You are divinely guided every moment by the love of the universe.

Focus on your breath.

Inhale deeply to the count of 4.


Then exhale 1,2,3,4.

Watch your breath move in and out.

Slow down for a few moments

Focus on the expansion and contraction of your lungs.

When you still your mind of the habitual dialogue you have running, you create a space for clarity to flow in.

That quiet voice is always speaking to you inspiring you, seeing you as the beautiful radiant being that you are.

You are enough.

Share your kindness and compassion with others.

You are smart and more powerful than you could ever conceive.


Open your eyes to the nature surrounding you and be still like a flower.

Take guidance from the strength and patience of a tree.

Flow your creative energy like the tide in the ocean.

Stand tall like a rocky mountain.

Write your thoughts down on paper even if you’re not sure what others will think.

It’s important to express what’s on your mind even if you don’t understand what your emotions are trying to tell you.

Some of the most profound insight comes from freely expressing your creativity.


Give yourself some credit see how far you’ve come and allow yourself to visualize where you may go.

It’s grand and it’s beautiful.

You’re an Uplifter, a Lover, and a Friend.

Open up to your divine calling.


Write your questions down on paper.

Just write.

Poetry, love, anger, worry, hurt, forgiveness.


Stand in your power.

You have influence on others, so speak to yourself in the way you would speak to a young innocent child — with compassion and care.

Remember that laughter is good medicine.

Open your heart to allow kindness into your life.

Don’t forget to smile, you never know whose day you may change. ❤


Melissa Adams is a Reiki Practitioner at LunaHolistic. She is dedicated to helping others on their healing journey.

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