Summer is fully here. And with it arrives a dream.

A year ago I started the first draft of my book and since then I have been working on it whenever I could. Now I am lucky to be able to devote my focus and energy this summer on the revisions and edits that will take it from a stream-of-consciousness download to a polished work.

At the same time, I am saying goodbye to a 15+ year career as an environmental risk assessor. It has served me really well, but now is the time to leap into the new.

As I tell my Reiki peeps, you can’t learn to ride a bike by sitting on the curb.

If I really want to do this book justice, and I REALLY do, I need to take the time to make it the best version I can possibly create. For me, I have gotten as far as I can with a slow transition from one career to another.

At some point, it is important to leap forward. The safe and cautious route is closed and the only option is to jump. As a dear friend reminded me, “You can’t cross a chasm in two jumps”. You can’t. It only works if you really go for it. One. Big. Leap.

There are some ventures and some stages of creativity that require total commitment. It is like having a baby. There is no halfway.

I am at that blissful stage. That total commitment, all-in, stage. I have, thankfully, had Reiki to help me ease and even erase the feelings of fear that might have blocked me in the past.

Throughout this past year, I have been working on my book, but I have also been steadily working on my resistance, whittling away at it. Bit by bit, I was able to work through any and all barriers to success. Every trace of needing to play small has been handled.

Now, all I feel is the nervous excitement that I feel just before a plane begins its takeoff, waiting at the white stripes, revving. I’m there. At the beginning of the runway.
Ready. Set. Go!