing to vent and express. And that kind of gives you a little steam valve release of being able to acknowledge that you are concerned and worried and scared because we’re living in scared, worrying, concerning times.  

That’s the reason that you feel overwhelmed and scared and terrified is because it’s overwhelming, scary and terrifying.  Right. That’s the truth of it.  

We are in this uncomfortable place for a while and we don’t know how long we’ll be in this uncomfortable place but here we are.  By acknowledging your feelings it can give you a little bit of an ease.  

Its that it’s OK to feel however you’re feeling.  So if you’re feeling a lot of anxiety it’s OK.  

As soon as we can acknowledge what we’re feeling we tend to move through it.  Then when we can move through it we can move on to something bigger and the something bigger, and the thing that can pull us out sometimes of the tailspin is gratitude.  

It seems so simple, and it seems maybe like something that you might want to skip over, or maybe it seems selfish to be grateful for all the things that you’ve got.  But it isn’t, just be grateful.  

The people who don’t have those things want you to be grateful for the things you have, which is something that I picked up from the work of Brene Brown.  People don’t want you to feel sorry for having abundance, they just want you to be appreciative that you’ve got it.  

So that’s a big thing and staying as present as possible.  Are all very good rooting tools.  

So if we don’t have anything else, what I’d like to do now is guide you through that Empowered Energetic Immunity Healing Meditation, for lack of a better term or phrase.  


KS: Sounds amazing!



GR: Great. So get settled into your favourite meditation position.  We’re going to, very first thing is grounding again.  


Gently closing your eyes and breathing deep into the body.  Just noticing wherever the energy is right now. Maybe it’s up by your shoulders.  Maybe it’s up by your head. Maybe you feel a buzzing or tingling or static electricity around you.  Maybe you feel queasy. Maybe you feel sad.  

However you’re feeling, acknowledge it and surround it with a big blanket of love.  Imagine just draping a blanket of comfort over the shoulders of all of your feelings.  

Letting anything that is heavy, anything that is big and unsettling, letting the enormity of it all just flow through you all the way through your body down through the bottoms of your feet.  

Just releasing with a big sigh.  Bring the energy all the way down, letting it discharge, letting Mother Earth take it all.  Let her help you.  

Knowing that there is an ancient wisdom below the bottoms of your feet.  Below the base of your spine. You can allow this wisdom to move through you now.  

Knowing that that wisdom has always lived inside you.  You are part of it and it is part of you now and forever.  

Feel that radiance, certainty, and ancient guiding principles rise up through your body now.  Trusting in this loving compassionate and wise energy. Letting everything melt into that loving presence.  

Let all the stuff that you don’t need, that doesn’t belong to you, that is out of your control melt into the earth now.  Just temporarily letting it all go. So that you may be clear.  

Then turning into the energy of your heart, your soul, the deep wisdom, deep within you.  Letting your soul’s light expand within your being, radiating through your whole body.  

A deep place of knowing connecting to the ancient part of you that’s connected to everything.  The entire Universe supporting you. Allow this wisdom within your heart to guide you now.  

Your heart and soul knows what to do.  It knows how to be. Allow your mind to take a step back and become a faithful servant to this great wise wisdom deep within you.  

Your mind is able to easily carry out the plan that your heart calls for.  Your heart decides. A beautiful violet light descends from the infinite heavens to the top of your head, your crown.  

This violet light shines and radiates through your whole body filling the top of your head, the crown.  Filling your forehead and your brain, your third eye.  

Down through the throat filling and expanding in through the heart.  Flowing down the arms and out the palms of your hands. Filling and concentrating the energy in your solar plexus, in your belly.  

Bringing the energy down into the sacral, into your lower abdomen right into your root, the base of your spine, all the way down your legs.  Shining radiantly out the bottoms of your feet.  

Feel this light extend through your aura, your electromagnetic field, right around your body.  Feel it clear and cleanse the energy right near your body this time with a beautiful red ball around you.  

Just beyond the red a beautiful orange light all around your aura.  Just beyond the orange the beautiful radiant yellow ball around you.  Just beyond the yellow a brilliant deep green all around you.  

Just beyond the green a cool and soothing blue all around you.  Just beyond the blue a radiant indigo all around you. Just beyond the indigo a beautiful violet all around you.  

Notice or feel or know the presence of loving divine beings, your team, your spirit guides, your guardian angels, ascended masters, or the Universe itself.  Whomever you think the best is they are here with you.  

Know that this Divine loving presence is maintaining your ground and maintaining your auric field no matter what is happening, no matter where you are they are there and supporting you.  

Making sure you are completely contained within your bubble of light.  It is all held in place by the Divine. And so now you can gently bring yourself back to presence.  Gently wiggling your fingers and your toes.  

Bring your hands down your legs letting the energy connect into the earth below you and sweeping your hands through and around your aura.  

With your hands facing your body just smoothing off that field around you giving it a gentle pat.  And when you’re ready you can open your eyes.  


There you go.


KS: That was beautiful, thank you.  


GR: Ahhhh, yeah.  Amazing! What did you experience Kyla?  And before you share if anybody else would like to share what they experienced with that I’m really curious of how that shifted things for you.  You can type that in our group chat. But Kyla how did that do for you?


KS: It was lovely and for me maybe where I’m at today I don’t know.  But it was like this for me for the grounding meditation earlier too.  I was very present with it and listening to you and kind of following but also just taken to different places wherever I needed to go.  

And then the endings in particular I remember like this one really particularly was starting to bring me back with the rainbow in my aura that was so brilliant.  But the other places that I went that I felt, see now I can’t remember if it was where you were at in your instructions but I think I was somewhere else which is perfectly fine.  

But all of the places I went or the images or the main feelings around them were all, they all were about connection and just feeling presence of our interconnection and how we are completely loved and supported always by the Divine.  

How we are all one.  How we are all. So it just sort of dropped very much into my heart space and energy and just felt like compassion and love flowing out for everyone.  Which is great.  

I feel like one of the reasons that you may have also written this was this could be a good one if people are in isolation.  For me it felt very connecting. I felt like even if I did listen to this and I were at home for two weeks I would feel, it would bring me back to that connection that we’re all connected.  Yes! I feel very joyful and loving and vibrant now! Thank you very much!


GR: Amazing!  Amazing! Thank you so much Kyla!  Yeah, it’s such a beautiful, beautiful thing. 

 Thanks, Deanne that you feel so supported by your energetic team.  Awe, that’s so great. Thank you. Yes, that God-love-energy is everywhere.  It really, really is. That is super fantastic. I really like it too, it’s what I need.  This is, you think this is for you but it’s all for me. So thank you for showing up to support me through this troubling time.  


KS: What a great example of looping back to what you were originally talking about, about doing your own work supports other people.  Doing your own work. Doing your own intention. Doing your own meditations, helps other people. It’s helping us very much so thank you!


GR: Oh, yes, totally!


KS: Thank you for your self-care!  We appreciate it!


GR: Thank you!  Yeah, I just had a comment from Danielle.  “Wow, so incredible. I was holding a lot of anxiety in my solar plexus and heart while trying to make a decision about staying in Costa Rica or heading back to Canada.  I feel like I’m in a much calmer place to make a decision now. Also, my energetic team was surrounding me dressed up in SWAT uniforms which I really love!”


KS: I love that!


GR: You’ve got a big powerful strong strapping angel supporting you!  I love it because we get the images or feelings that we need to make us feel safe and supported.  And so if you need that, you need that!  


KS: But I also like what that brings to mind for me is that brings back another thing that you said about suiting up, putting on your armour of light.  Even our Beings that are helping us and supporting us, they have their armour of light on. It’s like another reminder to put on your armour of light.  


GR: Exactly.  Exactly. Yeah, absolutely.  That light armour. Allison, “feeling thoroughly relaxed and now inspired.  Thank you.” Awe.  

And Kayla, “Wowa!” and a whole bunch of hearts.  I’m so glad, I’m so glad. Absolutely.  

This is all stuff that’s being downloaded right now.  I’m so happy to be here. Thank you for being here. The plan is, I have very, my Divine team are very loud and bossy like me.  They tell me what to do and I do it. And that’s been the gig the whole, whole way along through my Reiki career and all the teaching is that I just, I’m good at what I do because I show up and I listen and I’m really good at following instruction.  

My instructions have been to share this work because this is how I am best able to serve is by teaching people how this and give people all of these tools and resources and make it as readily available and free as possible.  Just really get the information out there, that’s how I serve.  

But you also have ways that you can serve and you can create these sort of tiny little strategic heart-based actions that coming from that connected space. So once you drop in and you clear everything, like with those kinds of meditations or your own practice, whatever your existing spiritual or supportive practice is, use that too.  

If you’re already chanting prayers and if you already have a spiritual tradition that you come from use that too.  It’s really important to tap into that ancient source of support and if it’s already speaking to you use that for sure.  And double up with these kinds of things too.  

Once you’re in that connected space then your heart will say, “Do this.”  And really, it’s good to sort of connect in, what are my gifts, talents, skills and abilities.  What am I best at? What am I really, really, good at? Then using those skills whatever they are.  

So if you are good at organizing how could you creatively use your organizing skills to help somebody who maybe doesn’t have that skill set.  If you’re really, really good at listening how could you create a way of listening and create a space maybe like this where you could reach out to other people and hold space for them within your own sphere.  

How could you use the spiritual gifts and tools that you already have so if you already know Reiki maybe you can offer distance healing sessions for people.  Maybe you can call people who you’ve been supporting.  

But maybe it’s just simply the best way you can support other people is to be grounded right now and just go about your day.  Don’t discount that, that is absolutely enormous. Stay where you are in the work that you are in, at least temporarily, for the time being.  

The Universe has placed you exactly where you are in the world doing exactly what you are doing right now intentionally.  I feel like there are no accidents in any of this. Stay where you are and do your work well.  

And do the things that you need to do to support your immune system, to support your energetic immune system with grounding and topping up your aura with that rainbow.  The red close to the body and the violet at the very edges.  

That’s going to keep you in that beautiful energetic bubble so that you’re less affected by the emotional and energetic static that’s going on right now.  That’s big. Just that is enough. Just you being you is enough.  

Yeah, there you go.  So you can think or brainstorm.  Heart-think. I’m going to have to change my language around that.  You can heart-storm a whole bunch of creative ideas, a way that you can support yourself.  

Support your family and support your community in whatever way that’s going to use your gifts, talents and skills.  If you’re really good at social media, maybe making a whole pile of really positive memes to share with people so that people are sharing something that is positive and uplifting to radiate that light.  

We have much more sphere of influence than we even realize.  Do some heart storming about ways that you can support yourself, support your family and support other people.  That’s that one thing. I want to share that I’m also going to be having another meeting on Sunday night, which is tomorrow night, which is just weird to me.  Time is just strange that Sunday is tomorrow.


KS: I agree with you, it is weird.  


GR: Super weird.  Sunday at 7:00 pm I am hosting another online event which I will also distribute in some way like this thing.  I’m calling it the Lightworker Global Call to Action. Doing something similar to this where we will be doing this meditation grounding and activating the light.  You can absolutely tune into that.  

I will be posting that on the website as soon as I can about the details to sign up for that and attend if you can.  Or if you could share that with other people. If you found this helpful if you could share this with as many people, all your sensitive people who are freaking out man!  Freaking out!  

If it just shines a little bit of ray of support and light then I would love it if you could share that with people.  I will, I’m figuring this all out on the fly so I will have all that up as soon as I can. But that’s there.  

Then the plan for me, my heart-storm actions are to continue to share and post as much of this as possible.  I will have more online gatherings as the time goes on. I will probably be making them a little bit shorter, well I’ll just follow the energy.  

I’m going to book two hours for the one on Sunday.  Then we will just sort of see, I’ll just let my heart decide those things.  But I’ll also be creating some shorter resources like stand-alone meditations, little five-minute tune-ups or a three-minute breath exercise or something like that.  

And if you have heart-storm ideas for me, of ways that I could use this platform that I already have and the community and reach that I’ve got with the LunaHolistic website and blog please let me know.  I’m not saying that I’ll be able to do them all.  

Some of those ideas are not just for you but for other people so I’m always interested in that type of stuff.  That’s happening. I’m just following it one step at a time. That’s also a big thing that my guides have said, ‘just stay on the step you’re on, stay in the moment that you’re in, just do this bit next.’  

I will be sharing this recording with you.  I will send it to you through the email you signed up for this session.  If you’ve registered I will send you an email with the link of how to watch that.  

If you wanted to rewatch it, and I will make that a public link as well so you can, if you want to share this recording with other people and feel like they could benefit from watching this right away feel free to share it with whomever you feel could benefit.  

I’m thinking how to set up a podcast, yup, that’s step next.  I will be posting this to YouTube and likely also on the LunaHolistic blog.  You can check out that. I will also be creating a resource page to collect all of these tools and then any of the upcoming meetings.  

Sort of one page that will be fairly easily found from the LunaHolistic list.  Then also creating an email list, and I will also send that along to your email as well, a separate email list for basically a, where I can share sort of a daily email or a daily meditation or an affirmation or guidance and focus.  That’s all. My heart has got a lot of ideas.


KS: Just a few projects on the go!


GR: In amongst all the other things that are also going on.


KS: Of course.


GR: I just feel so inspired and uplifted and engaged.  I’m just ready to go to work. I honestly. If I could leave just one thing with you, for me, getting engaged in empowered action, tuning in to my heart and then leading with that empowered action, has been the best thing.  

It has kept me firmly out of overwhelm which is, and the energy in it, in the world right now, which is huge for me because most of the time with big things like this I get swept right in.  I just go out in the tidal wave and I don’t come back for weeks or months. I cry, and cry, and cry, and cry, and cry. And if you feel like you need to cry, and cry, and cry, and cry, and cry, that’s ok.  It’s ok.  

The energy that’s supporting you will drift you on back to a safe calm place so just give yourself space to have a nice cry in the bathtub, if you need it.  And if you don’t, get to work Lightworker.  

You know best how to support your people and just follow up on those little nudges and guided action steps.  Just do your best. Even a tiny little thing, even just taking care of yourself is enough.  

Whatever you are doing to support yourself and others know that it matters including staying cozy and staying home to protect our vulnerable populations so thank you for that.  Yeah, here we go.  

Kyla, do you have any parting thoughts?


KS: Yes, thank you.  Thank you. Thank you.  Thank you. Just to the Universe for hosting this for us and providing this platform.  It was amazing. Thank you for everyone else, everyone for coming. It was wonderful to connect with all of you.  

You are all such wonderful, inspiring, lovely people.  Anyone who is here with us right now or is attending later, it’s so wonderful.  Thanks for being your inspiring beautiful self. Lots of love and light to all of you.  


GR: Yes, yes.  Thank you. Thank you.  That’s huge. I may have to do some self-care by crying in the bathtub as I mentioned earlier.  


KS: Sounds really great!  


GR: I’m really good until I start receiving the gratitude back and I’m like wahh!  And then I just feel like I need to cry for days. But, yeah, thank you everybody so, so much.  Gratitude is the antidote and the solution.  

Doing your work and just taking those little tiny daily mindful steps.  Just being exceptionally kind to yourself and everything else in the world including the people that are doing things that you don’t understand.  

Being really, really kind to all of that and being gentle right now is what we’re all called to do.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for being here. I will be posting and sharing this very shortly.  

I’ll give you the world’s safest hug right now.  It’s totally germ free! And everyone you can just hug.  Oh, I feel that! So much gratitude. So much gratitude all around.  Thank you, everybody. I am totally getting all the hug vibes. It’s so good!


KS: They’re coming back!  They’re coming back! Thank you, everyone!


GR: Thank you. And thank you Kyla for helping facilitate this meeting, it was really, really great.

Be well everybody.  Stay grounded. Stay in your rainbow of light.  Take care. We’ll talk very soon. Bye.


KS: Thank you.  Bye.