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Creative Manifesting Session -

Activate Your Dreams

Supercharge your dreams and align with your highest good in this empowering 2.5-hour Creative Manifesting Session.
We’ll help you clarify what you want to manifest in your life, getting a specific vision of the creative energy you are welcoming into your experience.

Empower your Creative Dreams

You’ll go on a meditative journey to your creative manifesting workshop, connect to your Divine Team of guides, angels, beings of light, and supportive loved ones, and then you’ll activate your vision with the energy of the Universe.

You can manifest anything that is in your highest good including greater health, abundance, creative projects, and life-fulfilling experiences. We’ll help you maintain a high vibe frequency that helps you and the whole world too.

Your Appointment

When you receive your highest good, everyone benefits!

We’ll help you empower your creative manifestation with Reiki and guide you to a space of true allowing. You’ll connect with your intuition and inner guidance and get in total alignment with the Law of Attraction.

We’ll help you identify a dream empowerment action plan so you can do the worldly baby steps that will add to your dream becoming reality!

Creative Manifesting Workshop Meditation -

Creative Manifesting Workshop Meditation

The Creative Manifesting Session is a guided version of the Creative Manifesting Workshop Meditation. In both you journey to a soulful place where you can manifest your dreams. Get help from your Divine Team, guides, and spiritual counsellors as you manifest your vision into reality. Receive wise feedback from your intuitive self on your next steps as you implement your idea into action.

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Giving Back Program - Complimentary sessions -

We are also very happy to share the gift of Reiki through our Giving Back Program! Every month we give away free Reiki sessions to exceptional people.

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