If you haven’t tried meditation before, a great way to start is using a guided meditation.

Guided meditations use imagery and relaxation techniques to keep your mind busy so your body can relax and heal itself.

Other kinds of meditations, such as the repetition of mantras or silent meditation, can sometimes be difficult for beginning meditators. Guided meditation helps to train the mind and body to the feeling of meditation, making it easier to sit for longer periods and easier to use more advanced techniques.

Mind Training for Positivity

The primary aim of all types of meditation is to train the mind to focus at will. Sometimes, we all have trouble with unwanted negative thoughts, meditating helps to teach us how to follow wanted thoughts and to not follow unwanted thoughts.

The benefits of meditation go far beyond helping our mental health. Meditation is key for reducing stress and stress-related illnesses. The effect on our bodies is also profound. Just interrupting the stress response for a few minutes has an instantaneous effect on our physiology, opening the door for healing to occur.

I’ve recently recorded a guided meditation called Blue Ocean. This mediation is great for relaxing after a busy day and activating healing on a cellular level.

It focuses on deep, even breathing as a way to slow the body-mind down. This meditation is particularly helpful for stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, heart disease, arthritis, chronic pain, inflammation, and releasing addictions.

Blue Ocean Meditation


I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know your experiences with this meditation.

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